5 Successful Ways of Promoting Your Business Event


Business events are great for networking and for seeking potential new trade opportunities. But getting people to turn up to your event is the first and most important step – so where do you start? Event marketing is a fundamental part of event organization and here are 5 ways you can promote your event to the right business contacts.


  1. Use Social Media

Social media is one of the cheapest (and one of the most effective) ways of promoting your business. For business event promotion, it’s all about tapping into the right platforms and finding the most appropriate forums and groups. Once you have a targeted audience, you can seek out potential attendees.


LinkedIn is a superb networking tool for small business owners as you can connect with contacts at all levels, from an admin assistant to the CEO of a company. On platforms such as Twitter, you can easily search for event attendees by using relevant hashtags or finding Twitter accounts which have been set up for a group of people. Although Facebook isn’t suitable for all businesses, it allows you to create events; Facebook events can help you gauge popularity and uptake. Get more advice on social media event promotion on the Social Media Examiner blog.


  1. Use Email Marketing

Another low-cost method of spreading the word, email marketing can reach thousands of people in a matter of seconds. Once you compose a well-designed and well worded email, you will have the perfect invitation, ready to send, without the high costs of postage.



  1. Use Event Listing Websites

List your event on an event listing site to make sure you maximize your outreach on the web. Some event listing sites are free to use and others will charge. Try to find event listing sites that are relevant to your industry or niche to ensure that the right people see your post. And always provide a contact email and telephone number so that you can be contacted easily by anyone who is interested in attending.


  1. Don’t Forget Signage

Signage is important to ensure that your venue is easily accessible. But if your business event is open to the public or attendees who turn up on the day, make sure you have bright, visible signage that can draw people into your event. Companies such as Aura Print know that the right design and effective copy is paramount if you want to get people’s attention.


  1. The Traditional Mail Shot

Mail shots are more expensive than email marketing but they can still be extremely effective for the right campaigns. For a big event – or perhaps an intimate one – sometimes an invitation in the post can feel much more official. If you really want to get noticed, consider paying for some beautifully designed invitations to be mailed out to your contacts. Don’t forget to add any social media handles so that you can connect on social media websites with people who are attending your event.