10 Ways To Ensure Your Product Packaging Is A Real Hit


With the regard to the product you create, you’ll look to perfect every single aspect. The functionality, the looks, the ecommerce and marketing, the safety, the longevity, and all kinds of different parts will have a lot of work attached to them. If you don’t focus heavily on the product you’re creating, then it’s not going to be the hit and the money-maker that you’d like it to be. Sure, there may be prototypes that aren’t in the best condition in order to learn how to create a marvelous final piece, but those will only appear in the initial stages. The end product should be something that has been focused on for a while and tested rigorously in all kinds of ways. 


The same applies to the likes of packaging. While using your initial thoughts, you may see packaging as just something that holds your product, it’s actually a lot more detailed than that. There are entire areas of planning that are dedicated to packaging. There are entire departments in many firms dedicated to it, too. There are even firms around with the sole purpose of creating packaging for clients. It’s not just a case of throwing your items into a box and shipping it away. To be fair, when you first begin a business and you have limited funds, experience, and contacts, you will likely use generic packaging in order to get things moving. As time moves on, however, you’ll start to realize that you must expand your thinking and create your own original stuff. 


Once you reach this stage, you’re going to want to make sure that you nail the entire packaging section because it can have a huge impact on how you’re perceived – even if it doesn’t feel as though that’s the case. The subconscious brain plays a big part in business, after all. Here are 10 ways you can ensure that your product packaging is a big hit as you look to take your business further forward: 


Keep Things Simple  


If you ensure things are kept relatively simple – especially to start with – then you’re going to have a lot more success. People aren’t interested in how you can be flashy with your packaging – they just want to receive their item in a lovely form. The ergonomics matter because they’ll want to feel comfortable with their purchase. There’s a time and a place for personalization and evolution, but just make sure you keep everything calm and simple, to begin with. Have you ever received a product and been frustrated with the unboxing or the way it looks? You probably have. Get into the mind of the consumer and create straightforward packaging for them.


Make Sure It’s Consistent With The Brand


Consumers like to be comforted with the fact that they’ll be dealing with a company they can trust. Keeping the brand, the look, and the colors the same will ensure that they feel this way at least a little. If they receive a package with a different look and it seems as though it’s from a different brand, then it’ll make them wonder a little about what they’re getting. The biggest companies keep the consistency with pretty much everything they do. At the end of the day, they’ll be happy to receive the product, but psychological factors do play into the overall experience.


Provide All The Necessary Information


While keeping things simple and not overcomplicating, you’ll also need to make it clear about what is in the box and any necessary information that comes with it. Typically, the products themselves will come with the likes of custom product tags and plenty of other little pieces. If you have everything you need on the packaging, then the consumer will be more than satisfied. Whether we’re talking about products on a shelf or products that are delivered, you need to ensure that you’ve made it clear about what’s being presented. 


Don’t Oversell What’s Inside


When looking to sell your product and market it, you’re going to do your best to make it out to be a marvelous investment. There will be plenty of different techniques with regard to this kind of thing. When it comes to the packaging, you’ll also want to keep the details and the description as simple and as honest as you can. We’ve talked about the ergonomics of the packaging and making it easy for the consumer to deal with, and now we’re going to mention the way in which you describe it or make it look. If you overdo it, then people will be put off or overwhelmed. There’s no need to talk about the product in such glowing terms as the consumer has probably already made their mind up on whether they’ll buy. Just keep things as honest and as authentic as you can.


Add A Wonderful Fragrance, Perhaps


A lot of companies like to provide a wonderful experience quite literally from start to finish. They’ll make the packaging smell a particular way in order to really maximize the positive vibes around the product and the purchase. It will not only endear you to the customer base even further, but it will be something that people remember – which is always an important aspect of business. 


Consider Psychological Factors 


Try to get into the head of your target customer or the customer who has been most likely to buy from you. Evaluate the mindset of the target market and understand the kinds of things they like to see. What colors do they like and what trends do they follow? While this might not seem like a big deal, it actually plays a big part in how things will go in the long-term.


Ensure That The Product Cannot Be Damaged In Transit 


If you’re delivering your product nationwide (or even worldwide), then you’re going to need to ensure that it gets there both on time and arrives safely. Ensure that it is secure within its initial package and then again within the parcel. Attach the right labels. You need to get the right addresses, make sure you have a reputable courier, and provide online tracking. 


Work Together With Professionals  


The chances are that you’re not going to be able to create an amazing packaging design yourself. If you are learned in this area, then, by all means, go right ahead. It’s wise to work with the likes of a packaging design company in order to produce the best possible outcome, however. They will have done this kind of thing many, many times before and will help you to achieve the best results. It’s also a good idea to work with graphic designers in order to find the perfect look. While you may be able to do this all by yourself, the chances are that seasoned professionals will be able to do a better job.


Make Sure It’s Safe For Everyone To Handle


This goes without saying at this point, but you’ll want to make sure that the packaging doesn’t cause any issues in terms of physical damage. Of course, safety is going to be one of your main priorities, so make sure that there are no harsh areas or sharp ends. Many companies over the years have suffered in this regard as kids, for instance, have been hurt by their products.


Look At Evolve As Time Moves On 


Once things start to really take shape, it’s wise to make this aspect of your business a little more personalized. We talked right at the top about keeping it simple and using generic packaging, but you can start to change things and make it even more on brand when you bring in a little more exposure and revenue.