8 29 14 The Case for Great Local Banks – Paul Carroll & Paul Sarver

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Paul Carroll, & Guest Paul Sarver discuss “The case for Great Local Banks” on this segment

8 29 14 The Pursuit of Truly Economical Energy -Benjamin Jurken & Dan Bates

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Benjamin Jurken, & Dan Bates discuss “The Pursuit of Truly Economical Energy” on thissegment

8 29 14 Taking Care of Your Senior Parents – Brian Spitz & Gregory Gomez Mira

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Brian Spitz, & Gregory Gomez-Miradiscuss “Taking Care of Your Senior Parents” on this segmentof

8 29 14 "Should the Redskins Change Their Name" – Chris Kidd & Jordan Black

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Chris Kidd, & Guest Jordan Blackdiscuss the topic “Should the Washington Redskins Change Their

8 29 14 Football Season – Sigmund Kramer & Kevin Price

Host Kevin Price and Producer Sigmund Kramer discussFootball Season on this segment of the Price of

8 28 14 Meeting Your Interview Goals – William Edmundson & Mrs Robin Kessler

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host William Edmundson, & Mrs. Robin Kessler, discuss “Meeting Your Interview Goals” onthis segment of

8 28 14 Will College Football Become Pro Football? – Chris Kidd & Roger Quiles

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Chris Kidd, & Guest Roger Quilesdiscuss the topic “Will College Football Become Pro Football?”on

8 28 14 "What, Exactly is a Green Bank?" – Super Julie Braun & Ken LaRoe

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Super Julie Braun, & Guest Ken LaRoe discuss the topic “What, Exactly is a “Green

8 28 14 UV Lights, Dehumidifiers, & Media Air Cleaners – Lance Malone & Pete Alanis & Ryan Alanis

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Lance Malone, & Guests Peteand Ryan Alanis discuss Dehumidifiers., UV Lights, & MediaAir Cleaners

8 28 14 Thoughts on Huffington Post – Kevin Price & Sigmund Kramer

Host Kevin Price & Producer Sigmund Kramer discuss theirthoughts on Huffington Post on this segment of the Priceof

8 27 14 Bringing Shipping Into the 21st Century – Dan Abbate & Nelson Cabrera

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Dan Abbate, & Guest NelsonCabrera discuss “Bringing Shipping Into the 21st Century” onthis segment

8 27 14 2 Frank Granett & Dr Charles Shubin

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Frank Granett, & Guest Dr.Charles Shubin discuss “ADHD and Pediatrics” on thissegment of the

8 27 14 The Value of a MASTER MIND PROGRAM! – Alan Paine & Linda Lopez

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Alan Paine & Guest Linda Lopezdiscuss “The Value of a MASTER MIND PROGRAM !” on

8 27 14 Why Relationships Still Matter in Business – Mike Schultz

Host Kevin Price and Guest Mike Schultz discuss “WhyRelationships Still Matter in Business” on this segment ofthe Price

8 26 14 HMNS is AWESOME! Find out why! Latha Thomas

Host Kevin Price and Guest Latha Thomas discuss thetopic “HMS is Awesome! Find Out Why?” on this segment

8 26 14 Why Franchises Are a Boom Business – Nikki Stauffer & Stacey Gibson

Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Nikki Stauffer, & Guest StaceyGibson discuss “Why Franchises Are a Boom Business on this

8 26 14 The Supply Side Miracle! – Brian Domitrovic

Host Kevin Price & Guest Brian Domitrovic discuss“The Supply Side Miracle!” on this segment of thePrice of Business.

8 26 14 Transforming an Energy Company's Website – Charles Alvarez

Host Kevin Price & Contributor Charles Alvarez discuss“Transforming an Energy Company’s Website” on this segment of the Price

8 25 14 Big Data, "Big Brother", And You.- Dave Walton

Host Kevin Price, Guest Dave Walton discuss “Big Data, “Big Brother”, And You” on this segment of the Price

8 25 14 Changing The Way Businesses Engage With Customers. – Alex Romanov

Host Kevin Price, Guest Alex Romanov discuss “Changing The Way Businesses Engage With Customers” on this segment of the


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