10 Fun Ways to Make Money From Home


This day in age, everyone should have a side hustle. It’s easy to make money from your skills, right from the comfort of your own home so why wouldn’t you? Here are some fun ideas to get you started. 


Blogging/ Youtube

It’s not something you’ll start earning with right away, however as your site or channel gains followers and authority, sponsors will begin to contact you about paid opportunities. Think about what you enjoy and base your content around this, it could be anything from travel to career advice, health and fitness or just your daily lifestyle. ‘Follow me around’ lifestyle type vlogs and blogs are very popular too. 


Sell items you’ve made

Maybe you’re an artist, designer, create fashion jewellery or scented candles? Whatever it is, selling your crafts could be a fun way to bring in a little extra income. You get to hone your skills and earn a profit too, you might not ever be able to quit your day job but some extra income doing something you enjoy is no bad thing. If you need extra equipment and materials to make items to sell, look into unsecured business loans which can raise the money you need to get started. 


Sell your snaps

Are you a keen photographer? You don’t have to rely on selling individual pieces of work for large amounts of money- this is hard to do and there’s a lot of competition. There are plenty of sites photographers can sell their work these days where a small amount of money is paid every time someone downloads your image either on its own or part of a package. This is perfect for the hobby photographer, or if your’re building up your portfolio ready to do professional work. 



With freelancing, you get to choose the projects you take on, meaning if you want to, you can earn more by taking on n more work. Sign up to a freelancing site and take a look at the projects, if you’re a writer, web designer, app designer or can create things like logos for companies then you’ll never be short on work. Each piece will of course have its own deadline, but this is something you can factor in when choosing projects. There are no minimum requirements of how many you need to do, you can simply take on whatever you like so if you’re having a tight month with money you can do more, and if income from other sources are doing well you can do less. 


Gardening to make money

There are plenty of ways you can make money with gardening. You could grow ingredients to sell directly, or propagate seedlings. You could use your ingredients to make food items like jams and jellies, or even all-natural beauty products. If you love nothing more than being out in the garden then why not monetise your hobby in some way. 


Graphic design

Programs like Photoshop are industry professional tools but are available for anyone to buy and utilise. You can create some incredible pieces of design, from logos to prints and banners, businesses are always in need of these kinds of things. Set up an Etsy shop and sell what you make, and offer to create custom pieces to order too which will earn you more money 


Make gift hampers

Gift hampers are a growing market; they make easy gifts and are very popular at certain times of the year. Purchase some baskets, cellophane and ribbons and them lots of smaller items to make up the hampers. If you scour bargain shops for items and then curate them to suit the occasion, you can put together some impressive pieces that don’t cost much but can be sold for a healthy profit. Do your market research to find out what kinds of things people want in baskets for each occasion.



Understanding how computers work is essential this day in age, so knowing how to speak ‘computer language’ is a great skill to have and monetise. It can seem quite complicated and daunting at first, but if this is something you have an interest in then start from the beginning and grasp the basics, and work your way up. Eventually you can design things like apps and websites for money.



Baking is a great skill to make money from if you’re talented at it, people always need cakes for things like weddings and birthdays and lots of people will prefer to shop with local bakers. If you already have some skills to build from then consider attending a baking course where you can learn how to make your creations look more professional and learn things like presentation and decorating techniques.  



You don’t need to become a rock or pop star or be picked up by a huge agency to make money with music. Use your skills to create background tracks, jingles and other useful pieces of music. Businesses and content creators always need this kind of thing, so there’s a market there for it.