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The Benefits of Programmatic Buying For SMBs

  If you’re operating online and own a small or medium-sized business, there are a vast array of strategies you can use these days that can have a huge impact. And in your fight against the big guys, there is… Continue Reading →

Become Debt Free with These Five Easy Steps

  The modern economy requires us all to earn a living and produce income. However, sometimes our best intentions are thrown to the wind, and we find ourselves facing a financial burden that we cannot afford to repay. Managing your… Continue Reading →

Why Should You Consider Having a Data Recovery Solution for Your Business?

  Have you ever faced a security threat to your servers or systems? As a business leader, you must have heard horror stories about massive data losses. It seems like every other day there is news about data theft that… Continue Reading →

How technology has had an impact on the logistics industry

Technology and logistics have always gone hand in hand, so it is no surprise that corporations have been benefiting in some form from real-time warehouse management systems since the 1970s. However, the speed of technological change has quickened significantly since… Continue Reading →

Methods to bring your employees together

  Most company owners and managers know that their businesses are more productive when their employees work together as a team rather than focusing on individual achievement. It can, however, be difficult to make that happen, especially if you have… Continue Reading →

I’m the Grinch that Stole Christmas – Part 2

Suggested Goals for 2018 I’m being the Grinch – reminding you that there will be no Christmas if you don’t plan and don’t track. And, if you don’t plan and don’t track, you can’t complain about what happens to your… Continue Reading →

Tips to Choose the Best Garage Door Repair Company

  The United States is a country where 70% of the homes have garage doors of some type. Coming a long way in recent years, garage doors are no longer heavy and unwieldy. Today, they are built to look great… Continue Reading →

I’m the Grinch that Stole Christmas

I’m the Grinch that Stole Christmas Traditionally at this time of year I write about planning – and how simple it can be. So, I’m being the Grinch – reminding you that there will be no Christmas if you don’t… Continue Reading →

Everything You Need to Know About CRM

Today, businesses have evolved on a larger scale and it is become daunting to handle a lot of customers as businesses have gone global. They are looking for ways to manage customer relations because it’s an important factor.   When… Continue Reading →

What to do If You Get Injured in a Car Accident

We spoke to a personal injury attorney in Pittsburgh about car accidents and what one should do in case such an accident occurs. According to the lawyer, the first thing you should do is make sure you’re safe and sound,… Continue Reading →

7 Things To Consider About Gold Bullion Investment

Is gold a wise investment? It’s relatively natural to wonder whether or not gold bullion is a good investment. Well, the reasons for owning physical gold extend beyond the possibility of the price soaring. In fact, gold offers plenty of… Continue Reading →

5 Ways in Which Home Cleaning Services Can Boost Your Home

Your home is your haven and you should ensure that it is in perfect condition at all times. With a clean environment, you will feel proud to be home and will always look forward to going home after a tiring… Continue Reading →

6 Easy Ways to Generate Genuine User Engagement on Your Facebook Company Page

Earlier in 2017, Facebook announced a major, if not exactly shocking, monthly active user milestone: 2 billion. It hit the mark less than five years after notching its first billion monthly active users.   At this point, most American adults… Continue Reading →

Peer to Peer Lending – Is It the Coming Trend?

In frantic financial times, it is more and more hard to get a loan the “normal” way. Banking institutions and loan companies are hesitant to offer funds even to people who have perfect credit scores, therefore how can someone with… Continue Reading →

Price of Business Welcomes Paul Cummings

Paul Cummings is Chief Executive Officer of Paul D. Cummings World Wide Enterprises, a training, and teaching company that has motivated and inspired hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses to make a real and lasting change. Paul also developed… Continue Reading →

Hostinger – The Best Web Hosting Services

Nowadays with business popping up everywhere, you need to do something extra to promote your company and make it stand out from all the similar organizations. With everyone having a phone in their hand it is a necessity to mark… Continue Reading →

How to Use Guest Blogging to Improve Your SEO

  Despite what you may have heard regarding how guest blogging has fallen out of favor as a content marketing strategy and Google penalizing those who persist, blog posts, on the contrary, remain a very effective tool for increasing reach… Continue Reading →

