Charles Alvarez

Environmental Protection? – Eddy Aruda

I am the CEO of a small oil company and I have been in the oil and gas business for over 25 years. This is the third oil company that I have owned and I have also owned a well… Continue Reading →

Shlomo Weiss – General Manager Software Monetization

Shlomo Weiss is the General Manager of the Software Monetization division at SafeNet. In this role, he oversees product development, services, strategic planning, and go-to-market activities for SafeNet’s industry-leading software monetization platforms. Prior to his current role, Shlomo was VP… Continue Reading →

Mark Herschberg – Madison Logic

Full bio MARK HERSCHBERG. Educated at MIT (with degrees in physics, EE/CS, and a masters in cryptography) Mark has spent his career launching and fixing new ventures at startups, Fortune 500s, and academia. Mark has worked at and consulted to… Continue Reading →

The Challenges Facing Insurance Agencies Today

The Challenges Facing Insurance Agencies Today Dario Campolattaro is the Chief Executive Officer of Kelly Insurance Agency/Summit Insurance Services, LLC. Kelly Insurance Agency/Summit Insurance Services offer a wide range of personal, commercial, life and health insurance and group insurance coverage…. Continue Reading →

The Challenges Facing Insurance Agencies Today

The Challenges Facing Insurance Agencies Today By Scott Addis, CPCU, CRA About the interviewee (write a short bio about the person participating in this interview, including full name and title, this should be a C-level individual in your firm, include… Continue Reading →

About Mark Herschberg – CTO of Madison Logic

About Mark Herschberg – CTO of Madison Logic   MARK HERSCHBERG. Educated at MIT (with degrees in physics, EE/CS, and a masters in cryptography) Mark has spent his career launching and fixing new ventures at startups, Fortune 500s, and academia. Mark has worked… Continue Reading →

John Allman

About the interviewee John Allman does freelance work for his own company. He has designed the infrastructure for companies Cox Communication, Road Runner and Scientific Atlanta. John Specializes in large scale Multimedia systems and has been professionally involved in the… Continue Reading →

How to Absolutely Crush Your Competition Fast

Increase Your Probabilities of Success Your aim should be to increase the probabilities that the things you want will happen to you, and that you will achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. One of the ways that… Continue Reading →

Four Keys to Making More Profitable Business Decisions

Making Better Decisions Here are some key ideas with regard to decision-making. 1. Delegate Decision Making Delegate decision making whenever possible. Remember, once you have made a decision in a particular area, you almost invariably have to make all the… Continue Reading →

How to Turn a Business Crisis into an Opportunity to Grow Your Business

Crisis Management Strategies When an emergency or a crisis occurs, here are five steps to follow: 1. Think before Acting Stop and think before acting. Remember, action without thinking is the cause of every failure. Take a deep breath, calm… Continue Reading →

How Meetings are Robbing Your Company's Profits and What to do About it

Seven Ways to Make Meetings More Efficient Here are seven ways to increase the efficiency and improve the results of meeting time. 1. Is It Necessary? Ask, “Is this meeting necessary?” Many meetings turn out in retrospect to be unnecessary…. Continue Reading →

The Seven Major Time Wasters that is Sucking Profits Away from Your Business

The Seven Major Time Wasters There are seven major time wasters in the world of work, based on hundreds of studies and opinion surveys. Your ability to deal with them effectively will largely determine how successful you are in your business. 1…. Continue Reading →

What Great Business Owners Do that Poor Ones Do Not

A recent study by Stanford University on the qualities that companies look for in promoting people into the position of Chief Executive Officer concluded that the ability to put together a team to accomplish a task was the most important… Continue Reading →

9 Keys to Creating an Extremely Valuable Business

There are a series of techniques you can practice to increase your business’ productivity and performance, and improve the rate at which the business gets things done. These are methods used by the most valuable and most productive businesses in… Continue Reading →

Four Steps to Getting More Production from Your Business

There are four main steps to high productivity, and they cannot be repeated too often: First, set clear goals and objectives in writing. Think through what you are trying to accomplish before you begin. Ask, “What am I trying to do?… Continue Reading →

Four Steps to Getting More Production from Your Business

There are four main steps to high productivity, and they cannot be repeated too often: First, set clear goals and objectives in writing. Think through what you are trying to accomplish before you begin. Ask, “What am I trying to do?… Continue Reading →

Raising Cash Cows in Your Business

Divide Products/Services into Three Groups Practice “Corporate Triage” on your company, and your products and services, on a regular basis. The concept of triage comes from World War I. During the battles on the western front, there were so many… Continue Reading →

The Key to Spending More Time Putting More Money in Your Pocket

One of the most helpful ways for you to organize your tasks by priority is for you to use the ABCDE Method. This requires that you review your list of daily activities before you begin. You then place one of… Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Simplify Your Business and Your Life………..

