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Business Antivirus Options and Why You Need This Protection

Reading Time: 4 minutes The advancement of technology is noticeable in every segment of humankind. Networks, devices, and computer programs made the life and work of modern man easier. But there has always been another side – those who want to use the progress… Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Our Neighbors

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’ve read our other articles or seen us in your neighborhood, you probably know that we care a lot about our community. We’ve always felt like a part of it and we try harder every day to be even… Continue Reading →

We Love Our Brilliant Team Members!

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to hiring team members, we might be talented, just lucky, or maybe a little of both. We say this because we have some truly outstanding people here on our team. It’s easy to see that our team… Continue Reading →

Our 2016 in Review: Looking to the Future without Forgetting the Past

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here at Brilliant Energy we had a great year. We continued to grow in so many ways and watched awesome developments in the industry as we developed new things within our own company. Although we had a great year, we… Continue Reading →

Helping Customers Get the Most Out of Their Bills

Reading Time: < 1 minute Bills are a sign of having awesome services for our homes, but they don’t exactly bring about a pleasant feeling. Sure, we all wish these things could be free and paying bills isn’t the highlight of our day. But a… Continue Reading →

Our Brilliant Holiday Toy Drives

Reading Time: 2 minutes We can’t write enough about how much we love our community, and how this love runs through the veins of our company. Every team member, no matter their department, has a love for our community and a desire to help… Continue Reading →

How Small Actions Turn into Big Results

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many  companies want to be a “big deal” or one of the “big guys:” seeing people line up down the block for their latest product, or hearing fans cheer for their latest creation while they blow them kisses from atop… Continue Reading →

Why Would We Create a Commercial About Pets?

Reading Time: 2 minutes You may have seen our commercial starring Beep on your television or computer screen. In the commercial we talk about our Brilliant PetLovers plan, something that we talk about pretty often. If you’ve seen the commercials of other electricity providers,… Continue Reading →

Our Annual Light Up Your Home Contest is Back!

Reading Time: < 1 minute ‘Tis the holiday season, and that means a rush to get gifts, winter clothes (if it ever gets cold), and holiday decorations that will knock the socks off your neighbors. If you can really relate to that last one, you… Continue Reading →

How Our Immersive Hiring Process Helps Us Hire Smart

Reading Time: 2 minutes Being the “new kid” at a company can be pretty intimidating; you only know so much about your employer and the atmosphere that you’re jumping into, and you hope you’re able to keep up with everything that is required of… Continue Reading →

More Than a Product: How Products Affect Customers and Vice Versa

Reading Time: 2 minutes The main source of revenue for pretty much any business is their product. Whether it’s apples or consulting services, every company has something it would like to contribute to the world. But any seasoned business person knows it’s not just… Continue Reading →

Gaining Perspective: Creating Great Ideas and Culture through Diverse Collaboration

Reading Time: 2 minutes At Brilliant Energy, we think it’s important to include the opinions and ideas of an array of team members. Because we all come from diverse professional backgrounds, we put a lot of importance on communication to make sure we are… Continue Reading →

Shining a Light on What We’re Thankful For

Reading Time: 2 minutes Now that our friendly (and only a little aggressive) Halloween competition is all said and done, we are now on to the month that brings people together to be thankful. Because we are indeed electricity nerds, we will stay true… Continue Reading →

Getting Creative for Halloween

Reading Time: < 1 minute Last week we talked about maintaining great relationships with our longer-tenured customers. As Halloween gets closer, an annual tradition that perpetuates our internal culture is in our midst. Every new employee is “warned” that Halloween is a big deal around… Continue Reading →

Keeping the Light in the Relationship

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the retail electricity industry, there are a lot of competitors. This can be great for customers because it gives them a lot of buying power, and we love that. It has become pretty common for customers to shop around… Continue Reading →

Our Four-Legged Team Members

Reading Time: 2 minutes In our office, we maintain a culture that has a warm-fuzzy feeling of family, but to a greater extent than you might think. One fun and unique thing about Brilliant Energy is that we not only allow, but encourage our… Continue Reading →

Texas Pets Dress for Success in Our Costumed Companions Contest

Reading Time: < 1 minute At Brilliant Energy, Halloween is a pretty big deal. And as many of you know, we love pets. So we decided to combine two things that are both really exciting to us and share it with others! Like we said… Continue Reading →

Showing our True Colors through Genuine Engagement

Reading Time: 2 minutes The electricity industry is an exciting field (at least, we think so) but like any exciting thing, it comes with its fair share of drama. For us, this is mainly in the form of a very competitive market. A lot… Continue Reading →

Watch Our Commercial Tonight at the Debate!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Shelter animals need our help! #notdebatable Watch our commercial tonight at the debate on Channel 13 (ABC) at 9:59 pm! As the debate will have no commercial interruptions, we will appear directly after the debate. See you there!    

