10 Transhumanist Technologies of The Future


The way the world is progressing is commendable. Every day, people come up with great new ideas. At some point of time in history, this may have been labelled off as fiction, but today, with the apparatus to carry on our ambitions, technology is the focus for everyone. Here are ten transhumanist technologies which will go on to define our future.


  1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an introduction that is changing the world of digital advancement. VR, as it is shortened, is still in its primitive stage. It is expected that in the future, we will be able to do much more in the virtual world than simply playing games and watching videos on devices.


  1. Colonization of Space

Colonization of space has been fantasized by many a film. Planet alliances, alien invasions and even superhero presence may look like fiction today, but people are working on projects that can make space exploration possible. This is still in a very basic stage, but advancements are expected in the future.


  1. Cybernetics

Cybernetics is the method of replacing lost body parts by using artificial ones in their place. This technology is slowly, but surely transforming the world of painful surgeries and post amputation treatment. Cybernetics can be appreciated as one of the marvels of modern-day medical engineering.


  1. Molecular Manufacturing

Manufacturing on a molecular level is unthought of as of now, but we humans are on a quest to make it possible. If that could happen, we would be able to change the course of our future. Since all matter is made up of molecules, it would basically give us complete control over all systems.


  1. Robots Shall Rule

Several ideas are looking at self-replicating robots. These robots can assemble themselves and then replace humans in a war. For better purposes though, robots can effectively manufacture and ease the workload that humans have had to carry for all these long years.


  1. Gene Modification and Cloning

Gene modification has been talked upon by many a person. To modify and recreate one’s genetic makeup, scientists are currently testing technology on animals. Cloning may not have been possible yet, but the ability to create genetic mirrors will be available soon.


  1. Mind Uploading

What if our ideas could live on forever? People are great thinkers, and in death, we often lose tons of ideas that could transform humanity. Perhaps the solution is to store the ideas somewhere they can remain forever. Though mind uploading is not possible yet, it may be so soon in the future. Brief yourself about this stunning piece of technology here.


  1. Mega scale Engineering

You have probably seen mega scale engineering on sci-fi movies. However, what people are trying to do, is bring it out into the real world. Mega scale engineering would need great technological advances, the kind which is not currently available, but should be in the future. Meanwhile, you can enjoy it through your favorite space action movie.


  1. Futuristic Transport

Transport keeps the world together. From supersonic air travel to the hyperloop, various organizations are now looking at ways to reduce the effort and time taken to get people and things from place to place. Newer options are more reliable and environment friendly than traditional ones. Transport will certainly develop a lot.


  1. Superfood Technology

Superfoods are the solution to all hunger problems. These foods, though small to look at by portion, would be enough to feed people the calories given by entire meals. Superfoods could reduce hunger, extinguish famine, and even assist the environment. Such technology is crucial for human survival.


Technological progress not only eases life here on earth, but also contributes to the growth of humanity. We evolve as a more advanced species, all the while maintaining our togetherness. The proper implementation of technology is crucial for our sustenance. Using what we have, we can easily progress towards achieving much more.