10 Of The Smartest Ways To Amp Up Your Business Productivity


If you want to amp up your business productivity, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find 10 of the smartest ways to amp up your business productivity so you can enjoy a more productive business right away. 

1. Encourage Mid Day Exercise Breaks

Encourage your team to take mid day exercise breaks, or do any type of exercise at all. Some may prefer to exercise in the morning, which can help them to get more done during the day. 

You could even host fitness workshops or classes in your workplace or nearby, and this could help people on your team to build confidence and learn to love exercise. You may even choose to do group hikes and trails as a team building activity. 


2. Encourage Getting Outside Wherever Possible

Natural light is key to health, happiness, and productivity, so encourage getting outside whenever possible. Eating lunch outside or taking a 10 minute break out there could benefit anyone. 


3. Incentivize Health Initiatives 

Once you’ve started the office exercise ball rolling, it’s time to make sure your workplace wellness programs meet your corporate needs. You could host challenges with prizes, or even do what Sweden does and allow more time off when an employee makes the most of their gym membership. Some companies are even paying employees to do 30 minutes of exercise on the clock


4. Encourage Regular Breaks

Encourage your team to take regular breaks – even to take naps! Taking short, regular breaks can help employees to stay productive, rather than working straight through.


5. Set A Timer For Each Task

Setting a timer for each task is called the ‘pomodoro’ method and many people find it helpful. It can help you to stay focused and work smarter, plus give you a better idea of how to manage your time.


6. Work With Trustworthy Businesses 

Working with other trustworthy businesses will only make your business more effective. Do your research by asking for recommendations and reading third party reviews. If you need to rent equipment, for example, make sure that the company delivers on time and that their customer service is up to scratch. If you’re looking at a 3/4 ton commercial rental via Flex Fleet, you’ll get an idea of the sort of service we’re talking about. 


7. Do Real Work At The Start Of The Day And Encourage Others To Do The Same

Start the day with the most important tasks, avoiding emails and similar things for at least the first few hours of the day. 


8. Say No To Meetings

Meetings are often pointless time wasters that hinder productivity like nothing else. Avoid them if it can be said in an email.


9. Play Music 

Playing music (not too loud but not too quiet) could have effects on productivity. It usually doesn’t matter what the genre is, but you should probably let your team decide. 


10. Outsource And Automate 

Outsourcing and automating tasks that you don’t need to do yourselves could save a lot of time, money, and resources. Be smart about what you outsource so your business still has that personal, human touch.