August 2016

National Association for Legal Gun Defense Announces 5th Year Anniversary

Reading Time: 2 minutes An Aggressive Litigation is Not Practice When Professionally Applying the Law Fort Worth, Texas (August 31, 2016) – National Association for Legal Gun Defense which operates as is a litigation protection membership covering individuals, families and businesses in regards… Continue Reading →

Portfolio Manager Jeff Lipton, Others Optimistic about Barbados Economy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Economies around the globe are poised to undergo some major economic shifts over the next few years due to factors ranging from merging sectors to digital advancement. One of the main contributors to this broad change will be the emergence… Continue Reading →

Javascript for Entrepreneurs — Javascript for All Users

Reading Time: 2 minutes Name and Official Title. Bill John Tran, CEO and founder of Javascript for Entrepreneurs Tell us about your business. It began with two previous Kickstarters: although successful, he truly found a way to mold his two passions of teaching as… Continue Reading →

Our Brilliant Affiliations

Reading Time: < 1 minute In our article about our referral program, we talked about how your friends can have a major effect on your choices. The people you associate with can have a great influence on you: they can help you connect with others,… Continue Reading →

The Mammoth Bar’s mammoth sized mission

Reading Time: 3 minutes Anthony Ostland is Co-Founder and Chief of Sales at Mammoth Bar. Tell us about Mammoth Bar! “The Mammoth Bar is a raw food bar, our claim to fame is that we are the ‘cleanest bar on the planet,’ this was… Continue Reading →

Solaborate’s HELLO device and its massive potential to revolutionize the professional world

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is your title? Labinot Bytyqi, CEO and Founder of Solaborate. Please, tell us about Solaborate. Solaborate was founded in 2014. “When I left the corporate world, the mission was really simple. ‘How do we provide professionals with all the… Continue Reading →

De Boone, A Glorious One Woman Show

Reading Time: 2 minutes De Boone is the CEO of De Boone Consulting, and the mastermind behind “Social Media Success with De Boone.” What is De Boone Consulting? In business since 2012, De Boone Consulting provides online branding for business owners, entrepreneurs, ministries, organizations,… Continue Reading →

Southeast Digital Marketing’s helping hands

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sean McGown is the owner of Southeast Digital Marketing What is Southeast Digital Marketing? Southeast Digital Marketing is a company that has been brewing for 10 or so years. “I’ve lived in many different places, so I naturally lean towards… Continue Reading →

The Most Important Elements of Factory Organization and Control

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Taking a manufacturing process to success is a lot more complex than people think. This is because not many people think about it from an analytical point of view. Factories can result in big bucks for the business owners,… Continue Reading →

National Legal Defense Fund Attends the 2016 World Investigators Conference

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bright minds gather in Montgomery, Texas to learn from the best in international private investigations Montgomery, Texas (August 24, 2016) –  The World Investigators Conference ( by PI Magazine ( only happens every five years and this year it was… Continue Reading →

Are Your Customers Receiving The Service They Deserve?

Reading Time: 2 minutes     Everything you do in business should be geared towards the best interests of your customers. And if it isn’t, this needs to change immediately. Sadly, if you keep ignoring this responsibility, then your clients will take their business… Continue Reading →

Use These Perks to Attract Top Talent for Your Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Although there are literally millions of positions always being listed in the ‘help wanted’ ads, there are always more people than there are jobs at some high levels within key industries. If you are looking to attract top talent, then… Continue Reading →

Should Your Small Business Implement Policies on Convictions for DUIs?