Latest Website Designing Trends That Can Enhance Your Business Revenue

  The field of creativity is always trendy. With the advent of time, we find that new things approach and old things become obsolete gradually. It is the ultimate truth of our life. The only thing that is constant is… Continue Reading →

Essential New Café Equipments You Must Have in Your Cafe

  If you are planning on starting a cafe, there are a few equipments that you must have to begin. Some of these equipments are found in your kitchen while some of them you will need to purchase. With the… Continue Reading →

One Liability Is Better Than Many

  It is the age when everyone is busy in earning to make both end meat. Time is short, but needs of life are way beyond the reach. Keeping ready cash for every single need is tough. Getting loan becomes… Continue Reading →

Radio Interview with Boxing Champion David “Nino” Rodriguez on Bullying

Boxing champ and legend David “Nino” Rodriguez goes on the air to talk about bullying in school and helping children to overcome their fears. David was bullied as a kid, which prompted his parents to open the doors to boxing… Continue Reading →

Why Interval Training and Sprinting Are the Best Fat Loss Exercise

According to research, intense training, if done in short bursts, leads to overall more fat burn and more significant weight loss than cardio exercises even when they are performed for long. What’s more, the calories keep on burning even hours… Continue Reading →

Innovations In Metrology To Invest In Today

New metrology tools, machines, and software are constantly raising the bar for manufacturers. The metrology industry makes it possible for manufacturers to improve the design, production, and inspection of their components while saving manufacturers’ time and money. It’s been a… Continue Reading →

Find New Customers With Direct Marketing Lead Strategies

New customers are hard to find; despite marketers’ best efforts, only a handful of companies meet their sales leads. Small businesses don’t have the resources to generate enough leads and compared to large businesses they can’t satisfy a huge demand…. Continue Reading →

Can You Generate $14,352 to pay for one overtime hour every week?

Or, looking at it another way, is paying one hour of overtime per week worth $4,784? Overtime is expensive. Here’s what it really costs. If you pay an employee $16 per hour, then one hour of overtime is $24 per… Continue Reading →

3 Keys to Leading and Training Customer Service Reps

Customer satisfaction is crucial to business success, but many companies are falling short of consumer expectations. Half of consumers say they don’t feel companies make it easy to contact them, the Northridge Group’s State of Customer Service Experience 2017 report… Continue Reading →

How to Make Your Store as Vogue as Possible

The competition between online and traditional retail stores remains fierce. Increasingly, consumers have done their research when they walk into your store. You can expect potential customers to have done their homework when it comes to features, pricing and other offers… Continue Reading →

Skip Tracing Beyond Your Competition

I use skip tracing on a daily basis. It is a vital component in helping buy about a hundred houses per year. Plenty of real estate investors send out postcards to targeted prospects, but, most of them fall short in… Continue Reading →

How To Make Small Business Saturday Work For You

  Started by the credit card industry in 2010, Small Business Saturday takes place the day after Black Friday. The impetus behind this relatively new shopping holiday was the fact that American consumers still love their local neighborhood shops and will… Continue Reading →

The Key Areas of Your Business That You Should be Working to Improve

If your efforts to improve your business are falling flat, it might be because you’re focusing on the wrong areas. It should come as no surprise to you that some areas of your company are more valuable and more important… Continue Reading →

Important Guidelines that Will Make Your Wedding Band Purchase a Success

  A wedding is always a lavish affair as people attach too much importance to it. Your wedding is surely the most important event in your life but you should never go overboard. It is never a good idea to… Continue Reading →

Why Whole Body Training Is What You Need

Maintaining perfect health demands more than simple, occasional workout regimens; most people visiting the gym embrace split-style training where they only exercise particular muscles. While such exercises are great for achieving particular objectives, they deny you whole-body health benefits. One… Continue Reading →

Tips For Finding Funding For Your Next Big Business Venture

Are you currently thinking about starting a brand-new business? You’re not the only one. There are tons of businesses opportunities out there and there is a good chance that you’ll be able to make millions at some point in the… Continue Reading →

Beware: Who Has Check Signing Authority on your Business Checking Account?