There are six ways that you can simplify your business and increase the quality and quantity of your results: 1. Work faster. Get on with it. Develop a sense of urgency. Pick up the pace. Whatever you have to do,… Continue Reading →

The 7 Critical Questions that Need Answers to Grow Revenue

In strategic planning for organizations, consider the core questions in sales and marketing: “What is to be sold, to whom, and by whom, and how, and at what price, and how is it to be delivered and paid for?” The… Continue Reading →

How Great Leaders Conduct Quality Control

 More and more companies are insisting that their managers and executives get out into the field, face to face with real, live customers, and listen to them when they talk. The best military commanders are always going into the field,… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The key to business success is for you to achieve meaningful competitive advantage. As an entrepreneur, one of the advantages you can gain over your larger competitors is speed and personalization. Large companies are more likely to take customers for… Continue Reading →

How Small Businesses Become Big Businesses – Part 1

Similar customers have similar motivations and similar needs. If you can identify a particular customer in a particular industry, position, occupation, or situation and then sell your product or service to that customer, you will have learned some- thing vital… Continue Reading →

The Principle of Exploitation Applied to Business

It is amazing how many companies come up with innovations and breakthroughs in products and services and then put them aside or fail to exploit them fully in a competitive market. They are then astonished when rival companies emerge into… Continue Reading →

How to Close More Sales and Do It Faster

For many years in selling, it was quite common to hear, “The sale begins when the customer says no.” We know today, however, that the sale begins when the customer says yes. When the customer finally agrees to buy your… Continue Reading →

How Small Businesses Become Big Businesses – Part 2

According to PIMS Studies at Harvard University, companies that are recognized as the highest quality providers in their markets are also the companies that sell the most and sell the easiest. They can charge more than their competitors, and they… Continue Reading →

A Vital Virtue Great Companies Have that Most Do Not

Future-orientation is a key element of strategic planning and strategic thinking. It is a major responsibility of leadership and top people in every area. Only the leader can think about the future. Only the leader can plan for the future…. Continue Reading →

Charles Alvarez

The Four Keys to Effective Marketing – Part 1 All business strategy is ultimately marketing strategy. Whenever you are worried about the health or future of your business, get back to thinking about marketing and selling. Focus single-mindedly on increasing… Continue Reading →

The Most Important Thing You Can Do In Your Business

0 0 1 499 2849 A.G. Edwards 23 6 3342 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE The Law of Single Handling: The ability to start and complete your most important task determines your productivity more than any… Continue Reading →

Building Customer Loyalty

 No matter how good your product or service is today, there are going to be problems with it. It will not work the way it is sup- posed to work. It will break down. It will give rise to unexpected… Continue Reading →

The One Question Every Business Must Answer

There are two factors concerning time that determine the purchase of any product or service in a competitive marketplace. The first is called “time to market.” If you can get your product or service to the market faster than your… Continue Reading →

The 3 Types of Risks Associated with Business and How to Mitigate Them All

Because all of business life is fraught with uncertainty, you cannot avoid taking risks almost every single day. However, you should evaluate each risk and place it into one of the following categories: First, there are the risks that you… Continue Reading →

The Four Essential Elements Every Effective Marketing Strategy Must Have – Part 1

There are four essential elements of marketing. These are: Specialization, Differentiation, Segmentation and Concentration. You must implement and execute effectively in all four areas to survive and thrive in your business. A lack or weakness in any one area can… Continue Reading →

7 Steps to Achieving Your Business Goals

7 Steps to Achieving Your Business Goals Clarity accounts for probably 80% of success and happiness. Lack of clarity is probably more responsible for frustration and underachievement than any other single factor. That’s why we say that “Success is goals,… Continue Reading →

