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Human Trafficking Rescuer and Humanitarian Recipient of Mother Teresa Award Tours Texas

Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers is back to inspire Texans Houston, Texas (March 21, 2017) – Pastor/Preacher Sam Childers was the subject of a Hollywood movie “Machine  Gun Preacher” starring motion picture star Gerard Butler. The name Machine Gun Preacher… Continue Reading →

Tex Christopher Studios Leading the Way to Bring Hollywood to Texas

Founder Tex Christopher goes on air with Manfred Sternberg on Business Talk 1110AM   Houston, Texas (March 22, 2017) – Tex Christopher went into the studio of “The Price of Business” radio show featuring host Bill Knapik of Stewart Title… Continue Reading →

State-of-the-Martial-Art Training Sportsplex Super Dojo Opens in Northwest Houston

15,000 Square Foot Defenders Martial Arts Academy to Instruct Defenders Tomball, Texas (March 17, 2017) – The Grand Opening for Defenders Martial Arts Academy is being planned in Tomball with the help of the Tomball Chamber of Commerce and many… Continue Reading → Special Events “Machine Gun Preacher” Sam Childers

  We have a very special guest coming to Texas and would like to invite you and your family to meet humanitarian and human trafficking rescuer Sam Childers aka “Machine Gun Preacher”. So, please share this on-line as well.  … Continue Reading →

Are American flags and standards on a pole a weapon at 1st amendment events? to defend members where city ordinances prevent patriotism, 2/27/2017 – Houston, Texas – The National Association for Legal Gun Defense stands by its members to litigate on their behalf. Certain municipalities in America have codified that poles are… Continue Reading →

2-14-17 Jeb Bashaw & David J. DeWitt – Handwriting Analysis – Bullying

Seg 2 – Jeb Bashaw, David J. DeWitt Handwriting Analysis, Discover Your Vocation

Free Speech Rally at U.S. Congressman John Culberson Town Hall in Houston

A protest and support rally was held in Houston yesterday 2.22.17 for U.S. Congressman John Culberson outside Lakeside Country Club in Houston.  Attendees for and against the President Trump Agenda and Mandate was heard and covered by the local media…. Continue Reading →

Episode 2: Manfred Sternberg, Manfred Law and Alvin Castle of

Radio interview on the Price of Business with Kevin Price, Bill Knapik Hosting with Manfred Sternberg, Attorney at Law and Alvin Castle of This interview aired on KTEK 1110AM in Houston. The interview gives the latest news and updates… Continue Reading →

How a Lawyer Can Help Your Business?

Every business needs an accountant and a lawyer; an accountant helps oversee your financial processes and ensures taxes are prepared correctly. A lawyer can help set up your corporate structure, protect your intellectual property, deal with real estate, insurance, and… Continue Reading →

Are you a romantic at heart? We have a cool promotion for you and a loved one!

    Value $150 – Dinner and Flowers Contest Write your love story and post on-line (short and sweet) How you met Why you love that person Why you both carry firearms (a couple who is armed together stays together) Post… Continue Reading →

Crowdfunding Radio Interview with Manfred Sternberg – Business Lawyer

Kevin Price, Radio Host, interviews Business Lawyer and innovator Manfred Sternberg on his crowdfunding expertise, profiling Manfred Sternberg, JD 713-622-4300 Attorney and author Manfred Sternberg has a long history as a successful lawyer and business entrepreneur. Manfred has… Continue Reading →

Will your Texas Legislators support Constitutional Carry of Firearms in Texas?

Representative Jonathan Stickland goes “on the air” with The Voice of Liberty Doc Greene Houston, Texas (February 8, 2017) – It has been a year of upheaval with the election of Donald J. Trump on both sides of the aisles…. Continue Reading →

Price of Business Welcomes Manfred Sternberg & Manfred Law !!

