The 3 AM Egos are back for 2015!

Courtesy of The Huffington

On today’s first show of the 3 AM Egos for 2015, The 3 AM Egos discussed quirky travel destinations and more!  posted an article recently about 15 wacky travel destinations for 2015. They include a Cold War Missile Site in Cooperstown, North Dakota, Chicken S&^@ Bingo in Austin, Texas and a Basque Festival in Boise, Idaho.  You can see the complete list on the website. Happy Travels!

We also discussed a very interesting article via The Verge, a technology website where the editor in chief wrote an article discussing how the internet of the 90’s is still happening today. Both Kevin(host) and Sigmund(producer) disagree with the title of the article which is Facebook is the New AOL, because Facebook is a website, not an internet service provider. They may have similarities but they’re not the same.