How to Take Control of Your Time

The Law of Sequentiality: Time management enables you to control the sequence of events in your life. 0 0 1 396 2260 A.G. Edwards 18 5 2651 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE A positive mental attitude,… Continue Reading →

The Fastest Way to Scale Your Business so that the Business Owner is Free

The Battle Against Complexity In every part of life, and especially in business and bureaucracy, there is a natural tendency toward complexity. Step by step, even the simplest process becomes more involved, requiring ever more activities to accomplish the same… Continue Reading →

7 Steps to Doubling Your Profitability

Determining Profitability You begin your profit analysis by determining the exact gross sales revenues that you receive from a product or service, after all subtractions for defects, returns, breakage, loss, wastage and bad debts. Take every single deduction so that… Continue Reading →

The Estimated Shelf Life of Your Products and/or Services (It's Shorter than You Think)

Whatever it is, it is already getting old. Within five years, 80 percent of all products and services offered today will be either obsolete or significantly modified from their current form. If a product works, it is already obsolete. Your… Continue Reading →

How to Outpace Your Competition Fast

The Law of Timeliness: The ability to act faster than anyone else can be your greatest asset. 0 0 1 335 1912 A.G. Edwards 15 4 2243 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE Time is the currency… Continue Reading →

How to Remove the Obstacles that Inhibit Business Growth

“Success in solving the problem depends on choosing the right aspect, on attacking the fort from its accessible side.” (George Polya) In physical terms, a single blockage of a key artery can lead to a heart attack and the death… Continue Reading →

How to Create Raving Fans

How Do Customers Define Quality? When Gordon Bethune took over troubled Continental Airlines, he ordered a study to determine how flyers defined quality, and what they wanted most. The overwhelming answer was “on time arrivals and departures.” This goal became… Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Procrastination in Your Business

“The beginning of a habit is like an invisible thread, but every time we repeat the act we strengthen the strand, add to it another filament, until it becomes a great cable and binds us irrevocably in thought and act.”… Continue Reading →

The 5 Key Elements Necessary to Creating a Winning Marketing Strategy

There are five keys to offensive strategy in the marketplace. Each of these is essential. The failure to acknowledge or practice even one key marketing tactic can undermine or even eliminate your opportunities for success. 1. Specialization: What niche do… Continue Reading →

How to Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competition

As your market changes, you should regularly take time out to identify your most profitable products and services. What are they today? What are they likely to be tomorrow? What could they be? What should they be? Of all the… Continue Reading →

The One Skill that Can Make or Break a Business

The Law of Competence: You can increase your efficiency and your effectiveness by becoming better and better at your key tasks. 0 0 1 484 2763 A.G. Edwards 23 6 3241 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE… Continue Reading →

How Great CEOs Position Their Companies for Success

The management guru Peter Drucker always recommends that you examine every part of your business regularly to determine if there is anything that you are doing that you wouldn’t get into again today if you had it to do over…. Continue Reading →

How to Take Your Business to the Next Level – Part 1

Ideas are your keys to the future. One new idea can change the entire direction of your life or your business. One break- through can completely change the focus of your company. One flash of insight, from yourself or from… Continue Reading →

The Law of the Most Valuable Asset: Your most valuable asset is your earning ability

The Law of the Most Valuable Asset: Your most valuable asset is your earning ability. An asset is something that yields a steady, predictable cash flow. Your ability to earn money is probable the most valuable asset you have. Your… Continue Reading →

How to Make Sure Your Employees are Doing the Right Things at the Right Time

Identify the key result areas of your business. What are the results that your company, and your products or services, absolutely have to get to satisfy your customers? Identify the key result areas of each person on your staff, including… Continue Reading →

The 3 Keys to Motivating Your Team in Business

There are three keys to motivation that you can practice with all the people who report to you. They are Recognition, Rewards, and Reinforcement. Practice all three of them with as many people as possible, as often as you can…. Continue Reading →

How to Unify Your Employees Towards a Common Objective

In every organization, whether collegial, participatory, democratic, hierarchical, or any other kind of management system, there has to be a single person in charge of achieving each goal and at each point of responsibility. There has to be a place… Continue Reading →