Price of Business Welcomes Mangred Sternberg & Manfred Law !!!! Manfred Sternberg, JD 713-622-4300   Attorney and author Manfred Sternberg has a long history as a successful lawyer and business entrepreneur. Manfred has practiced law in Houston, Texas for… Continue Reading →

Interview with Rick Briscoe, Legislative Director for Open Carry Texas – Constitutional Carry

  Show host Jeb Bashaw interview Rick Briscoe on Constitutional Carry in America and in Texas.  Get the latest on the pending legislation in Texas. A growing number of states have passed what is commonly referred to as constitutional carry…. Continue Reading →

Radio Interview Sgt Damon Ing from Shot Show on Doc Greene Radio

We had an opportunity to catch Sgt Damon Ing, FFL and Firearms Instructor who attended the Shot Show in Las Vegas this week.  This informative interview with The Amazing Doc Greene Show which airs on American Voice Radio Network and… Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Our Neighbors

If you’ve read our other articles or seen us in your neighborhood, you probably know that we care a lot about our community. We’ve always felt like a part of it and we try harder every day to be even… Continue Reading →

Radio Interview with Chris Mijic of on Doc Greene Radio Show

    Editor-in-Chief of, Chris Mijic went on the air with The Amazing Doc Greene Show which airs on American Voice Radio Network and We met Chris on-line and were excited to learn about his amazing website resource… Continue Reading →

We Love Our Brilliant Team Members!

When it comes to hiring team members, we might be talented, just lucky, or maybe a little of both. We say this because we have some truly outstanding people here on our team. It’s easy to see that our team… Continue Reading →


  By CJ Grisham, Founder of Open Carry Texas ( We call on Lt. Gov. Patrick to start optimistically leading the charge for a return of constitutional rights instead of pessimistically casting doubt. We didn’t elect Mr. Patrick to sit… Continue Reading → Facebook Discussion Live!

  Join the conversation about self-protection and legal defense at our Facebook Page: We showcase stories of survival, feedback from others and other commentary to help you and your family stay safe.  Visit today and introduce yourself to the… Continue Reading →

Our 2016 in Review: Looking to the Future without Forgetting the Past

Here at Brilliant Energy we had a great year. We continued to grow in so many ways and watched awesome developments in the industry as we developed new things within our own company. Although we had a great year, we… Continue Reading →

Nightclubs: Soft Targets for Terrorists

Guest Article Submission by Dr. Joe Alton, MD of In an attack reminiscent of the Orlando terror event last year, a popular nightclub became a slaughterhouse on New Year’s Eve when a gunman caused 39 deaths and about 70… Continue Reading →

Larry Keilberg, National Director of on The Doc Greene Show

Legal defense with the use of a weapon or self-defense situation. As featured on Price of Business with Kevin Price:  

Leading Litigation Defense Membership to Support Constitutional Carry of Firearms in Texas Supports the Rights of Texans to Bear Arms as Codified in the U.S. and Texas Constitutions Fort Worth, Texas (January 2, 2017) –  January 1st, 2016 marked a hallmark historic situation in Texas, where licensed firearm holders were granted… Continue Reading →

What is “The Blue Wall of Silence”?

Written by a staff member of One of the SDF’s goals is to keep our members informed with knowledge that others will not talk about.  The SDF supports law enforcement and encourages our members to first be polite and… Continue Reading →

Helping Customers Get the Most Out of Their Bills

Bills are a sign of having awesome services for our homes, but they don’t exactly bring about a pleasant feeling. Sure, we all wish these things could be free and paying bills isn’t the highlight of our day. But a… Continue Reading →

Our Brilliant Holiday Toy Drives

We can’t write enough about how much we love our community, and how this love runs through the veins of our company. Every team member, no matter their department, has a love for our community and a desire to help… Continue Reading →

How to Talk to the Police and Protect Yourself

Talking with police officers is usually one of the more stressful encounters we have in our lives, and one that we typically avoid at all costs. Even when we’ve committed no crime, it can be nerve racking, but when we’re… Continue Reading →

Meet Kitty Wells, Spice Pharm’s Spice Queen

Kitty Wells, CEO, Chief Spice Geek, and Spice Queen of Spice Pharm Tell us about your business. “I was very inspired by reading all of the science behind spices. They have incredible medicinal properties, and so I wanted to make… Continue Reading →

How Small Actions Turn into Big Results

Many  companies want to be a “big deal” or one of the “big guys:” seeing people line up down the block for their latest product, or hearing fans cheer for their latest creation while they blow them kisses from atop… Continue Reading →

Episode 11 – CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas/ on Texas Gun Legislation 2017

Continuing series of podcast/radio interviews regarding gun rights, politics, marketing and defense. Comprehensive professional legal defense membership for individuals, families, businesses, churches, FFL licensees and manufacturers, martial artists, and security/investigative firms. Any weapon. Any state. Any time. promo code:… Continue Reading →

Why Would We Create a Commercial About Pets?

