Don’t Get Rich and then Retire, Retire and then Get Rich


By Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business Show, Nationally Syndicated on the Biz Talk Radio Network

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In my many interviews with Rich Dad Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki, I was often shocked by his disruptive ways of thinking about money.  Long before Ferriss released his book, Four Hour Work Week, Kiyosaki was telling my radio audience that “people have it backwards, you don’t get rich and then retire; you retire and then you get rich.”  In fact, he argued that the pursuit of getting rich before retirement, made that dream almost impossible to achieve.

Kiyosaki believed that people were often on a hamster wheel (or as he preferred, “a rat race”), trying to make more money in order to buy more stuff, that made them more in debt, and further away from their financial goals.

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Kiyoaski argues that people should develop real budgets that will meet their needs.  Work on passive income businesses that reduce (or largely eliminates) the trading of time for money, start working on those goals and once their nut is covered — retire. Once your passive income company is meeting your needs, you can comfortably walk away from it.  I know, it sounds nuts, but what about all the money you will be missing? Kiyosaki says, that at the point you retire, you begin to have the freedom to really focus on other activities (that increase your income but not your time demands).

You will travel from “employee” or “self-employed” to where the money is as a business owner.  And as a business owner that has a machine making money for you, you can enter the pinnacle of New Rich living as an investor.

What are some passive income activities you can do today to get serious about retirement?  If you have passive income businesses, how do you get them to the point of really working for you?