The 7 Responsibilities of Great CEOs and Business Owners – Part 1

Job number one: Set and achieve business goals. This is the first area where clarity is essential. You must know exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish and how you will mea- sure success when you achieve it…. Continue Reading →

4 Steps to Dramatically Increasing Your Business' Efficiency and Effectiveness

The Law of Forced Efficiency: There is never enough time to do everything but there is always enough time to do the most important things. 0 0 1 381 2177 A.G. Edwards 18 5 2553 14.0 Normal 0 false false… Continue Reading →

4 Simple Yet Profound Questions A CEO Must Answer in Setting Strategic Objectives

Begin setting objectives for your business or your company’s business by projecting forward three to five years and imagining a perfect future. Decide what is right before you decide what is possible. If the business were ideal in every respect… Continue Reading →

The Four Essentials of Marketing – Part 2

All Marketing Involves Differentiating 0 0 1 424 2419 A.G. Edwards 20 5 2838 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE You differentiate your product or service by determining and deciding exactly in what way, and how, you… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Sales Question Your Business Must Have a Great Answer For

Sometimes I ask my management audiences, “If you were selling twice as much as you are today, could you fulfill all the orders?” In most cases, the business leaders will all agree that they could quite comfortably deliver twice as… Continue Reading →

How One Company Focuses Its Way Towards Excellence

Tell me about your firm (number of employees, location, type of companies you work with, etc.). I have no employees because fulfilling government regulations is so time consuming and expensive. However, I hire several subcontractors for tax accounting, website design,… Continue Reading →

The 7 Qualities of an Excellent CEO and Business Leader

The two requirements for an excellent leader are character and competence. Character refers to your personal qualities of integrity, courage, and persistence. Your competence is measured by how capable you are of leading, managing, and get- ting the job done…. Continue Reading →

How to Remove Fear in Business

The ability to anticipate what might happen in the future, and then to inform all concerned parties of the roles they will play should a certain event occur, is a critical part of achieving unity of command. Royal Dutch Shell… Continue Reading →

How to Get the Most out of Your Employees and Team Members

The word “empower” means to “put power into.” When you empower your staff by encouraging and motivating them, they become more powerful in achieving the results that you need from them. Excellent managers are continually seeking ways to make people… Continue Reading →

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Boost Your Productivity and Free Up Your Time

“And herein lies the secret of true power. Learn, by constant practice, how to husband your resources, and concentrate them, at any given moment, upon a given point.” (James Allen) Almost every business begins with a single idea, for a… Continue Reading →

What Great CEOs and Business Owners Do Better than Their Peers

Most companies sell a variety of products and services. The danger in being a “mini-conglomerate” is that you can very easily lose track of the exact costs of producing a product or service and selling it in a competitive market…. Continue Reading →

The 3 Parts of a Marketing Mix that Out-Sells Your Competition Fast

What Do You Sell? The first part of the marketing mix is your Product or service. Always define your product or service in terms of what it “does” for your customers, versus what it “is.” Here’s the question, “Is your… Continue Reading →

How to Apply the Citadel Strategy to Create a Highly Lucrative Business

Sales and profitability are twin essentials for business success. Your ability to concentrate your limited resources and energies on your greatest potential opportunities for sales and profitability is key to your success. A business usually begins with a single product… Continue Reading →

How Great Business Owners View Their Time

Practice The Reality Principle Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric for many years, once said that the most important quality of leadership is the “reality principle.” He defined this as the ability to see the world as it really is,… Continue Reading →

How to Put Your Business Strategy into Action Every Day – Part 2

Step Four. The fourth letter in GOSPA, “P,” stands for Plans. Your plans are the rungs on the ladder from where you are to wherever it is you want to go. The planning stage is where the rubber meets the… Continue Reading →

How to Consistently Gain a Competitive Advantage

When you begin to plan your long-term future, one of the most valuable exercises you can engage in is called ““zero based thinking.”” In zero based thinking, you ask this question, ““Knowing what I now know, is there anything that… Continue Reading →

The Reason for a Company's Existence

THE REASON FOR A COMPANY’S EXISTENCE Many companies out there believe they are in business to make money. Although that may be a by-product of a well-organized business, it is not necessarily a good enough reason to be in business…. Continue Reading →

