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Updated 8/17/18

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Coach of First Two Seasons of Netflix’s “Last Chance U” Joins Kevin Price on his Big Year After the Show

Photos courtesy of EMCC Athletics.

Coach Buddy Stephens captured the attention of viewers everywhere when his team and him were on the first two seasons of the wildly popular Netflix show, “Last Chance U.”  Kevin Price, host of the Price of Business has been eager to visit with the coach.  He was well received on the program.

In addition to discussing Stephens’ recruiting style, they visited about the Netflix experience and the impact it had on the team.  In addition he will share his amazing story of what happened the year after the second season, that received little media attention.

Kevin Price said, “this interview was surprisingly intimate and I saw a side of him you would not and could not see watching the Netflix series.  It is actually one of my favorite interviews.”

Make sure you check it out:

Did you miss the broadcast of this important interview?  Check it out in its entirety right here. 

According to a statement:

“Beginning his 11th season as head coach, Buddy Stephens is the architect behind East Mississippi Community College’s decade of championship football.  Since his arrival on the Scooba campus in December 2007, Stephens has completely transformed EMCC’s football program into a perennial powerhouse currently unrivaled in the NJCAA gridiron ranks.

“Having taken over a program that hadn’t managed a winning football season during the decade prior to his arrival and had only made one previous state playoff appearance in school history, Stephens has won… (READ MORE)

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