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I began my house flipping career with 0% interest credit cards. You know, those “Introductory Rate Offers” you get in the mail from time to time? Crazy but true, that is how I started in real estate.

When I was young in business the banks didn’t want to deal with me because I didn’t have a track record, but, my credit was good and those credit cards didn’t care about anything else. Boom! I was in business!

Most people think of credit card debt as “Bad Debt,” but whether or not debt is good or bad has nothing to do with the source or the rate of interest being charged; it has everything to do with what you buy with that borrowed money.

If the asset you purchase with borrowed money makes you money, then that debt is good debt. If the asset you buy with borrowed money brings in more money that goes out, then that debt is good debt. Good debt is a good thing to have.

Twenty years ago it wasn’t unusual for me to have $250,000 to $300,000 in 0% interest credit card debt. This would freak most people out, but, I used that credit card debt to buy $500,000 to $600,000 worth of houses.

Many times I’d flip those houses before the first month even expired. That is how Mitch Stephen was able to launch a career and purchase over 1,500 houses in my hometown since 1996. And he is still buying up to 100 houses or more a year! 

Today things are a bit different. Credit card companies work together to track how much unsecured credit card debt any one person has available to them. However, there are companies that specialize in helping you navigate the algorithms and accumulate, not only 0% credit cards with cash higher advance limits, they also can help you secure low interest business lines of credit that don’t even show up on your personal credit report.

Starting a business is always challenging; sooner or later it always comes down to funding…no matter what business you’re in! You’ll want to fully understand your risk when you’re borrowing money, but it’s a shame to get short on funding when No Brainer deals comes along. Trust me, you want to understand that. 

To learn more about 0% credit cards and/or low interest business lines of credit, go to 1000Houses.com/fund

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–Mitch Stephen—

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