The 5 Ingredients Necessary to Create an Excellent Team in Your Business

In a longitudinal study shared with me by one of my Fortune 500 clients, more than 120 teams were studied over a three- year period at a cost of several million dollars. These teams were selected because they had accomplished… Continue Reading →

How to Earn a 1,000% Return on Your Time

The Law of Planning: Every minute spent in planning saves ten minutes in execution. The purpose of strategic planning in a corporation is to reorganize and restructure the activities and resources of the company so as to increase the “return… Continue Reading →

How to Know How to Exploit the Competition to Take Market Share

Because you are proactive, responsible, and result-oriented, you are continually analyzing your current situation based on the realities of the moment, rather than on the way it might have been yesterday or the way it may be tomorrow. The word… Continue Reading →

How to Position Your Business for Success

It is estimated that fully 84% of purchase decisions today are based on word of mouth, or how other people talk about your products and services amongst themselves. The whole purpose of advertising is to get people to try your… Continue Reading →

How to Get More of the Important Stuff Done

“Make time for getting big tasks done every day. Plan your daily workload in advance. Single out the relatively few small jobs that absolutely must be done immediately in the morning. Then go directly to the big tasks and pursue… Continue Reading →

The One Question Every Business Must Answer

There are two factors concerning time that determine the purchase of any product or service in a competitive marketplace. The first is called “time to market.” If you can get your product or service to the market faster than your… Continue Reading →

How to Build a World Class Sales Force for Your Business

Building A World Class Sales Force The linchpin to this entire process is the sales effort. Unfortunately, many companies are run by people who have never been salespeople on the street themselves. For this reason, they have no understanding of… Continue Reading →

How to Identify and Overcome ANY Constraint that is Holding Your Business Back

The theory of constraints, popularized by Elihu Goldratt in his book The Goal, says that, in any work process, there is a limiting step or constraint that determines the speed at which the entire process can be completed. To get… Continue Reading →

How Great CEOs Tackle Complex Issues

General Colin Powell said in a recent interview, “I believe that leadership is the ability to solve problems.” Your ability to solve problems is the critical determinant of your success or failure in life. This ability makes you a leader… Continue Reading →

How to Make Sure Your Strategy is Correct for Your Business

In business, all strategic planning is market planning. The customer is not only king, the customer must be the center point of all thinking and planning in the setting and achieving of business goals. What the customer wants, what the… Continue Reading →

How to Put Your Business Strategy Into Action Each Day – Part 1

There is a simple five-step formula that you can use for establishing clear objectives and for strategic planning for the rest of your career. As regularly as breathing in and breathing out, you should practice these five principles in every… Continue Reading →

How to Use Your Competition as an Asset

The more and better information you have about your competition and your market, the better decisions you can make and the more likely you are to be successful. Excellent commanders and business leaders are continually acquiring more and better information… Continue Reading →

How to Double Your Productivity in Less Than One Month

“The longer I live, them more I am certain that the great difference between men, between the feeble and the powerful, between the great and the insignificant, is energy -invincible determination- a purpose once fixed, and then death or victory.”… Continue Reading →

What 98% of Companies Fail to Do and How to Fix It Fast

A week ago, I read an article in the Harvard Business Review that found that only 2 percent of the companies are able to communicate their differentiating factors to their prospects and customers. The inability to articulate what make your… Continue Reading →

How to Secure Your Top Customers and Clients

The principle of security in business refers, among other things, to sales and cash flow. You must therefore safeguard and protect against the loss of your top customers in every way possible. Once you have made a sale and captured… Continue Reading →

Your Company's Most Valuable Asset

The most valuable asset of any company is its reputation in the marketplace, how it is known to its customers. The most valuable asset of your company is contained in the way your customers think and talk about your company… Continue Reading →

The Only Three Failures that Will Crush Your Business…And How to Avoid Them

Whatever got you to where you are today is not enough to keep you there. Your products, services, processes, sales, advertising, and marketing strategies and tactics are all becoming obsolete at a rapid rate. Your ability to continually come up… Continue Reading →

How to Leverage the Collective Knowledge of Every Person in Your Business for Serious Profit Growth

Brainstorming is one of the most powerful creative thinking exercises that a group of people can engage in together. Many companies and groups that have used brainstorming have achieved successes beyond the imagination of any of the participants. So can… Continue Reading →

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