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Killer Storm Pounds Florida and Other Southeast States

Just weeks after Hurricane Florence pounded the Carolinas and neighboring states, the region was pounded again by Hurricane Michael, which is being described as the most powerful storm to hit the region in recorded history.  The following are helpful resources on the topic of hurricanes and Michael in particular:

The Price of Business is Visiting Michigan

The Price of Business, which is nationally syndicated in markets coast to coast and on some of the leading web platforms online, will be visiting Michigan to do a series of programs.  Host, Kevin Price will arrive on Wednesday and will be there until Wednesday the 10th.

Some of the events and places he will cover:

We will provide updates of other things he covers throughout the week. Kevin is from Michigan originally and always loves to visit the old home town.

Want the Price of Business to visit your business in Michigan or other parts of the country?  Reach out to producer@usabusinessradio.com.


Former Highest Ranked Female White House Aide to Visit the Price of Business Show

According to her biography, “Karna Bodman served as White House deputy secretary and then senior director of the National Security Council under President Ronald Reagan. By the end of her tenure, Karna was the highest-ranking woman on the White House staff.  She was the senior vice president of a public affairs firm before pursuing her career as a novelist.”

Ms. Small will be on the show to discussed her tenure in the Reagan White House, the Presidency today, and her latest novel, “Trust But Verify.”

We will be confirming the date and time of the interview soon.  Keep an eye out for it here.

The Latest from the Price of Business and Its Media Partners

The Price of Business is not only one of the longest running shows of its kind, but an actual media network with several leading websites as partners, including www.USDailyReview.com, www.USABusinessRadio.com, www.USADailyChronicles.com, and www.USADailyTimes.com.

These are the stories we are watching:

The Administration’s Trade Policies are Hitting Ford Hard

CEO Salaries — Particularly in Health Care — Are Exploding

Profiles in Liberty: Frederic Bastiat

NASA Weighs in on Soyuz MS-10 Launch Abort





What is Going on with the Stock Market?

The World’s Most Innovative Universities

A “Chill” Among Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Other important stories:

Trump’s Trade Policies Turns Back the Clock on Free Trade

The Mental Tools to Build Wealth

AI is Transforming Banking



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Kevin Price is Nationally Syndicated in Various Media

Kevin Price is a nationally syndicated columnist and a guest on radio and TV shows, including Fox News, Fox Business and many others.

The many sites that that have run his syndicated column includes the Huffington Post. He is said to have written in more categories than any writer in the history of HuffPo.

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