Wish to Know How Britain’s Real Estate Sector is Impacted Due to Brexit? Here’re Some Tips For You

Reading Time: 4 minutesAccording to Berkeley Group Holdings report about the real estate sector in the UK, the industry seems to be constrained due to Brexit uncertainty, limits on mortgage borrowings, and high transaction associated costs. However, the company has also suggested in… Continue Reading →

Can UK Businesses Survive and Thrive in Post-Brexit Conditions?

Reading Time: 2 minutesAlthough Donald Trump never fails to make the headlines with a Twitter quip, the majority of British business owners have become quite concerned in regards to the recent Brexit developments. All technicalities or rhetoric aside, one simple question rises above… Continue Reading →

Nellie Mayshak: How Trust Hampers Public Sector Reform Efforts

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt is, perhaps, easy to understand why many consider the term “trusted government” to be oxymoron. Even as global efforts to reform governments and their agencies in line with citizens’ expectations as to what they should be delivering in services… Continue Reading →

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