You may have seen our commercial starring Beep on your television or computer screen. In the commercial we talk about our Brilliant PetLovers plan, something that we talk about pretty often. If you’ve seen the commercials of other electricity providers,… Continue Reading →

Texas Constitutional Carry of Firearms with Valente Gonzalez, Open Carry Texas (Houston)

Continuing series of podcast/radio interviews regarding gun rights, politics, marketing and defense. Comprehensive professional legal defense membership for individuals, families, businesses, churches, FFL licensees and manufacturers, martial artists, and security/investigative firms. Any weapon. Any state. Any time. promo code:… Continue Reading →

Mobile Apps for Charity: A Marketing Company Doing Things a Little Bit Differently

Dave Mullins, Co-Founder of Mobile Apps for Charity   Tell us about your business. Mullins defines his company as a marketing company. However, everything that they do begins with the mobile apps they build for nonprofit organizations and charities. “We… Continue Reading →

Our Annual Light Up Your Home Contest is Back!

‘Tis the holiday season, and that means a rush to get gifts, winter clothes (if it ever gets cold), and holiday decorations that will knock the socks off your neighbors. If you can really relate to that last one, you… Continue Reading →

Meet Adam Broetje, CEO of Odd Dog Media

Adam Broetje, CEO of Odd Dog Media   Tell us about your business. According to Broetje, Odd Dog Media started by accident. “I was initially working on a project in the commercial diving industry. It was a big issue when… Continue Reading →

How Our Immersive Hiring Process Helps Us Hire Smart

Being the “new kid” at a company can be pretty intimidating; you only know so much about your employer and the atmosphere that you’re jumping into, and you hope you’re able to keep up with everything that is required of… Continue Reading →

Local Gun Range Fire Shuts Down Firing Lanes, Still Serves Community

Winchester Shooting Gallery suffers loss but gears up for recovery Fort Worth, Texas  (November 22, 2016) –  Fort Worth based Winchester Shooting Gallery suffered a fire at its 6062 East Lancaster location November 14th, shutting down 10 shooting lanes and… Continue Reading →

More Than a Product: How Products Affect Customers and Vice Versa

The main source of revenue for pretty much any business is their product. Whether it’s apples or consulting services, every company has something it would like to contribute to the world. But any seasoned business person knows it’s not just… Continue Reading →

Career Opportunities for Every Employee

One day, we’re going to live in a world where everyone who needs a job will have one. Stay-at-home parents, people with disabilities, entry-level workers, veterans, people who have career gaps, people who want to work virtually, people who want… Continue Reading →

Episode 8: Interview with Andy Valadez, Marketing Director for

Continuing series of podcast/radio interviews regarding gun rights, politics, marketing and defense. Comprehensive professional legal defense membership for individuals, families, businesses, churches, FFL licensees and manufacturers, martial artists, and security/investigative firms. Any weapon. Any state. Any time. promo code:… Continue Reading →

Episode 7: Candidates, Elections and Gun Rights with Larry Keilberg of

Continuing series of podcast/radio interviews regarding gun rights, politics, and defense. Comprehensive professional legal defense membership for individuals, families, businesses, churches, FFL licensees and manufacturers, martial artists, and security/investigative firms. Any weapon. Any state. Any time. promo code: MA01… Continue Reading →

Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show Interview with Larry Keilberg, National Director for is attending the Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show in Tulsa, OK this weekend. We wanted to do an in the field interview with him while he was there. Table 1 #33D    

Gaining Perspective: Creating Great Ideas and Culture through Diverse Collaboration

At Brilliant Energy, we think it’s important to include the opinions and ideas of an array of team members. Because we all come from diverse professional backgrounds, we put a lot of importance on communication to make sure we are… Continue Reading →