Most business owners don’t think twice about letting a spouse or even a trusted employee have check signing authority on the business bank accounts. A sad, but true story: Three siblings own and operate a company. Each sibling has his/her… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Be on Facebook

If you’re in the business world, you’ve probably been told you need a Facebook page. But do you know why? What is the true value of a Facebook business page? The fact is, if you’re using your business page properly,… Continue Reading →

6 Alternative Ways to Raise Money for Your Startup

Funding sometimes is the single most important thing when it comes to developing a startup. Many entrepreneurs have a great idea but they fail to implement the same when there is a lack of capital. Taking a bank loan is… Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Make Every Dollar Count When Launching Your Startup

When launching a startup, you need some handy tools and services to support your success. Of course, like all savvy entrepreneurs, you also have a budget that you have to stick to. Your startup budget serves as a road map… Continue Reading →

Create a Good Working Environment with Team Building Activities

  Team building activities are fun and exciting games that you can participate in to understand more about team spirit, enhance your communication skills and improve your social skills. Quite a number of companies arenow encouraging their teams of staff… Continue Reading →

Ed Rempel: Dedicated to Dispelling Conventional Financial Wisdom

For Ed Rempel, there’s a lot of value in the “pay it forward” philosophy.   Ed Rempel is a long-time, fee-based financial planner who makes Toronto his home and who, above all, is passionate about helping everyday people get smarter… Continue Reading →

How Writing Companies Help In Business Growth

  Businesses rely on information to keep competition alive and healthy.  In the same breath, customers will always want to know what product launches will happen in due course, at least in the interest of their immediate wants and needs…. Continue Reading →

Looking to Gift Flowers to Your Friend? Refer to this Flower Gifting Guide

  Flowers make the best gifts and they perfectly convey the feelings. They can convey your mood and your emotions. It may be given to mother, father, friends, colleagues, spouse, beloved or anyone you desire. A flower like rose has… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Invest in Industrial Tugger Carts

Today, most manufacturing companies are gearing towards the philosophy of lean manufacturing. This means creating an eco-friendly environment that produces quality products while using less energy and reducing waste pollution. With many industries adopting this philosophy, various ways have been… Continue Reading →

Brand Visibility for a Small Business

  If you want to get real, best, suitable and valuable brands then there is lots of verity in front of you. It is also true that there is no limit of brand, and also it is true that each… Continue Reading →

To Build or Not to Build: Where Is Your Brand’s Next Home?

The U.S. is currently in the age of entrepreneurship. To be a business owner and to create opportunities is the definition of our generation’s “American Dream.” However, these dreams don’t come without some serious consideration and planning on behalf of… Continue Reading →

Price of Business Welcomes Daniel Burrus & Burrus Research Inc.

Daniel Burrus is considered one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and innovation experts. He is the CEO of Burrus Research, a research and consulting firm that monitors global advances in technology driven trends to help clients profit from technological,… Continue Reading →

Why You Should NEVER Give Out Bonus Checks

To listen to my interview with Kevin Price about this subject: One of your company perks should be a bonus based on company profitability. This bonus is given every year in February, and never at the Christmas holidays. You… Continue Reading →

Freedom is Not Free. Thank you Veterans in Service to the United States of America

On behalf of the leadership team at and our members, we thank you veterans for serving our country and honoring a history of service to this great nation.

How to Launch a Successful Essay Writing Company

The essay writing services are becoming one of the most profitable online businesses these days. This is largely due to the rise in the need for homework help. More and more students are laying down the burden of writing their… Continue Reading →

The Best Noise Control and Soundproofing Investments for Your Business Space

We are living in a world where exposure to all sorts of noises is the norm. From low, medium to high frequency noises, we continually find ourselves in disturbing environments. Outdoor noise from aircrafts, dogs barking and people talking denies… Continue Reading →

Batten Down the Hatches: Preparing Your Business for a Natural Disaster  

No business owner want to think about preparing for a natural disaster. However, this is one aspect of running a business that is completely unavoidable. Pretty much every part of the U.S. is vulnerable to experience extreme weather of some… Continue Reading →

Top WordPress Plug-ins To Improve Your Website SEO

WordPress is easy and fun. It is free and gives you ample liberty to do whatever you feel like with your site. This platform is one of the most used online these days due to its various features. You can… Continue Reading →

