12 Things to Own if You are a Clumsy Man


For men who are extremely accident-prone, there are several products that they should own to make their lives much easier.

These things will not only make your life easier, but protect you from any serious accidents that may occur due to your clumsiness. Either purchase them for yourself or buy them for the clumsiest person you know.

Below are some of the things that you should own if you are clumsy.

  • Spill-proof wine glass. This spill proof wine glass is perfect for those who love drinking wine, whether it’s white or red wine, this glass will make your life that much easier for when things get a little tipsy.


  • Curved guards for bed and table legs. Curved guards will prevent you from stubbing your toes and keep them protected.


  • Cut-resistant gloves. This product is perfect for those who love cooking but end up injuring themselves every time, or often. The cut-resistant gloves are perfect for when you are working with really sharp, such as knives and other sharp machinery.


  • A protective bath mat that will stop you from slipping and sliding when you are in the shower. This product is perfect for those who are clumsy in the shower and need extra support to prevent any injuries, such as slipping and breaking a bone.


  • A Reusable water bottle. Reusable water bottles are perfect for any clumsy person as it doesn’t require constantly having to fill up a glass of water which can be dropped easily. Fill up a water bottle once and it can last you a couple of hours, ensuring that you stay well hydrated throughout the day. I personally really like the Kool8 water bottle as it comes in many colors and styles, and has a modern look to it.  While a cool reusable water protects you from your clumsiness, it is also important to note that these water bottles allow you to help the environment.


  • Microwavable silicone mat. The microwavable silicone mats will protect you from burning your hands when trying to pick up any hot dish from the microwave. We all know how dangerous it can be to put your hands into the oven, even if you have oven mitts on.


  • Rack protectors that prevent accidental forearm burns when putting in or taking out anything inside the oven. This is perfect for clumsy people especially those who burn their forearms every time they have to use the arm. This product provides the solution for that.


  • Chopping guards that protect your hands from accidental knife slips. We all know how dangerous it is to be using knives in the kitchen, and if you’re too careless, it can end up pretty badly. Protect yourself from minor and major injuries by investing in a chopping guard.


  • Heat-resistant gloves. These gloves are perfect for those who love to style their hair using any heating tools, such as straighteners, curlers, and hair dryers. These gloves are designed for anyone and are suitable for both left and right hands, and keep you protected from any burns that may occur if you accidentally touch the hot part of a curling wand or the hair straightener.


  • Comfy socks that have rubber grips on them. Comfy socks with rubber grips will prevent you from slipping and sliding which is common among many clumsy individuals. Whether you are coming down a flight of stairs or simply just walking around your house, these socks will make sure you are not falling all over the place.


  • A super smart smartwatch. Earlier this year, Omron announced launching a smart watch with an inflator cuff around the wrist. This is the first smartwatch ever that can take a user’s blood pressure on the go, record all readings and make them accessible for doctors to interpret. With 100 million people suffering from high blood pressure, this is definitely the type of product  every clumsy person should wear. The smartwatch even made it on the the list of best pedometers on the market here and here.


  • First-aid kit. Every clumsy person should keep a first-aid kit with them at all times, whether it’s in their purse for on the go, or at home (we recommend having two). By having a first-aid kit with you at all times, you are prepared for any emergency that may arise, such as paper cuts, or minor injuries.

With all these items, you will be well protected and ready to conquer the world no matter how clumsy you are. To help you live a less-clumsy lifestyle, make sure you invest into a spill-proof wine glass, curved guards perfect for all the beds and tables in your house, cut-resistant gloves that are perfect for every home and/or professional chef, protective bath mats so you can stay clumsy-free even in the shower, a cool reusable water bottle, microwavable silicone mats so you can save your hands from burning, rack protectors, chopping guards to protect your fingers from any knife slips while working in the kitchen, heat resistant gloves, comfy socks with rubber grips, a heavy duty iPhone case, and an essential first-aid kit.

By being prepared ahead of time, you can tackle any problems that may arise in your day-to-day life. So be sure you have everything you need, especially if you have the tendency to be clumsy often.

Author bio: Michael Reddy is the President of Digital Authority Partners