Technology and Creative Thinking: The Perfect Marriage for Small Business Owners


Given the impact that technology has had within the business world, it is easy to surmise that this is the single most influential factor in determining a venture’s success or failure. With a growing number of businesses saving money by outsourcing their non-strategic tasks, and embracing new cloud based software as a way of minimizing the use of paper, it clear that technological advancement is helping to streamline accepted business practices and reduce overheads. There is a less revered but arguably more important tool for modern business owners, however, and one which could help entrepreneurs to reach new heights in the years to come.

Creative Thinking: Optimizing the Use of Technology in Business

This tool is the implementation of creative thinking, which is at the heart of every ground breaking innovation and industry trend that impacts on the consumer market. It is something that can influence every stage of creating and operating a business venture, from the development of a commercial idea to the way in which it is packaged, marketed and sold within society. In a depressed or fluctuating economic climate, creative thinking can drive the growth of commerce and make the difference between a successful or failed business.

So while evolving technology creates the tools that can drive businesses forward and improve operational processes, it is creative thinking that determines the best way to use these and their overall success. Just like the platform of social media, technology is a blank canvas that is at the mercy of innovators and those who utilize it, which is why it can often be as destructive as it is constructive. Not only this, but the advances that we have witnessed in technology would not have been possible were it not for creative thinking and an initial vision.

The Benefits of Creative Thinking in Business

With these points in mind, what are the practical applications of creative thinking in business? Well, its most significant influence is felt in marketing, where innovation and trail-blazing can help to launch a product and sell it in bulk to a targeted demographic. A good example is provided by products such as Phorest salon software, which help businesses within the industry to retain existing customers. While the presence of this technology is one thing, however, it is the ability of individual entrepreneurs to think creatively and access it remotely that helps them to achieve the best results.

Experimental marketing also provides the best example of the relationship that exists between technology and innovation, as the recent enhancements in digital and social media have helped to shape the most unique campaigns of recent times. Most of these focus on cultivating real time and live interaction, and the increased capability of mobile devices and online networks have played a significant role in helping marketers to inspire genuine emotion among consumers. These examples prove that while technology is at the centre of improving core business practices, it requires creative thinking to use it effectively.