January 2015

Woman Marries Herself and Jimmy McMillan’s Rent was “Too Damn High.”

Reading Time: < 1 minute Today’s episode of 3 AM Ego’s was filled with irony. Our first story was featured in the Houston Chronicle , where a Houston woman married herself in a ceremony at the Houston Museum of African American culture on January 3rd. Yasmin Eleby… Continue Reading →

Why Exactly is Content So Important in 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes Your website is usually the first thing that people see that allows you to market your products and services to them. One way you can make sure this is effective, is by ensuring the content you post on your site… Continue Reading →

5 Top Tips for Creating Window Displays – Neil Buckland

Reading Time: 2 minutes Smaller companies often tend to forego window displays due to limited resources, but this is a very bad move on the part of their owners. When it comes to attracting customers, one of the best weapons in your arsenal, especially… Continue Reading →

Value of Marketing in Brands

Reading Time: 5 minutes Understanding and Measuring the Value of Marketing in Brands After interviewing James Gregory in December 2014, I was able to follow up with him to better understand the Value of Marketing in Brands. John Wanamaker said, “I get half of my… Continue Reading →

What to Look for in a Logistics Partner for Your Small Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Partnerships are often resisted by small business. Often times, having full control of all aspects of their business was the motivation of the owner for setting up the company. Because of the small scale, it can be seen as an… Continue Reading →

Aligning Strategy and Sales

Reading Time: 6 minutes Company Sales & Strategy The gap between a company’s sales and strategy are important now more than ever. While we may or may not be recovering from a lengthly recession, it has been a slippery slope towards recovery for many… Continue Reading →

Weed and Weird Things The TSA Finds

Reading Time: < 1 minute   On today’s program of the 3 AM Egos, we discussed the legalization of weed and weird things the TSA finds during security checks. According to a report featured on the Huffington Post, legalized marijuana is the fastest growing industry… Continue Reading →

How To Write Exciting Content For ‘Boring’ Industries

Reading Time: 4 minutes   It is no secret that content is at the heart of digital marketing. Content helps you grow your audience and engage your community. It positions you as a leader in your field and inspires trust and loyalty. It allows… Continue Reading →

Birthday Invoices and Smarter because of an iPhone?

Reading Time: < 1 minute On Today’s program of the 3 AM Egos we discussed two ridiculous topics. Our First topic came out of England, where a boy who is 5 years old is getting fined for not showing up to his friend’s birthday party…. Continue Reading →

Georgia Man Gets Pulled over for “Eating and Driving”

Reading Time: < 1 minute   On today’s episode of the 3 AM Egos, we talked about distractions and driving. Featured in the Huffington Post this morning, a man from Alabama was cited for eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger while driving last week. He was told… Continue Reading →

Netsync Network Solutions – Kurt Nordquist

Reading Time: < 1 minute Kurt Nordquist welcomes you to Netsync Network !                                                                 … Continue Reading →

FranCorp is Changing the way People Do Franchising

Reading Time: < 1 minute About the interviewee Don Boroian is Chairman/CEO of Francorp, a 38 year old Franchise Consulting firm, based in Chicago with offices in 27 countries. Francorp Inc. has worked with many of the world’s largest franchise organizations. Don Boroian has worked… Continue Reading →

Dog Personality Traits and Pigeon Birth Control?!?

Reading Time: < 1 minute   On today’s segment of the 3 AM Egos, we discovered that dogs personality traits are similar to their owners, and that pigeons are on birth control in Ohio. According to new research done by the University of California-Berkley and… Continue Reading →

Essential Internal Management Skills

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you manage a business, then there are a lot of details that you’ll need to take into consideration. Many of these will be the same whether you run a business yourself, or you manage within a company. Your end… Continue Reading →

Everything You Need to Know About SIPPs

Reading Time: 2 minutes In recent years, SIPPs have become increasingly popular amongst those looking to the future and planning their retirement. Offering substantial tax benefits and increased flexibility and choice for investors, their appeal isn’t hard to understand for those in the know…. Continue Reading →

Climbers Conquer El Capitan

Reading Time: < 1 minute On today’s segment of the 3 AM Ego’s; we strayed from our usual hilarious and irrelevant content to focus on the incredible feat of two climbers this past week. Two climbers who have been training for five years together climbed… Continue Reading →

Efficient Wealth Management – Paul Carroll

Reading Time: < 1 minute Paul Carroll welcomes you to Efficient Wealth Management.   PAUL CARROLL, CFP Your Personal CFO Paul graduated summa cum laude from the University of Maryland in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business. He subsequently earned his Master… Continue Reading →

The 3 AM Egos: Dog Edition

Reading Time: < 1 minute   We let the dogs out on today’s edition of the 3 AM Egos. Both Kevin and Dan both wanted to discuss a bus riding dog out of Seattle, courtesy of Fox News. A black lab named Eclipse got frustrated… Continue Reading →

Jay Peroni, CFP: Becoming a Wall St. Renegade

Reading Time: 6 minutes Chris Kidd, Financial Coach and Contributor on the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston) sat down with Jay Peroni, author of The Faith Based Investor and The Faith Based Millionaire, to talk about… Continue Reading →

Beethoven Composed Music to His Heartbeat?

Reading Time: < 1 minute According to new research, Beethoven may have composed his masterpieces to his own irregular heartbeat.  On today’s program of the 3 AM Egos, we discussed this article featured on the Huffington Post. The research, conducted by a cardiologist, musicologist and medical… Continue Reading →

New Planets That Support Life and Crime Fighting Jeans!

Reading Time: < 1 minute On today’s show of the 3 AM Egos, we discussed the discovery of new planets that are the most Earth-like planets and crime fighting jeans! Featured on the, A NASA satellite has discovered new planets that may support life… Continue Reading →

The 3 AM Egos are back for 2015!

Reading Time: < 1 minute On today’s first show of the 3 AM Egos for 2015, The 3 AM Egos discussed quirky travel destinations and more!  posted an article recently about 15 wacky travel destinations for 2015. They include a Cold War Missile Site… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Networking, in the U.S. and Abroad

Reading Time: 2 minutes By Steve Hindmarch, Special for USDR   We all know how important networking is when it comes to deal making, and the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) is the best organization for networking in all aspects of middle market mergers… Continue Reading →

Apollo Business Solutions

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tom Taormina Welcomes You to Apollo Business Solutions, formerly It Was Rocket Science.   Tom Taormina is a Senior Business Advisor in the fields of business process and quality system management and in organizational excellence. Tom has authored 12 books… Continue Reading →

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