10 Negative Health Effects of Long Sitting Hours at Work


Have you wondered about why you’re not getting sleep after staying up late to complete that vital assignment? Has the very concept of missing a deadline bugged you to the extent where you traded sleep for coffee and droned on through the hours? If you can relate to anything similar, read this article carefully. Your health and its future and your future may be on the brink of getting worse.


  1. Gaining Weight

The most prominent outcome of sitting for long hours at work is gaining weight. Doctors say that you subconsciously consume a lot of food and you probably don’t even think about it when doing so. You could end up being obese and developing unwanted ailments.


  1. Posture Problems

If you crouch in your chair too often, you will probably end up with an incurable hunch. There is nothing to do about this, except for leaving this position and walking around after a span of work. Maintaining a posture is a healthy thing to do.


  1. Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease among people doing long desk jobs. The reasons range from consuming too much while working to skipping meals and substituting it later with worthless junk.


  1. Heart Risks

Heart risks can occur. They stem from a number of reasons, but in the end, boil down to one of our most nightmarish and common diseases which can seriously harm the quality of life. In advanced stages, this is a disease science has few answers to. It is important to be careful about your health and avoid practices out of schedule if you want a healthy cardiac.


  1. Poor Blood Circulation

Staying in one posture for long can reduce regular blood circulation. It is therefore recommended to take a brisk and brief walk or a few minutes of rest or even a power nap after a certain period of time. If you think you need more, how about a massage?


  1. Psychological and Brain Related Ailments

Many people often ignore psychological ailments with the view that it wouldn’t certainly occur to them. However, according to estimates, three in ten adults suffer from some kind of psychological problem on a daily basis.


  1. Bad Eyesight

The other problem with long stagnant work is that it drastically affects your eyesight. While you may imagine that this only happens to those who work on screens, you are mistaken. Reading fine print for hours may cause you to have several problems as well, so better watch out on your schedule.


  1. Weakened Muscles

Lack of physical activity and a stationary posture equally contribute to giving you weakened muscles that may affect your body’s functional capabilities. All the more reason why you need to exercise during breaks or during specific allocated periods of the day. Weak muscles can develop into troublesome ailments like arthritis and bone decay.


  1. Anxiety and Depression

If worrying about losing your job is not enough, anxiety and depression, which are both outcomes of a long desk job will make it worse. You tend to think and overthink about issues that should not be much pain. Some people even lose the ability to think freely and end up being very mechanical.


  1. Other Ailments

If none of the above happens to you, or even if it does, there are other problems that can happen to you. Troubles like high or low blood pressure, liver ailments and others can easily happen if you are not careful enough. Give your body a break and allow some rest.


We know as well as you how badly you need to submit that paper in the morning, but then, it is also necessary to relax. Take a few moments from your precious time and work out a schedule. It is necessary to take short breaks even when you work. Get off the chair or couch and splash some water onto your eyes. Take a walk, do some exercises munch on a biscuit. Working too long will never do you any good.