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Kevin Price — Host of the Nationally

Syndicated Price of Business Show

The Host of The Price of Business – Kevin Price is an award winning author, speaker, columnist, and business talk radio and TV personality. He is a guest on many national media, including Fox News, Fox Business, CNN and many others. He has traveled coast to coast and around the world talking about free enterprise, limited government, and the issues of businesses today. He conducted seminars in Poland, Hungary, and the former Soviet Union following the fall of communism, teaching about how those nations could pursue a free market economy. He is the author of Empowerment to the People… READ MORE…


Recent Research Shows that the Price of Business Coverage Area is in the Hundreds of Millions in the US (Over 88 Percent of the Population) and Even More Worldwide


Some of the Prominent Newsmakers on the Price of Business Program


Emmy Award Winning Broadcast Journalist and YAHOO! Finance Anchor, Adam Shapiro Joins the Price of Business as a Regular Guest.



He discussed Trade Wars, the Federal Reserve, and Donald Trump. Shapiro will be on the Price of Business every other week. 



Best Selling NY Times Author — Martin Ford Paints a Dystopian Future for the Economy Because of Technology on a Recent Price of Business Show



Poland’s Minister of Investment and Development Visits with Kevin Price about His Recent Visit with Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross.

Poland’s Counterpart to the Secretary of Commerce Discussed Poland’s Efforts for Increased Cooperation with the United States.


The Man Behind One of the Most Successful Ad Campaigns Ever — “EAT MOR CHIKN” by Chick-Fil-A, Visits the Price of Business Show


Former Fox Business and CNBC Anchor, Cody Willard, Who is a Regular on the Price of Business Show, Recent Appearances:

His Most Recent Interview:

Why Donald Trump is So Unhappy with the Fed’s Recent Actions and More

His Archived Interviews Through Our Partnership with USA Business Radio


The Price of Business Visits with NY Times Best Selling Author, Jennifer Kushell, about the “Skills Gap Crisis”


Price Interviews Author of a Forbes’ Magazine “Best Business Books for the Summer of 2019.” It is on Emotional Intelligence in Business


Best Selling Author, ABC News Analyst, Dan Abrams visits the Price of Business Show with Kevin Price

They discuss Abrams’ digital publishing network, his new co-authored book on Theodore Roosevelt, how the story of Roosevelt’s legal defense resonates with current events, and more. Listen to the interview and read the rest of the story at USA Business Radio.



In the Continued Celebration of Apollo 11 and the Space Race, the Price of Business Show Interviews a Man on the Front Lines of the Space Program in the Formative Years

Read the Article and Hear the Interview


Price Interviews an Economist from TheHill.com About Employment Volatility


The Waiting is Over! Kevin Price’s New Book is AVAILABLE NOW:



Kevin Price is Represented by Bruce Merrin’s Celebrity Speakers. Contact Them About Having Kevin at Your Next Event


Recently, Price of Business Host Kevin Price interviewed Kristina Partsinevelos, correspondent of the FOX Business Network.

The interviews were covered by Price of Business Digital Network partners and dealt with China, Silicon Valley, and More


“The world is changing too fast to be listening to people who have no idea what they’re talking about, so listen to Kevin Price. He’s into real financial education.”

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling financial book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad


Prominent UK Economist and Popular Author, Dr. Kristian Niemietz, Sets the Record Straight on Socialism for Bernie Sanders on a Recent Price of Business Show Interview. 



Listen to the Latest Interviews of the Price of Business Show any Day, any Time.


The Latest from the Price of Business Digital Network

The Price of Business is not only one of the longest running shows of its kind, but an actual media network with several leading websites as partners, including www.USDailyReview.com, www.USABusinessRadio.com, www.USADailyChronicles.com, www.TheDailyBlaze.com, www.TheTimesUSA.com, www.USADailyTimes.com, www.USADailyPost.com.

These are some of the many stories we are keeping an eye on.

Prominent Psychologists Call Psychological Diagnosis “Scientifically Meaningless”

How to be an Amazing Dad in Just a Few Minutes a Day

Leaders: Inspect What You Expect

Leading House Republican on Rampant Partisanship on Pension Bill

Ending Bookkeeping Nightmares — a Personal Story

Four Steps to Construct a Seven-Figure Business without Experience

Study findings Overuse of Wide-Spectrum Antibiotic Treatment for Pneumonia often does more Harm than Good

Insurance Policy Decision Following the Loss of Irma

The Price of Business Digital Network

The Price of Business show has long enjoyed partnerships with leading news and information websites.  However, in the last year, the number of those platforms have grown significantly and the partnership with the Price of Business has grown in significance in many different ways.  Kevin Price noted, “with these many news platforms, we are providing new places for our interviews to be found online.  In addition, we are parlaying those show interviews into unique articles that are perfect complements to the editorial focus of the various sites.”

The following is a list of the current PoB Digital Network members.  Expect the number of sites to continue to expand, as well as the talent in both articles and interviews.  For more information on the platforms and its contents, email articles@usabusinessradio.net.




Discover the stations, platforms, and times to listen to the Price of Business show, which is one of the longest running programs of its kind in the country. 

Kevin Price is host of Price of Business Radio.  It is coast to coast and its markets, include stations in California, Pennsylvania, and destinations throughout the country in between. See the list of affiliates here (as well as where to listen to our podcast, no matter matter where you are). Every interview is converted into podcast once it has been aired. Kevin serves in editorial positions for numerous national news sites, including, USDailyReview.com, USABusinessRadio.com, and USADailyChronicles.com.  More about Kevin Price.

Also, learn more about the new weekly edition of the show (Saturdays at 1 PM ET) here. 


See features from our nationally syndicated television show on the BizTV Network and more. 

Listen to the Latest from the Price of Business Show Below:


Kevin Price is Nationally Syndicated in Various Media

Kevin Price is a nationally syndicated columnist and a guest on radio and TV shows, including Fox News, Fox Business and many others.

The many sites that that have run his syndicated column includes the Huffington Post. He is said to have written in more categories than any writer in the history of HuffPo.

 Kevin Price at Huffington Post

Read Kevin at The Huffington Post


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