4 Industries Poised to Benefit from AI

For many of us, our experience with artificial intelligence (AI) may be, for lack of a better way to put it, “helpfully cool.” That can mean asking Amazon’s Alexa to play a particular song or querying Google’s Home to see… Continue Reading →

5 Simple, Yet Effective Business Ideas

  If you are like most people, then you have probably thought about starting a business. Launching a business today is easy and simple, but you should definitely have a business idea before you start a venture of this kind…. Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Grow Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Not everyone is born an entrepreneur, but if you have traits like grit, passion and an affinity for risk-taking you might be on a path to entrepreneurship. Foster your entrepreneurial spirit with these tips and practices. Go to Work No,… Continue Reading →

Bookkeeping and The Various Problems That No One Talks About

    Bookkeeping might not seem like rocket science to you. It might look like you will be able to handle it without the help of a professional. Also, you might find the online resources appealing for your bookkeeping purpose…. Continue Reading →

Creating Your Food Truck Business Marketing Plan

  If you’re just starting your food truck business, a good marketing plan is essential. You need to let people know about your new food truck if you want to start making money with your business. There are several different… Continue Reading →

Small Business Networking – Top Three Reasons You Should be Doing It

There are a good number of small businesses in the United States – in fact, as some have said, small businesses are the backbone of the country. Small business owners make up a big chunk of entrepreneurs, and if you… Continue Reading →

Price of Business Welcomes Bethany Schenk & Web Benefits Design

Bethany Schenk Founder and CEO | Web Benefits Design Bio Bethany is the Founder and CEO of Web Benefits Design. Bethany has over 22 years of industry experience in the healthcare, benefits, and information technology industries. Bethany’s multiple responsibilities include… Continue Reading →

Operation Nehemiah: Pastors Education Program

“And He said to them, ‘But now, let him who has a purse take it along, likewise also a bag, and let him who has no sword sell his robe and buy one.’” – Luke 22:36 Article by Andy Valadez,… Continue Reading →

New Technology for YOUR Business-LiveComm

  More and more, technology is changing the way we do business. Today we can gain access to prospects simply by capturing an incoming caller’s cell phone number. Here’s an example: a company named is ready, willing, and… Continue Reading →

Can an Answering Service Help You Grow?

Delegation is the key to doing less and making more. An Answering Service can be yet another piece taken removed from your list of duties. One piece at a time you can become the CEO of the company that may… Continue Reading →

Leadership in an Educational Institution

  Schools and university are under constant pressure. There are many different activities all going on under one roof – or even several roofs, if there are multiple campuses. It’s essential that the day to day activities of students and… Continue Reading →

Why Temporary Warehousing Can Be a Great Idea for Your Business

  When you suddenly require additional storage space, it can be a big bother trying to find something that is appropriate for your requirements; the space may be inconveniently located, of the wrong size, priced prohibitively or simply be difficult… Continue Reading →

Price of Business Welcomes Connie Tang & Princess House

Connie Tang Born in Hong Kong and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Connie Tang is committed to changing lives for the better. As the first woman president and CEO of Princess House, a premier direct selling company, Tang helps their independent… Continue Reading →

Price of Business Welcomes Kathleen & Jack Brown

Kathleen Brown, MD is a dermatologist in solo practice, at Oregon Coast Dermatology in Coos Bay, Oregon. She graduated from the College of William and Mary in Virginia in 1980, and from Eastern Virginia School of Medicine in 1988. She… Continue Reading →

Two powerful American War Vet Foundations Team up To Make a Powerful Impact and Statement

Contributors:  East Coast Loyalty Angelo Zammit & Ami Pancholi are regulars on the Radio Talk Show Price of Business & Co-Founders of the multi award winning marketing agency East Coast Loyalty  American Veterans of War located our of Boston, Massachusetts and Love a Michigan Vet… Continue Reading →

The Secret to Taking Your Business to Newer Heights By Implementing SEO

  There is no doubt that the Internet rules the world today. We turn to it when seeking information, buying products or communicating with our loved ones. Today, the virtual marketplace is bigger than anybody would have imagined it to be…. Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Business Intelligence Strategy

  Preparing for anything in life is extremely important if you want to succeed, and when it comes to business, this is especially true. Business intelligence is all well and good, but it suffers if it isn’t accompanied with an effective… Continue Reading →

What Personality Traits Make An Ideal Sales Candidate?

