April 2016

Essential Advice For Self Employed Workers

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m willing to bet that you’re reading this because you’re self-employed. Or, you’re on the verge of starting a self-employed career and need some advice. Either way, I have some important tips for you to follow if you want your… Continue Reading →

First Time Freelancing? How to make sure you get Paid

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s no doubt that freelancing can be a very rewarding way to work for yourself. On the one hand, you can often set your own hours and rates of pay. However, do bear in mind that depending on the nature… Continue Reading →

Leasing A Workspace For Your Business? Here’s What To Consider

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many businesses are turning to renting and leasing to provide a roof for their employees, and it’s not hard to see why. Renting doesn’t tie you into a massive contract just like a purchase would, and it’s easy to get… Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes with Rockets Power Dancers

Reading Time: 13 minutes Financial Coach and Price of Business contributor and co-host, Chris Kidd, recently had the opportunity to sit down with the All Stars of the Houston Rockets Power Dancers. He joined RPD captain RPD Paige, and Entertainment Manager / Choreographer / Dance… Continue Reading →

The Biggest Mistakes Made By First Time Business Owners Today

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re planning to launch your first company in 2016, you should try to avoid common errors made by people in your position. Believe it or not, most entrepreneurs carry out the same mistakes over and over again. So, it’s… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide To Providing First Class Staff Training

Reading Time: 5 minutes Business owners across the world should understand the importance of adequate staff training. Unless you give people the right skills and knowledge, they’ll never meet your expectations. The issue is there are so many different ways to educate your team… Continue Reading →

The Most Effective Marketing For Your Ecommerce Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes When running any form of e-commerce business, your image matters. The marketing strategy you use will dictate how easily you’re able to meet your goals. An exceptional marketing drive can turn a start-up into an industry giant. A poor one… Continue Reading →

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