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Whether you’re just getting your business off the ground or you’re in the growing stages and things are looking up, small businesses are extremely vulnerable. Although events can occur that may not have an impact on large companies, the… Continue Reading →

Marv White is a “BizProfitPRO”

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is your name and official title?  Marv White, Managing Partner of BizProfitPRO. Tell me about all about BizProfitPRO. BizProfitPRO’s tagline is “Our business is your profit.” White’s business wants to make their clients as profitable as possible. More specifically,… Continue Reading →

Showing Our Appreciation with Hand-Signed Cards

Reading Time: 2 minutes As a company that puts a lot of importance on our relationship with our customers and community, we have the firm belief that a nice, hand-signed note still goes a long way. Call us old-fashioned, but it makes us happy… Continue Reading →

2016 World Investigators Conference Featuring Taurus Investigations and World Association of Detectives

Reading Time: < 1 minute is attending this global conference of Professional Private Investigators. We had an opportunity to interview Gilbert “Gil” Torrez of Taurus Investigations and Chuck McLaughlin of World Association of Detectives, Mr. Vernon Geberth of P.H.I. Investigative Consultants, Inc., Terry Myer of… Continue Reading →

2016 WIC – World Investigators Conference (

Reading Time: < 1 minute is attending this global conference of Professional Private Investigators. We had an opportunity to interview Fernando Fernandez of Covert Intelligence Group out of Puerto Rico.  Follow along @SelfDefenseFund on Twitter #2016WIC.

National Legal Defense Fund Brings Gun Debate and Discussion to Major Market Media Platform

Reading Time: 2 minutes Radio and web show features open carry juggernaut and activist CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas Houston, Texas (August 17, 2016) – The Price of Business Radio show airs in with award winning journalist Kevin Price and guests, on KTEK… Continue Reading →

Episode 2: Introducing CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas/

Reading Time: < 1 minute Audio  

4 Expert Tips For A Cheap Marketing Campaign

Reading Time: 2 minutes Marketing is an essential part of the business world. Every entrepreneur has to understand how to market and promote their company. The trouble is, many people end up spending way too much on their marketing campaigns. Well, worry no more,… Continue Reading →

Keto Kookie: Keep Your Sweet Tooth and Your Diet

Reading Time: 3 minutes Name and Official Title of CEO The Co-founders of Keto Kookie are Kristoffer Quiaoit and Victor Macias, who are currently sharing the title of CEO Tell Us About Your Business Keto Kookie, a low carb chocolate chip cookie, originally opened as… Continue Reading →

Gimme Gimme Gimme! Reining In The Spend Impulse

Reading Time: 2 minutes All of us have been in the position of wanting something we cannot have. It’s an unpleasant place to be. Whatever the reason we can’t have it – it costs too much, it is limited edition, or anything else –… Continue Reading →

Riaz Mamdani and Strategic Group Find Success With 2016 Let’s Eat! Campaign

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since it was officially dubbed a city in 1894, Calgary has had a lot of nicknames: Cowtown, C-town, Stampede City are only a few. In 2000, the unofficial prairie capital of Canada got its most recent and most appropriate nickname:… Continue Reading →

Death By A Thousand Cuts” – How To Better Spend Time, Money And Resources In Business

Reading Time: 5 minutes The death of a business isn’t always due to some major catastrophe. Rather, there is always the possibility of the ‘death by a thousand cuts’. Small mistakes, repeated time and time again, can do just as much damage as one… Continue Reading → Supports Open Carry Texas and Texas Carry Protest in Waller County

Reading Time: 2 minutes SDF YouTube Channel Covers Courthouse Rally Against Alleged Abuse of Power in Texas Fort Worth, Texas (August 14, 2016)  – In an effort to give a stronger voice to those who are concerned about the challenges many gun owners face… Continue Reading →

Our Brilliant Referral Program

Reading Time: < 1 minute A big part of the foundation of our company is connecting with our community. One way we do this is by communicating with them about electricity and our services and encouraging communication with each other. We enjoy talking about our… Continue Reading →

Save Up Act HR 5731 interview with Ross Powell

Reading Time: < 1 minute Recap of the interview: a. Mandatory 50 cent contribution by employer = 6.2% for minimum wage earners b. Auto enroll for 3% elective contribution increasing to 5% – Voluntold c. No Rollovers out of it d. Will be used to… Continue Reading →


Reading Time: 5 minutes Guest writer for BY JOE ALTON, MD As a physician, my focus is how to heal wounds rather than how to cause wounds. A terrorist, however, has quite different goals. Normally, they have a short window of opportunity, and… Continue Reading →