Ross Powell of on The Hagmann Report with Steve Quayle

Ross Powell is featured in the first hour of this show with Steve Quayle.  Please share this link as you prepare and learn how to starve the dragon. Ross Powell, is the Founder of Survival 401k, LLC. Ross was raised… Continue Reading →

Episode 14 – Richard Smith – Regenerative Agriculture and a Family Business

Guest Topic: Regenerative Agriculture and a Family Business – Ross Powell and Richard Smith Discussion Points: 1)     Intro of Ross and Rich 2)    What is Regenerative / Restorative Agriculture 3)    Current efforts in Lubbock and other areas 4)   How to… Continue Reading →

Shining a Light on What We’re Thankful For

Now that our friendly (and only a little aggressive) Halloween competition is all said and done, we are now on to the month that brings people together to be thankful. Because we are indeed electricity nerds, we will stay true… Continue Reading →

Episode 13: Ross Powell with Chris Baucom on Social Media and Politics

  Guest topic: Political Preparation – Guest Chris Baucom, Political Consultant Topic: Understanding Political Control in Your Preparations   1)      Perceptions of Media and Politics with the latest collusion information 2)      Preparation to deal with losing with your candidate – Hillary… Continue Reading →

Meet Terry Loving, Chief Possibility Officer of Loving Marketing

Terry Loving, CPO (Chief Possibility Officer) of Loving Marketing.   Tell us about your business. Loving refers to herself as a “Visibility Guru” because essentially, she works to make websites visible to the public. “I used to do a lot… Continue Reading →

Global Rescue Direct – Your Virtual “Concierge” Healthcare solution

  HealthCare and the focus on reforming health care has been on front pages of newspapers, trade journals, presidential debates dating back to the early 1990’s centered around the well-known mantra… Healthcare is broken. If we think back, candidate Bill… Continue Reading →

Ross Powell of on Bryan Blue TV

Ross Powell had an opportunity to talk about the chaos economy on the horizon:   About Ross Powell, Ross Powell is the Founder of Survival 401k, LLC. Ross was raised in San Antonio and graduated from the University of… Continue Reading →

Own Your Brilliance—Empowering Students to Use Their Brilliance to Impact the World

Elisabeth Ayres is the Co-Founder and Director of Own Your Brilliance   Tell us about your business. “Our Company is called Own Your Brilliance, we are a for-profit, for-purpose company, and we are a social enterprise launch-pad. We help students… Continue Reading →

Getting Creative for Halloween

Last week we talked about maintaining great relationships with our longer-tenured customers. As Halloween gets closer, an annual tradition that perpetuates our internal culture is in our midst. Every new employee is “warned” that Halloween is a big deal around… Continue Reading →

Episode 12: Full Spectrum Preparation: Survival Mindset with Alan Kay Winner/Survivor on “Alone” Series Season 1

By Ross Powell The saying goes that 90% of success is showing up. When it comes to preparation and survival, in order to succeed we certainly have to show up by being engaged and willing to take action, but we… Continue Reading →

Episode 6: Florida Carry Co-Founder Interview with Richard Nascak and Open Carry Texas Founder CJ Grisham

Founder of Open Carry Texas and Membership Director for, CJ Grisham goes on the air with  Florida Carry Co-Founder and Executive Director Richard Nascak. This initiative is designed to bring the open carry groups together to position against common… Continue Reading →

3 tips for Running a Dental Practice Efficiently and Effectively

As any dentist who runs his own practice can tell you, setting up your own dentistry office requires not only a strong educational background, it also requires a keen sense of business and the skill set of a leader.  … Continue Reading →

Keeping the Light in the Relationship

In the retail electricity industry, there are a lot of competitors. This can be great for customers because it gives them a lot of buying power, and we love that. It has become pretty common for customers to shop around… Continue Reading →

Calling all Heroes! Katy Christian Ministries 5K Heroes Race Against Domestic Violence


