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Why are My AC Electric Charges so High… Even in November?

Many people are shocked by high electric bills — summer like electric bills — as we are now rapidly approaching the Holiday Season.  How is that even possible?

To learn more, host Kevin Price interviewed Price of Business Show contributor, Richard Wakim of Brilliant Energy.  Price said “Richard is a leading authority on the energy industry and his company is a leader in providing competitive pricing and transparent billing.  We are delighted that we could have him join the show to discuss this important issue.”  In this important interview, Wakim discusses why we see summer billing long after Labor Day and helps consumer better understand it and prepare for it.

Here is that interview in its entirety:


“The Times USA” Joins Price of Business Media Family

The Price of Business show is excited to announce a new media partner, The Times USA.  This exciting new site provides thoughtful stories and serious examination of the leading stories of the day.  Learn more about all of the Price of Business Media partners here.

The TImes USA is the second new partner we have added over the last few months — leading to seven partners total (including www.PriceofBusiness.com).

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