Our Brilliant Affiliations


In our article about our referral program, we talked about how your friends can have a major effect on your choices. The people you associate with can have a great influence on you: they can help you connect with others, learn new things and give you resources to make life a little simpler.


As a company, we have many friends, both inside and outside the industry, who help us out in a lot of ways. Our pet-oriented groups help us get more connected with the pet community and we help them increase awareness of adoption and responsible pet ownership. We are connected to many local business-oriented organizations that help us keep up with the industry and discover new ways to make our customers happy. Inside the industry, we are connected to organizations that share energy and industry trends, which also help us better serve our customers.


It’s really important to us to connect with our customers and members of our community, and we want to help these two groups as much as we can. Just like your friends can help you with what lights you up, our friends help us with what lights us up!