3 Cosmetic Businesses You Can Start With Only a Laptop and Phone


Are you looking for an easier way to start your own business? Believe it or not, there are businesses that you can start using only your phone or laptop ― or both. The cosmetics industry has advanced immensely and is here to give you a little extra cash. Does that sound fun? Here are a few tips to get started:

  • You should be familiar with the United States Food and Drug Administration’s regulations. There are certain rules you need to know about selling and manufacturing cosmetics.
  • Make sure that your website has a very nice design. This will draw more people in to buy your products.
  • Understand your target audience. It’s important to figure out who you are selling makeup to so that you know which cosmetics are best.

Those are just some general tips to get you started. Here are three manufacturers that can help you begin your journey.


This private label skin care manufacturer is very to use, and they guide you through the whole process. You can also get samples right away and look at their catalog for inspiration. This line is also made from completely natural ingredients. These cosmetics are usually essential oils and fragrances. You can also get help with your graphic design right on their website.

Shay Cosmetics

This private label manufacturer has products that include skin care, treatment, sun protection, hair, bath, and spa products. They have consultants that will help you reach your specific goals and marketing strategies. They even have custom formulation, which can help you individualize your brand. What’s even more impressive is the fact that they can get your cosmetic on marketplaces like Amazon.

Tropical Enterprises

This Florida-based cosmetics business has products that include lip balms, bath and body, face paints, sunscreens and aloe gels. They allow you to custom your label in different sizes and different fonts. They also allow you to customize your ingredients so that you get a say what exactly goes into the cosmetics that you are selling. With a 96 percent customer retention rate, you can never go wrong with this company.


The three cosmetic private labels suggested are among the best in the business. Each is unique in their own way, and they all offer great makeup deals. Customize your own cosmetics, pick your own ingredients, get them sent to your house, make your own design and website. What are you waiting for? Get your lady friends together and let them know you are starting a new business. Open your laptop or scroll on your phone to get started today.