How a New Office Design can Boost Your Profits

Reading Time: 3 minutes The business world has always been tough to crack, and there are plenty of ambitious entrepreneurs who find that ensuring a business is successful is much harder than they thought. Indeed, most businesses tend to fall short of their targets… Continue Reading →

Failure to Identify to a Police Officer: Laws & Penalties

Reading Time: 6 minutes Law enforcement officers routinely ask people for their names and other identifying information. Police may ask for the information as part of a specific criminal investigation. At other times, they may need the information to protect themselves, allowing them to… Continue Reading →

The Superbook: Make Your Phone A Laptop!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Name and Official Title of CEO Andrew Jiang- Co-founder and COO of Andromium Tell Us About Your Business Andromium Inc. is the company responsible for The Superbook.  Founded by Google and Y Combinator alumni, The Superbook is one of the… Continue Reading → Debut on Price of Business Radio

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ross Powell, Founder, introduces  Ross will be a regular on the show with key guests and resources to help listeners to gain access to their financial capital, pre-retirement now. Here at Survival 401k we understand everyone’s story is different… Continue Reading → Litigation Protection Membership Protecting Members with the Use of Any Weapon

Reading Time: < 1 minute Larry Keilberg, National Director for National Association for Legal Gun Defense was interviewed today and talked about Self Defense Fund. will provide interesting articles about the law in regards to self-defense, news and current events about crime and punishment,… Continue Reading →

SunZee — The eZee Way to Apply Sunscreen

Reading Time: 2 minutes Name and Official Title. Nitsan Nir, CEO and Co-founder of SunZee Tell us about your business. It began in July 2015, when a fellow co-founder faced the problem of reapplying sunscreen throughout the day when he was out surfing. The… Continue Reading →

Our Brilliant Blog

Reading Time: 2 minutes At Brilliant Energy, we are pretty big nerds about electricity, but we know that most of our customers and community are not. While we enjoy sharing electricity-related advice and fun facts, we also connect with people through our other passions… Continue Reading →

This Is How Successful People Relax After A Busy Day Of Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes We all know the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’. But is this true of the really successful people in business`, though? Actually, you’ll be happy to hear that it is. Now matter how hard you are working at work, there… Continue Reading →

Price of Business Welcomes the Self Defense Fund !

Reading Time: < 1 minute Welcome! is a litigation protection membership covering individuals, families and businesses in regards to personal protection with the use of any weapon in all 50 states, U.S. Territories and Tribal Lands. Up to $1,000,000 in legal fees per member,… Continue Reading →

Perseus Mirrors: Get Your Day Started Right!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Name and Official Title of the CEO Erik Skantze – CEO Tell Us About Your Business Perseus is the world’s smartest mirror!  With its digital display this smart mirror allows users to integrate into a more connected life.  News, social… Continue Reading →

6 Benefits of Learning New Languages

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the boundaries of our world expanding, the latest trend is to be global. Your domain that begins in the nest of your parents grows bigger and takes a shift to a new region in order to make space for… Continue Reading →

Price of Business Welcomes Tom Sieger

Reading Time: < 1 minute Welcome!! Mr. Sieger has over 25 years of executive level leadership focused on accelerating the growth of privately held emerging software and technology companies. Holding titles of Partner and VP of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at companies like Advanced… Continue Reading →

Price of Business Welcomes Ross Powell & Survival401k

Reading Time: < 1 minute Welcome!! Ross Powell, is the Founder of Survival 401k, LLC. Ross was raised in San Antonio and graduated from the University of Texas and is a veteran Naval Officer. Ross worked in banking and finance for almost 30 years including some… Continue Reading →

The Convenience and Versatility of the HANA convertible bag

Reading Time: 3 minutes Name and official title of the designer: Aram Lee, designer of ARAMLEE Tell us about your business. ARAMLEE is a fashion and lifestyle contemporary product line. Aram is focusing on the practicality of the product while also keeping it fashionable… Continue Reading →

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