Are you on the pulse when it comes to Email Marketing?


If you’re running a business, then you will probably feel like you have to take on many roles. From Director to Marketing Analyst, there are so many elements to think about to ensure the future success of your business. Fortunately, you can find out more about current marketing trends without needing to spend hours researching yourself.


This helpful infographic has been produced to help businesses of all sizes to understand which email marketing strategies are garnering most success and which ones you should avoid at all costs. You can quickly see that they have summarized the top 7 email marketing challenges that the modern marketer faces.


You can compare how you rate your business’ email marketing success against the survey respondents to give yourself a good benchmark of how well you are doing. If you’re in with the 80% of respondents that feel their email strategy is successful versus the competition then maybe you don’t need to adjust your current approach too much. However, you will probably agree with the 58%, who outlined that increasing engagement rates is their number one email marketing challenge, which would suggest that you would definitely be open to trying some of the helpful hints such as using segmentation and personalization.


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