11 Great Storage Organizers You Can Add to Your Home

Are you struggling to find versatile storage solutions for your home? Try these 11 best storage containers and solutions to organize your home in 2021.


If you have a tiny closet or a large walk-in, indications are you may not have enough room to hold anything you own organized. However, getting a well-organized closet isn’t as difficult as it might sound, and you don’t need to pay a bunch on a built-in device. There are plenty of DIY things that will help you optimize the footprint of your wardrobe, from the simplest tricks using matching sleek felt hangers to prevent clothes from slipping to more unexpected hacks incorporating acrylic file folders to coordinate a handbag set.

Ready to reclaim ownership of your wardrobe, books, or kitchen wares from disorganized shelves and dangling wires? We’ve compiled a list of some of our best-worthy ideas for cube organizer shelf and storages. Anything from lightweight sweatshirts to books, travel bags, and utensils is fair game. 

  • IKEA Shelves

IKEA’s shelves and cube storage units are ideal for organizing everything in your house, from exquisite items you want to show off to the necessities you need to keep a record of. Their collection includes a wide range of shelving options, from modular shelving to box shelves, in different sizes to fit your space requirements, likes, and dislikes. So, pack your additional features with IKEA’s high-quality cube organizer shelf or storage unit at a low cost.

  •  StorageWorks Hanging Closet Organizers

Depending on how your closet is arranged, you can use the shelves together or independently. Via two sturdy zippers can be switched between the 6-shelf hanging closet and two different 3-shelf hanging organizers. The closet organizer, which is reinforced with heavy-duty fiberboard and made of polyester canvas, can support a weight of up to 50 pounds without breaking the top.

  • Seville Classics 12-Pair Shoe Rack

If you have a large shoe closet, you can stack the racks vertically or side-by-side with the included studs. Up to 12 pairs of shoes for women, men, and children can be stored. The rack can accommodate up to 9 pairs on shelves, and 3 pairs of low-profile shoes like flats, sandals, and sneakers can be stored underneath the rack. Mesh shelves evenly endorse high heels, shoes, boots, and stilettos, unlike wire and slat shoe racks, which trap them.

  • Umbra Enfold Door Organizer

The Umbra Enfold door organizer features four gusseted mesh pockets for shoes, handbags, and smaller accessories including scarves and caps, as well as a compact, reusable hamper. Adjustable straps and innovative overdoor hooks ensure a huge asset on your door. Are you about to do some housework? Take the hamper out of the room and leave.

  • Sorbus Storage Bins Boxes

Through the transparent, zippered opening in front, you can see into these boxes and pick everything you could want without having to unstack something. Box-style container containers may be used to store and secure clothing and other household products. Seasonal comforters, blankets, handbags, linens, furniture, holiday decorations, bedding, toys, shoes, books, baby clothes, and more are easily stored and removed thanks to the front and top zipper slots.

  • Furinno Shelf Display Rack

This multipurpose shelf display rack is versatile and appropriate for any space, with a simply stylish design that comes in numerous different color options. It’s made of PVC tubes and CARB-compliant composite wood. It is stable on a flat surface and needs no equipment. Even a child can put this together in 5 minutes. It has no chemical odor, is long-lasting, and is the sturdiest medium-density concrete wood used to create RTA products.

  •  GHQME Bookshelf Storage Shelves

The GHQME bookshelf can be folded in any way you like. It folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds and needs no assembly. It just takes up a small amount of room due to its foldable nature, which will help you save space. It is a simple and classic industrial style design that can not only organize your room but also take up little space. It can be placed in any room of your house, including the kitchen, bedroom, balcony, hallway, living room, and so on. The 4-tier shelf can be used to display seasonal embellishments, books, plants, family pictures, and other items.

  • TomCare Cube Storage

TomCare’s cube storage, with its natural wood texture and freely installed shapes, is a sleek, attractive, and functional item. As a result, your home or office will have a relaxed and simple look. It comes with 6 cubes of modular shelving, each measuring 11.8x 11.8×11.8 inches and offering sufficient storage space. It can be used as a bookshelf in the lab or study, a clothing planner in the home, or a toy disk array in the kids’ space.

  • Countertop Organizer

Make more cabinet rooms with this organizer, which makes it easy to store a variety of jars and bottles of various sizes. This is made of 3 mm iron, it is solid, with a maximum load of 30 pounds, and it has a multilayer paint finish that makes it white, elegant, and easy to transport and clean. Spices, bottles, canned foods, condiments, seasoning, pots, and other kitchen appliances can be stacked on two shelves of various sizes.

  • Puroma Cube Storage Organizer

With the 12 cubes storage rack, you can place a variety of items such as books, clothing, accessories, dolls, sculptures, gifts, purses, and so on. Per cube measures 11.8″ x11.8″ x11.8″, making it the ideal shelf for displaying your everyday necessities. The 12 cubes closet cabinet comes in a variety of shapes that you can arrange however you want. They can also be placed together in whatever way you want to fit into a small room.

  • HOMIDEC Cube Storage Shelf

Polyethylene plastic board, rigid metal frame, and ABS resin connectors make up each cube, which measures 11.8″ by 11.8″ x 11.8″ (30 x 30 x 30cm). This cube is intended for storing household objects, such as clothing, magazines, and individual favorites, and each cube can carry up to 10 pounds, so don’t put anything too hard on it.

In A Nutshell

To enhance the features and appearance of your closet, start with these top closet planners. You’ll feel better to start your day when your garments, shoes, books, and jewelry are well-organized, and you’ll also be able to optimize your storage space. So, with these top organizing items, you can finally put an end to the chaos in your closet or on your shelves.