  When a salesperson comes calling, those on the other end of the line may already be inclined to respond negatively. Unfortunately, salespeople often have the added task of defusing their prospective clients before working their magic, and helping customers… Continue Reading →

How to Get the Best Deals on Amazon

Amazon didn’t become the top online retailer by accident, it’s full of great items at smart prices. That’s why if you can get a deal on those prices you’ll really save big. Here are some helpful tips that show you… Continue Reading →

What You Need To Look For In An ERP Platform In 2017

ERP platforms are a great investment for businesses of all sizes. With the proper ERP platform, you can maximize business efficiency, streamline common processes, and integrate data from disparate databases. But not all popular ERP systems are built alike. If you’re… Continue Reading →

Factors Affecting the Speed of Your Ecommerce Site

If you thought speed matters when it comes to sports cars, wait until you get a load of ecommerce. Studies have shown if your site takes more than four seconds to load, some 25 percent of first-time visitors will bounce… Continue Reading →

Vehicular Terror: The Easiest Blueprint To Create Mayhem

Article submitted by Dr. Joe Alton, MD of In these days of smartphone distractions, you’re seeing more and more people oblivious of their surroundings. In the past, this might get you a bump on the head by walking into… Continue Reading →

Radio Interview Texas Criminal Defense Attorney JL Carpenter for

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney and spokesperson had an opportunity to go on the air with The Price of Business with Award-winning Radio Personality Kevin Price on The Biz Radio Network. She talked about Criminal Defense in a self-defense situation… Continue Reading →

Finding the Wheelhouse of Passion and Purpose

Sometimes you just need to ask the question “am I living my passion?” Too many people get late into life and discover that all those years at work meant very little. That can be the saddest indictment ever given. From time… Continue Reading →

How Much Do You Care About Your Customers?

Running a business means having to spin lots of plates at the same time. That’s why it’s so easy to lose sight of the things that really matter. Among those important things are your customers. They’re the people that matter… Continue Reading →

Is Bitcoin going to hit 10k benchmark by 2018?

Bitcoin started its success story in 2009 when it first appeared and promised easier payments, stable value, and less chance of market manipulation. Since then, this cryptocurrency managed to hold up to its potential, becoming one of the most compelling… Continue Reading →

How Effective Business Leadership Improves Employee Performance

So many factors go into what makes employees happy and productive. One of the most important factors is the leadership that the employees work under every day. Knowing how leadership affects them is important because it makes it easier to… Continue Reading →

Planning to See Your First Ever Horseracing Event? Here’s What You Should Expect!

  A lot of popular horseracing events are there across the world, and they have become more or less famous among the horse racing lovers. Most of these events offer high prize money to the winners. If you are looking… Continue Reading →

Update on California Right to Carry Case Nichols vs. Brown 14-55873

Charles Nichols Discusses His Case and the Status for Gun Rights in 9th Circuit Houston, Texas (October 30, 2017) – The National Association for Legal Gun Defense known as helped to produce an opportunity to alert and inform the… Continue Reading →

5 Cash Flow Mistakes that Can Kill Your Business

These five cash flow mistakes can kill your business. Don’t make them! 1. Thinking you can lose money on a product and make it up on selling your other products and services. If you have 1,000 “give aways” and you… Continue Reading →

4 Tips on Achieving Goals to Bring About Positive Changes in Life

The #1 Life and Business Strategist, Tony Robbins, once said, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.” What if you were asked to travel without telling knowing your destination? Not having goals in life is… Continue Reading →

Garbage Disposal: Best Way to Combat Trash Build-up

According to an article published by LA Times in 2016, followed by the highly populous China, along with Brazil, Japan and Germany, the world’s largest economy, the United States, is the leading trash generator in the world. The article went on to say… Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Dental Veneer