    10-14-16 Price of Business Guest Host Bill Knapik  10-13-16 Price of Business Guest Host Host William Edmunson with Ross Powell & S Fisher, Ja-Nae Duane, Becoming Self Sustaining 10-13-16 Price of Business Guest Host Host William Edmunson with SUPER JULIE & ANDREW… Continue Reading →

Full Spectrum Preparation: Self-Sustaining Entrepreneurship

By Ross Powell As tricky as entrepreneurship is to spell, it appears even more difficult to actualize to most of us. Let’s discuss a few reasons why having an entrepreneurial mindset is important for full spectrum preparation, a key obstacle… Continue Reading →

Don E. Smith, The Solutionist and Speech Wiz

Don E. Smith is the Solutionist at Don E. Smith, LLC. Smith shows his clients how they can use communication to produce and deliver products, build lasting relationships with their clients and develop a fully engaged workforce. Mr. Smith started… Continue Reading →

Bill Prater’s Business Mastery

  Bill Prater is the Founder of Business Mastery. About Business Mastery…  Prater is a coach and mentor to private business owners. 15 years ago, Prater developed a Business Alchemist’s formula for helping business owners transform their company from ordinary… Continue Reading →

3rd Annual Katy Christian Ministries & Katy PD 5K Run/Walk Against Domestic Violence

  Katy Police Department Chief Calls on Super Heroes to help raise awareness and funds for survivors. Katy, Texas (October 6, 2016) – In 2015, 996 local survivors of domestic violence were assisted through the Katy Christian Ministries (KCM) Crisis… Continue Reading →

Our Four-Legged Team Members

In our office, we maintain a culture that has a warm-fuzzy feeling of family, but to a greater extent than you might think. One fun and unique thing about Brilliant Energy is that we not only allow, but encourage our… Continue Reading →

Episode 11 – Becoming More Self Sustaining – Start a Business!

  Guests: Steven Fisher / Ja-Nae Duane with Ross Powell of and Radio Host William Edmunson Authors of “The Startup Equation” ISBN 978-0-07-183236-6 1) Self-Sustaining lifestyle – hunting for your breakfast everyday 2) Shedding the employee mentality – get off… Continue Reading →

Meet Mark Babbitt, CEO and Founder of YouTern

Mark Babbitt is the CEO and Founder of YouTern.   Tell us about your business. YouTern was born from what Babbitt believes was a necessity to help young professionals become more employable. “I was responsible for hiring a whole bunch… Continue Reading →

Episode 10: Featuring Mutual Assistance Groups with Forrest Garvin of Carolina Preparedness Academy

Radio interview on The Price of Business with Kevin Price featuring Ross Powell of Survival 401k and Forrest Garvin of Carolina Survival Preparedness Academy. The expert in the field of MAGs is Forrest Garvin of the Carolina Survival & Preparedness… Continue Reading →

Episode 5: Interview with Oklahoma Carry President Rick Hubbard with CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas

Founder of Open Carry Texas and Membership Director for, CJ Grisham goes on the air with Oklahoma Open Carry Association President Rick Hubbard. This initiative is designed to bring the open carry groups together to position against common foes… Continue Reading →

Open Carry Houston Meetup 10.16.16 at Spring Creek BBQ Cypress (

You are invited to meet-up with fellow gun rights activists, instructors, businesses, professionals, and patriots for our next local meeting in Houston. Invite a friend. Plenty of parking and admission is free to attend. We will provide an update on… Continue Reading →

Texas Pets Dress for Success in Our Costumed Companions Contest

At Brilliant Energy, Halloween is a pretty big deal. And as many of you know, we love pets. So we decided to combine two things that are both really exciting to us and share it with others! Like we said… Continue Reading →

Full Spectrum Preparation: Mutual Assistance Groups

By Ross Powell In the course of awakening to the necessity of preparation and in the process of preparation itself, many of us have reached moments of great significance. These instants can alter the course of our lives and even… Continue Reading →

Abuse of Power Cases – with Larry Keilberg on Doc Greene Show (Interview)

Larry Keilberg, National Director for the National Association for Legal Gun Defense or  was invited on “The Amazing Doc Greene Show” yesterday, which airs on and The American Voice Radio Network nationally to talk about recent events of warrantless searches… Continue Reading →

