10 Reasons Why your Business Needs SEO in 2019


If you’re not new into business or digital marketing, you’d already know that SEO is essential. There can be many reasons why you haven’t integrated it into your business as yet, but it sure is vital.

You might have a little idea of how SEO works on overall searchability and visibility for your business. But do you know why it at all is essential? Here, we will give you a clear idea of what makes SEO more critical in 2019 than ever before.

Reasons why you need SEO for business

Find out the reasons why you need SEO for your business:

  1. Organic search

If you want your website to get traffic organically, you will need SEO. It is a critical component for buyer funnel that helps users to complete conversion.

Google owns a considerable portion of the search market than other engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, or DuckDuckGo. All search engines don’t offer a brand’s visibility as Google owns 75% of the search market. This means it is essential to follow the guidelines given by Google. But the remaining 25% of the market is also valuable, and you can’t ignore them either.

Since the majority of people are on Google, especially from the US, it is also the most significant email provider. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. When thinking about integrating SEO and making your website visible, you have to consider how Google and YouTube help you reach out to people.

  1. SEO builds trust and credibility

When you collaborate with one of the best SEO agencies like YEAH! Local you’re sure to make your website clear and credible. They can help you with the best SEO strategies you need in 2019 and make your site attract traffic.

From becoming discoverable to having high search, SEO strategies can make more and more people rely on you. For example, every time you search for something, and you take the information from one of the top sources, you will trust them more than a link you click on in the next page.

So, with high reach, you have a more significant number of people relying on you and what you do. Many aspects go into establishing authority related to search engines. Apart from those, there are things like:

  • Backlinking profiles
  • Good user behavior
  • Machine-learning signal
  • On-page elements
  • Content

Establishing the authority of having a fabulous online presence expands your digital avenues. You must understand that it doesn’t happen overnight, but it is a gradual process that reaps forever.

  1. Better user experience

People always want high organic ranking along with maximum visibility. But many don’t realize that good user experience can help them get their faster.

Google shows us what good and bad user experience is like, and how positive experience can make a significant impact on the business. Customers always know what they want, but they can’t find it. If they have a problem, your performance will suffer.

To build a secure user experience, Google has become an answer engine that offers results for everything people can ask for. The data results directly on SERPs for users.

Google intends to offer information people look for within a few clicks. This means they must process the data quickly and efficiently. Good quality SEO incorporates positive user experience and leverage that to work towards a brand’s favor.

  1. Local SEO

Most businesses need to start marketing their products and services to people around them. When you have traffic from people around, you can grow bigger and better eventually. This is why local SEO is essential as it makes you available people who are near you and can avail your services.

Local SEO optimizes digital data within a specific vicinity so that people can quickly find it and put them closer to a transaction. It might include towns, regions, cities, or states. It establishes a viable medium for the brand’s messaging on a local level.

SEO helps your brand’s website get the attention you need from the locals and let people reach out to you. Your SEO agency needs to use SEO pros and optimize the Knowledge Graph panel for your business. You need to have your profile under the Google My Business listing and prominent social media profiles to start with.

You also need to emphasize on user reviews given on Google along with other reviews like Yelp, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and others depending on your industry.

  1. SEO impacts the buying cycle

Customers always do their bit of research because that’s an advantage they get. If you use the right SEO tactics, you relay it with good deals, great products, and services, and customers find you dependable. It impacts your buying cycle at large, and when done right, it gives you a positive impact.

  1. You need to update

Hiring an SEO agency is a long-term collaboration as they need to update the changes continuously. The strategies keep changing across digital properties, so you need to be at it to get relevant results.

The search world keeps evolving, and that’s because Google keeps changing. You need to up your game always to figure out how to go about it.

You need to be proactive and monitor the algorithm changes and use ways that will benefit your brand.

Google makes thousands of changes in the algorithms every year. If you fall behind, it will be difficult for you to improve your reach.

  1. You understand the web environment

The online world is a continuous and ever-changing process. It is always a challenge to be on top. SEO helps you stay in constant touch with what’s going around on the web and know how it works for you.

To know the web scenario, you need to include tactics used by local companies, competitors, comparable businesses, and more. SEO helps you figure these out and take up the strategies that work for you.

  1. SEO is cheap

There are many ways of marketing, but they all need money. Integrating SEO strategies for your brand will indeed be expensive, but they are one of the best ways to bring in organic traffic. Moreover, other forms of marketing, like advertisements, are much more costly.

SEO is relatively cheap if you compare it with grand schemes, and the payoffs are considerable for the brand’s benefits. The cost of marketing you put in for SEO is a business investment. It reaps you for years to come and gets better with time.

  1. SEO is quantifiable

SEO doesn’t offer an easy to measure ROI like you would in paid search. But you can measure it with proper tracking and analysis.

The problem is trying to connect dots in the backend as there isn’t a definitive way of understanding the correlation between the actions taken.

SEO helps you understand how specific actions affect performance and growth. Good SEO will aim at improvements, so you need to connect the dots, and that shouldn’t be a challenge.

  1. New opportunities

High-quality SEO helps you find means of discovering opportunities for brands. Having quality SEO for brands refers to submersing an SEO team in everything of that brand. You need the right agency to do that for you, and they will tell you the right opportunities you make out of it.