10 Steps to Becoming an Alpha Male


The real man, a warrior, a man’s man and a stand-up guy are some of the ways people describe the Alpha Male. But who exactly is an Alpha man? He is the leader of a social group, looked up to for inspiration and motivation. His popularity amongst women is enough to make another man jealous.


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10 Steps to Become Alpha Male


Take Brain Boosting Nootropic:An alpha male thrives on maintaining an edge over his peers. This is where brain enhancement and memory pills can help, providing the brain that extra juice to make you excel both professionally and socially.


Eat Healthy Food:An alpha male knows the difference between junk and real food, and does not make the mistake of treating his body like a garbage can. He always consumes real food that provides nutritional benefits to his body and mind.


Do Not Waste Your Words:It is his appearance, including his clothing style, posture and even hand movements that sets the alpha apart. Learn to the art of body language to express confidence and power. Also, instead of talking, these men believe in listening.


Be Self Aware:Many of us spend most of our lives without understanding who we really are. An alpha man, on the other hand, is able to see his weaknesses and failures. And instead of hiding from them, he constantly works to turn failure to success and weakness to strength.


Follow Your Own Path:The first step here is to discover your passion. To follow your passion, you might have to create a path that does not necessarily conform with what the majority might be doing.


Find Something Worth Fighting For:To be a warrior, there is no need to wait for a real battle. Society throws a lot of challenges our way, which can be dealt with through discipline and courage, especially when helping those in need.


Be Self Reliant:Self-made men, those who know how to take care of themselves and have the courage and conviction to cultivate money, relationships, fame, etc., are seen as alphas.


Be Strong Physically:Mental strength alone is great but you need to be proud of your physical appearance as well. Alphas treat their body as a temple and work hard to tone it to the shape and build they desire.


Be a Learner: Learn anything and everything possible related to your passion. Equip yourselves with new skills whenever possible to aid the development of your mind.


Know How to Please a Woman: An alpha man is not only popular amongst his own gender but is highly popular with women too. He knows how to flirt and forge a romantic connection with a woman.

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