Full Spectrum Preparation: Learning Through Fiction

By Ross Powell Believe it or not, fiction is one of our most useful tools for spreading awareness about preparing for adverse scenarios and actually getting prepared ourselves. Effective, relevant fiction writing is capable of reaching audiences that manuals, articles,… Continue Reading →

Meet Nisan Lerea, Co-Founder and CEO of WAZER—the First Desktop Water Jet Cutter

Nisan Lerea is the Co-Founder and CEO of WAZER.   Tell us about your business. “WAZER has developed the first desktop water jet cutter. It’s the first time that this type of device, which can cut any material digitally, will… Continue Reading → Enables Mainstream Preppers to Jailbreak Their 401K Money

Founder Ross Powell Goes to the Airwaves with Guests Features and Articles Houston, Texas (October 3, 2016) – was created to help people with retirement savings in their company or personal 401K to be able to access that cash… Continue Reading →

Meet Will Thomson, Founder and President of Bulls Eye Recruiting

  Name and official title of the CEO or founder of the company. Will Thomson, Founder and President of Bulls Eye Recruiting   Tell us about your business. “I’ve been recruiting since 1995 and I started Bulls Eye Recruiting March… Continue Reading →

Showing our True Colors through Genuine Engagement

The electricity industry is an exciting field (at least, we think so) but like any exciting thing, it comes with its fair share of drama. For us, this is mainly in the form of a very competitive market. A lot… Continue Reading →

When Terrorism Strikes: Shooting Back and Winning!

It seems that Americans are arming and many are getting training in the use of their handguns and going through licensing in their prospective states where required. Many experts have advised that in an active shooter situation, people should run,… Continue Reading →

Episode 7: Ready Today, Ready for Tomorrow, and Ready in Retirement

Ready Today, Ready For Tomorrow, Ready in Retirement – Survival 401k 1) Preparing Financially and Physically (Spiritually) a. Houston gets hurricanes b. Oklahoma now is prone to earthquakes c. Wall Street is again in volatile mode d. Election is now… Continue Reading →

Stop the Bleeding and Hemorrhaging – “Survival Medicine Hour” Interviews Larry Keilberg of National Association for Legal Gun Defense

Dr. Joe Alton, MD of “Survival Medicine Hour” ( interviews National Director for Larry Keilberg.Aired 23Sep16 at: Comprehensive professional legal defense membership for individuals, families, businesses, churches, FFL licensees and manufacturers, martial artists, and security/investigative firms. Any weapon…. Continue Reading →

Watch Our Commercial Tonight at the Debate!

Shelter animals need our help! #notdebatable Watch our commercial tonight at the debate on Channel 13 (ABC) at 9:59 pm! As the debate will have no commercial interruptions, we will appear directly after the debate. See you there!    

Enriching the Minds of our Business

At Brilliant Energy, we think learning is very important. We have the mindset that you should not stop learning after graduating from school. Our team members, many of whom are new graduates, come in with an open mind that is… Continue Reading →

Episode 8: Upcoming 6 Week Guest Schedule and Interview on Price of Business

Six Week Guest Schedule on Every Aspect of Preparation – Survival 401k, LLC 1) Announcing 6 Weekly Guest Appearances to Improve Your Preparations – Names to be provided at a later date a. Last week I discussed taking little steps… Continue Reading → Member’s Incident Interview with Security Officer in Arizona

We had an opportunity to interview on of members, a Security Director for an Investment company based in Denver, Colorado, who is now on duty in Arizona overseeing investment properties for his employer. The Security Officer, Marcial, assisted on… Continue Reading →

Terrorism, Self-defense, Guns, Social Media and Situational Awareness – Sgt Damon Ing

Police Sergeant Damon Ing was a guest on “The Amazing Doc Greene Show” which airs on American Voice Radio Network M-F from 1PM to 3PM CST and on from 10am to 12pm CST M-F. The topic was self-defense, situational… Continue Reading →


Article sponsored by  (litigation protection membership with any weapon, any state, any time.) By Joe Alton, MD of, co-author, The Survival Medicine Handbook It’s pretty clear at this point that there’s a New Normal out there. There will… Continue Reading →

