10 Ways To Make Money From Home


We’re grappling with the two most difficult crises at the same time – the deadly coronavirus and the increasing unemployment rates. The lockdown made its impact not just on our lifestyle, but also on the economy and our financial situation.

As uncertainty looms over normal times, people search for new ways to make money to support their families. So, here are some easy yet new ways to earn money during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Online Coaching

With schools being shut, many teachers are out of work. Some schools are teaching through online mode, but the teachers don’t get paid enough. So, if you’re a teacher or a coach with extra time on your hands, start online tutoring. You can teach specific school subjects or give lessons from the field of your expertise.

2. Create Courses

If teaching isn’t your thing, try creating and selling courses. It’s also an alternative to online tutoring. With the help of online tools, you can easily create and sell courses.

Think about your abilities, it could be technical, business, culinary, domestic, and many more. Publishing multiple courses ensures that you keep earning money even when you’re not around your laptop.

3. Freelance Writing

This may seem like a bad part-time job to earn extra pocket money, but that’s not the case. After successfully establishing yourself as a freelance writer, you can even make a living out of it.

Note that it’s difficult to get a high-paying position with no writing background. But, start by finding your niche instead of writing on random topics. This builds your reputation in the chosen niche and will soon get you better offers.

4. Virtual Yoga Classes

If you’re a yoga instructor, now is the golden opportunity to cash your yoga skills. With gyms staying closed and lifestyle messed up, committing to a strict workout schedule is harder than it seems.

By providing virtual one-on-one yoga classes, you’ll help people stay fit and give them a sense of productivity in these difficult times.

5. Sell Handmade Items

Yes, it’s possible to make a living just by selling handmade items. Start by selling a particular item or two, then transform yourself into a brand of the said items. Moreover, with all the rage about supporting small businesses, your chances of being a hit are bright. You can sell jewelry, clothing, home decor, planters, or even face masks. The ideas are unlimited.

This method is profitable but requires funding from your end. So, consider your financial position before choosing this option.

6. Start A Podcast

Podcast is another very profitable yet gradual money-generating process. If you and your friends have a lot to say about a particular topic – then start a podcast. However, you must produce podcasts for a reasonable time before you start to profit from it. All you need is an efficient marketing strategy that’ll help you create a notable presence in the industry.

You can make money by podcasting through affiliate marketing, sponsorship, advertisement, crowdfunding, creating premium content, and more.

7. Offer Virtual Services

Since people have plenty of free time at their expense, they’re searching for ways to spend it wisely. You can profit from it by offering virtual services from your field of expertise. From sales to cooking to therapy to career counseling and many more. You can offer any service through various online sources in the form of one-on-one video sessions.

However, never offer service from the field you aren’t familiar with. Your approach should never be unethical or just a means to pocket some cash.

8. Remote Customer Services

Many companies are offering positions to remote customer service providers. As it’s an inexpensive method of addressing customer grievances compared to paying a call center for operations.

Bear in mind, you should always be available whenever the company expects you to. Therefore, it isn’t ideal if you prefer a flexible schedule but will earn you a decent paycheck.

9. Record Audiobooks

The audiobook industry is rapidly expanding since several authors are publishing audiobooks along with physical books. Some authors record their books while others prefer to hire voice actors. However, you may need special recording tools to produce high-quality recordings.

10. Sell Your Art

If you’re an artist, your creativity must be at peak in this lockdown. Even if it’s not, you can easily earn extra money by selling your work online. Whether you click pictures, paint, or write. Post your art on social media platforms, gain an audience, and attract potential buyers.

These 10 useful money-making ways ensure you never have to worry about being jobless in a pandemic.