10 Affordable Yet Powerful Promotional Items to Pump Up Your Brand


Need a way to promote your brand in the real world but don’t have much of a budget to do it? The promotional items we listed below are sure to raise awareness of your brand without breaking the bank.



T-shirts are a classic promotional tool. They’re used both by large and even by single proprietor businesses for good reason. A good-looking design can become iconic in its own right and help promote your brand for years. If you have access to a great graphic designer or can do some graphic design work yourself, a promotional t-shirt can be an extremely powerful tool for raising the profile of any brand.


Lapel pins

Like shirts, enamel lapel pins are a great, low-cost vehicle for expressing support in a brand. Unlike with t-shirts, though, you don’t need to have instant access to a print-on-demand service or keep different sizes in stock at all times. Another advantage of pins is that people tend to leave them on their coats, bags, or lanyards — which means they can show off your brand through multiple wardrobe changes!


Notebooks and pens

Everyone needs these staples. Notebooks and pens also tend to be used daily, especially in work and school contexts, which makes them a potentially highly visible way to show off your brand.


Tote bags

Everyone uses tote bags these days, especially with concerns about the environmental impact of disposable plastic bags. Whether people will be using them for groceries or their dirty gym clothes, you can be sure that your promotional totes will be appreciated — and seen.


Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer bottles with custom branding and artwork are sure to make an impact — especially since most people will be using them every day! They’re the perfect way to round out any loot bag or corporate giveaway package.


Custom mints and candies

If you’ve been to any convention or corporate event, you know that these times are perfect for mindless snacking. And it doesn’t have to be name brand treats either. Mints and other candies in jars with your brand on them are sure to be appreciated, especially by everyone who needs a little something to freshen up their breath at the last minute.


Custom wristbands

Whether you’re promoting school pride, raising awareness for an important cause, or want a little something to show customers you appreciate their business, silicone wristbands are the most long-lasting, stylish way to share your brand. Made from hard-wearing, fully-immersible silicone rubber, custom wristbands from Wristband Creation are sure to go the distance, spreading your brand wherever your customers are.

Bottle openers

No one ever seems to have a bottle opener handy when you need one. Fortunately, you can solve this for your customers and everyone else in your target market with handy bottle openers that have your brand on them. You might just leave them feeling a bit grateful you were around.


Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets have the potential to keep promoting a brand for years or even decades after they’re given out. You probably have fridge magnets from years ago that are still ingraining certain brands to your consciousness each time you go for a late-night snack.



Lanyards are a surprisingly powerful way to share your brand. Give someone a lanyard with your brand and watch recognition (and sales) from people in their school or workplace go up!


Physical promotional items are still vital even in this digital age because their very presence gives the perception that your organization is, indeed, real. They are also more persistent than most digital or mass-market promotions, which makes them ideal for cultivating a stronger brand. Almost as important, they don’t cost that much, to begin with, making them a viable promotional tool for smaller organizations.