Ready Today, Ready for Tomorrow, Ready in Retirement

By Ross Powell After a historically complacent August in the financial markets, we are now in a season of escalating unpredictability. This trend is particularly clear this year on multiple fronts. Volatility has picked up in stocks as mainstream investors… Continue Reading →

Price of Business Welcomes Elizabeth Thede & dtSearch

  Welcome to dtSearch!! dtSearch enterprise and developer products instantly searches terabytes of text. The product line’s own document filters support a wide variety of data formats, including “Office” files, PDFs, emails and attachments, online data and other databases. dtSearch… Continue Reading →

Cypress, Texas Passes 2nd Amendment Audit – Open Carry Texas

Radio commentator and activist CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas/ was invited to speak to the Cypress Tea Party this weekend in Cypress, Texas. Prior to speaking, he conducted a “2nd Amendment Audit” to determine the temperament of the local community… Continue Reading →

Episode 6: Retirement Investment Strategies with Survival 401k – Ross Powell

Retirement Investment Strategies with Survival 401k – Ross Powell 1) Three Key areas of retirement planning a. Wealth Preservation b. Growth without Risk c. Liquidity 2) Exodus Strategy – Leaving captivity to the Promised Land a. Abrahamic in Nature i…. Continue Reading →

Face to Face: Getting out into the Community

At Brilliant Energy, we go to great lengths to make our business personal. From hand-signed cards to our customers to let them know that they are not just a number to helping a cause we are passionate about, we believe… Continue Reading →

Episode 5: Jailbreak! Your 401K now with with Ross Powell

Jailbreak Your Retirement with Survival 401k, LLC – Ross Powel:l 1) New found language in ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) designed for the mega rich allows all current employees to free their funds for self-direction a. Requires you to… Continue Reading →

The ADV3NTURE Hoodie and its ADV3NTURE

Zane Lamprey is Founder and CEO of the ADV3NTURE Hoodie and the ADV3NTURE company.   Tell us how ADV3NTURE became your next business venture. “In 2007 I was the host of Three Sheets, an international drinking travelogue on MojoHD, Travel… Continue Reading →

Episode 4: Dr. Joe Alton, M.D. Guest Feature Bleeding Control Kits –

Marketing Strategist and Friend of the Show Andy Valadez founder of Marketing Dynamics had an opportunity to guest host for Kevin Price and feature Dr. Joe Alton, M.D. of, brought to you by In this interview, Dr. Alton describes… Continue Reading →

Episode 3 with CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas: Handling Law Enforcement While Lawfully Carrying a Gun/Gun Free Zones

  Comprehensive professional legal defense membership for individuals, families, businesses, churches, FFL licensees and manufacturers, martial artists, and security/investigative firms. Any weapon. Any state. Any time. promo code: MA01

Our Open Door Policy

At Brilliant Energy, we are not the types to make a habit of closing our doors (some of us don’t even have doors!), literally or figuratively. Our doors and minds are always open to new people and ideas. As we… Continue Reading →

Calling All Teachers and College Professors, It Is Time to Learn About Guns

One of Texas Leading Gun Instructors is Training Educators on License to Carry, 9/07/2016 – Fort Worth, Texas – Police Sergeant Damon Ing has been instructing the local community as well as nationally about gun safety, defense with a… Continue Reading →

Telling Our Story

Deregulation of the electricity industry holds so many possibilities with a number of new providers emerging and offering great deals. It was a newly capitalist industry that was perfect for Texas, creating jobs as well as better quality service for… Continue Reading →

New Money Market Rules and Investing in Your Plan B (

New Money Market Rules Effective 10/14/16 (please share) 1. No longer a total Safe Haven 2. Value (NAV) could be less than $1 3. Redemption Suspension like in other countries 4. Redemption Fees 5. Government Debt is exempted 6. Hard… Continue Reading →

Historic Attention Appeal for Texas Governor Greg Abbott in Austin

  Austin, Texas (September 1, 2016) – A public, family event is planned for September 3rd, 2016 at the Texas Capitol to discuss serious freedom issues in America and those affecting liberty-minded Texans. The event producer and promoter Doc Greene,… Continue Reading →

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