Enriching the Minds of our Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes At Brilliant Energy, we think learning is very important. We have the mindset that you should not stop learning after graduating from school. Our team members, many of whom are new graduates, come in with an open mind that is… Continue Reading →

Face to Face: Getting out into the Community

Reading Time: < 1 minute At Brilliant Energy, we go to great lengths to make our business personal. From hand-signed cards to our customers to let them know that they are not just a number to helping a cause we are passionate about, we believe… Continue Reading →

Our Open Door Policy

Reading Time: < 1 minute At Brilliant Energy, we are not the types to make a habit of closing our doors (some of us don’t even have doors!), literally or figuratively. Our doors and minds are always open to new people and ideas. As we… Continue Reading →

Telling Our Story

Reading Time: 2 minutes Deregulation of the electricity industry holds so many possibilities with a number of new providers emerging and offering great deals. It was a newly capitalist industry that was perfect for Texas, creating jobs as well as better quality service for… Continue Reading →

Our Brilliant Affiliations

Reading Time: < 1 minute In our article about our referral program, we talked about how your friends can have a major effect on your choices. The people you associate with can have a great influence on you: they can help you connect with others,… Continue Reading →

Showing Our Appreciation with Hand-Signed Cards

Reading Time: 2 minutes As a company that puts a lot of importance on our relationship with our customers and community, we have the firm belief that a nice, hand-signed note still goes a long way. Call us old-fashioned, but it makes us happy… Continue Reading →

Our Brilliant Referral Program

Reading Time: < 1 minute A big part of the foundation of our company is connecting with our community. One way we do this is by communicating with them about electricity and our services and encouraging communication with each other. We enjoy talking about our… Continue Reading →

Our Brilliant Blog

Reading Time: 2 minutes At Brilliant Energy, we are pretty big nerds about electricity, but we know that most of our customers and community are not. While we enjoy sharing electricity-related advice and fun facts, we also connect with people through our other passions… Continue Reading →

Last Week Was a Big Week for the Houston Animal Community

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last week was an exciting week for the Houston pet community. The fun kicked off on Wednesday with the World Series of Dog Shows and lasted through the weekend with Clear the Shelters joining the fun. We were so happy… Continue Reading →

Our Home Away from Home

Reading Time: 2 minutes We firmly believe that a great internal culture helps us better serve our customers. Our shared passions for our community and customers and our open-door policy unify us as a team and directly help us give the best service to… Continue Reading →

Our Core Values

Reading Time: 2 minutes We have always believed that the core of Brilliant Energy’s existence is the people who surround it: our employees, our community and our customers. We have been able to create a group of amazing employees who share our values and… Continue Reading →

The Man in the Bow Tie: The Professor

Reading Time: < 1 minute You may have noticed a friendly fellow excitedly pointing toward the sky and exclaiming “Brilliant!” on our social media pages, or living large with his head full of crazy hair overflowing from the edge of our billboards. This lovable guy… Continue Reading →

Casual Culture, Yellow Tie Service

Reading Time: 2 minutes A business’ internal culture often defines the business itself and its achievements. Several famous companies like Google, Zappos and Pixar have capitalized on internal culture to create their success. With this in mind, we decided early on that we had… Continue Reading →

Our Golden Rule

Reading Time: < 1 minute Most everyone has heard of the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. At Brilliant Energy, we live by this principle because we see our customers as people who are no different from ourselves. Each person… Continue Reading →

Brilliant Energy and Emancipet are Helping Pets Together

Reading Time: 2 minutes At Brilliant Energy, we love our customers as well as our community. We have many passions that supplement our core business of great customer service, namely for the pets in our community. As a company of animal lovers, we focus… Continue Reading →

Connecting with Our Community: Sharing Our Passion for Pets

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most of us at Brilliant Energy are self-proclaimed pet lovers. Many of us have or want a pet and are passionate about adopting, and pets are always welcome in our office. When we decided it was time to contribute more… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Brilliant Energy!

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Richard Wakim welcomes you to Brilliant Energy! Brilliant Energy is a Houston-based retail electricity provider who has served Texans since 2007. We believe in creating a great customer experience, providing competitive prices and facilitating constant improvement. We care about… Continue Reading →

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