CarGuard Elijah Norton, who has established a successful career, was without a contract when he had his beginnings as the owner of CarGuard in 2015. The vision of CarGuard Elijah Norton and few others who came in as employees was to sit down and pen down affordable car protection services.

Bryan REO Elijah Norton

With Bryan REO Elijah Norton and the efforts of a dedicated team, CarGuard began its exclusive services. Since the auto-protection plan was low-cost and the best in the industry, in a short period, the company grew with an outstanding clientele portfolio. The success of the company having over a thousand deals in the first four months alone was the testament of Elijah’s effort to provide a low-cost auto-protection solution.

Overcoming the Challenges

The company did face hurdles like lack of financial resources, battling litigation matters, and building a team. However, CarGuard Elijah Norton’s vision and aim remain the same, i.e., to deliver value to the clients. The results were outstanding as people began to link CarGuard with credibility and trust in the auto-protection market. Raving reviews of CarGuard’s services started to go on different platforms, and the company continues to provide new auto-protection plans to the customers.

Going for New Challenges – Building New Prospects

Today, Elijah is not leading the business as a CEO, but he still plays an integral role as an advisor and consultant to CarGuard’s new management. As a CEO, he had to manage many things, but with his new role, he has the freedom and time to be a strategic planner. Elijah had the opportunity to be a guide to the top management of the company. With his skills and background in the business, he is one of the leading consultants of the firm, working on getting new prospects for the expansion of the company.

His new role allows him to oversee many expansion plans, with CarGuard launching new auto-protection solutions to bring more clients the best facilities and services for auto claims. The company already had a history of growth and providing trustworthy services. Today, it stands firm with a team of 20 selling associates and bringing many new deals. All the efforts put the company in a strong financial position as it records the year-to-year growth rates of over 50% a year!

Car Coverage Plans

In Leawood, Kansas City, Missouri, the name CarGuard represent an honest, reputable, and robust company. The car plans that the company offer cover all car repair and services expenses, and there is an outstanding variation to the plans. People with any budget and requirements will find a plan to get the protection they want. Unlike other auto-protection companies, Elijah Norton CarGuard offers complete repair cover for all car components, including electronic components, air conditioning, and other parts.

CarGuard Administration Inc — Committed to Deliver Value

The company aims to keep the process of launching and to honor the car expense claim the easiest for their customers. They want to keep the customers coming back to CarGuard’s auto-protection plan by offering them unmatched services. If you are with CarGuard, you can rest assured that any unexpected car repair expense will not pass the payment to you, but you can file a claim with CarGuard and get immediate, dependable service to pay the costs. In 2019, the company continues its policy of expansion and offering innovative solutions to the people. The company is still looking forward to adding more products to its services.