April 2015

Customer Trust in 3 Easy Steps

Reading Time: 3 minutes Relationship, relationship, relationship, these are (arguably) the three most important words in business.  But how does one achieve that in a business culture filled with distraction?  Distraction, like numerous meetings, dozens of phone calls, and untold numbers of emails.  In… Continue Reading →


Reading Time: < 1 minute Tell us about RestaurantWare: RestaurantWare has been in business since the Fall of 2010.  RW’s specialty is creating balance in the hospitality industry by creating both recyclable and compostable products made from a range of products including bamboo, plastic, wood,… Continue Reading →

Edge Velocity

Reading Time: 4 minutes Edge Velocity Corporation was founded in late 2004, and is a premier provider, developer and manufacturer of highly specialized mobile IP wireless mesh routing technology, driven by its own proprietary software, the Edge Interlock ™ Router Suite. We enable virtually… Continue Reading →

TeleHealth365 Inc. by Super Julie Braun

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tell us about your business: TeleHealth365 Inc. is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2012 by telecommunications visionary Vijay Sharma. Vijay’s products over the last thirty years have generated billions of dollars in revenue and improved communications for businesses worldwide…. Continue Reading →

Straightforward Ways To Enhance Your Workplace And Engage Your Staff

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s the morning, and your staff walk into work. There faces look as though they haven’t slept for weeks, and none of them can muster a smile. It is plain to see that they hate their jobs. They come here… Continue Reading →

Top Franchises in 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes I thought talking about franchises would be a timely topic because recent statistics reveal that since Obama has taken office small businesses are actually having a more difficult time making it.   Consider the following: historically, studies reveal that over time… Continue Reading →

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