Dental veneers are of two types, those made of porcelain, called porcelain veneers, and those made of resin, called composite veneers. Veneers are thin shell-like covers that mask the surface and edges of one’s teeth. Dental veneers are often called… Continue Reading →

What you Need to Know About Hong Kong Virtual Offices

If you have never experienced a virtual office, it is a fantastic facility. For a small monthly fee, you can have a corporate address to send marketing materials from as well as a distinct location that will impress clients.  … Continue Reading →

3 Keys To Building A New Business The Right Way

  If you have an excellent business idea but are having trouble getting it off the ground, chances are what you’re lacking most is focus, connection to your target market, and a strong online presence. Thankfully, once you arrive at… Continue Reading →

Status of California Open Carry Lawsuit – Nichols v. Brown 14-55873

Listen to this interview with Charles Nichols of California Right to Carry who is leading the fight in California for gun rights that affect the rest of the nation. In 1967 California made it a crime to carry a loaded… Continue Reading →

Understanding Debt Consolidation

When we think of the word debt, we picture a person who cannot afford to make repayments, yet if we pause for a moment and think about it, the vast majority of western adults are in debt. The world of… Continue Reading →

National Association for Legal Gun Defense to Feature Texas Criminal Attorney

Law Office of JL Carpenter to Discuss Trial Defense and Commentary for Houston, Texas (October 24, 2017) – The National Association for Legal Gun Defense known as announces a unique arrangement to present accomplished Texas Criminal Defense Attorney… Continue Reading →

Effective Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime

Every company that conducts business online is at risk of cyber crime, crimes that are carried out online through Internet-enabled laptops, smart phones, game consoles and computers. If you are unaware of the risks companies take, when conducting business online,… Continue Reading →

Do You Have Enough Cash to Grow?

Historically, the fastest growing companies can grow themselves out of business fast. Why? They run out of cash. Their sales are increasing rapidly and their cash is decreasing at a greater rate. In other words, their sales are outgrowing their… Continue Reading →

How You Can Be A Good Boss In A Bad Economy

It is true that the economy has been through some rough times as of recent, and if you are a business owner there is a good chance that you have been impacted by it. Fear and paranoia are running amuck… Continue Reading →

Personal loans – The best examples of how borrowing money can get you out of a pickle

  Given a choice, no one would want to borrow money from any lender. However, life doesn’t work like that, and occasionally you are put in a situation where your very livelihood depends on you borrowing some money or in… Continue Reading →

5 Misconceptions About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not an easy subject to grasp. Truly understanding the world’s most renowned cryptocurrency requires at least a basic knowledge of technical subjects like computer science and cryptography. This, combined with the rising media obsessions with Bitcoin, have lead… Continue Reading →

Home Warranty Protection: Why You Should Get Yourself Covered

  Are you a homeowner or at least planning to be one? Well, one of the toughest questions that homeowners have to think about is whether or not they should be getting a home coverage protection plan. Well, to start… Continue Reading →

Facebook and Social Media Marketing – The Secret to Transforming Businesses

  Social networking websites are not a medium of time wasting as Social Media is an impressive source of promoting for all of the brands. It is offering the platform to all types of brands. Most of the companies have… Continue Reading →

Why Every Business Needs a Good Lawyer

It’s no secret that we live in a litigious culture.  Everywhere you look there are lawsuits and other legal actions going on.  If you’ve been in business long enough you have probably needed to retain a lawyer to help protect… Continue Reading →

5 Costs That Are Killing Small Businesses

It’s no secret that small businesses play an important role in our economy and in helping to build thriving communities.  But what might not be known is that small businesses are constantly under attack and it’s not just from the competition…. Continue Reading →

Make Your Reselling Business More Profitable By Working Internationally

  Many value-added resellers are presently dealing with the frustrations of working in a local market. The competition is high and the clients are few – this oversaturation makes it challenging to run a business let alone grow one. Small… Continue Reading →

Radio Interview: Status of California Open Carry Lawsuit – Nichols v. Brown 14-55873

The Amazing Doc Greene interviewed Charles Nichols today from California Right to Carry and his work to restore gun rights across our nation.  We think you will find this interview very detailed and very well presented. Support Charles’ effort here:… Continue Reading →

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