3 Creative Ways to Get Your Business Out of a Rut


Have you ever felt your business has become stagnant and not performing as well as you would’ve wanted? Entrepreneurs are very familiar with this experience, with many wondering what they can do to keep their business going. Sometimes, it’s not just a feeling; it’s a reality many companies face and is a reminder of how expedient it is to spark life back into it. As proof of this fact, 53.2% of business owners believe it usually happens due to uncertainty about the future. Do you want to learn how to get out of the rut? Find out more here.



  • Organise a focus group discussion with customers


Very often, the fresh perspective you get from your customers is all it takes to see what you ordinarily wouldn’t have known about your business operations. For instance, you may’ve been offering the same product or service to your clients for years. However, over the period, you failed to conduct an assessment on the changing customer behaviour. That may have resulted in customer apathy and caused a slump in business. As a business that seeks to progress, you need to ensure you respond rapidly to customer demands, which first starts with understanding what they expect from you. This is where focus group discussions can come in very handy.


Focus group discussions can be organised in any format you choose, as long as it’s convenient for the parties involved. It can be formal or informal, in person or done virtually, or by hiring a market research company. Whichever way you decide to do it, the objective must be to pick the brain of your customers and clients (regardless of their short or long-standing relationship with you). This also gives you an opportunity to get to know your target market better and put yourself in their shoes.


Through these discussions, you’re likely to find out that all it takes to get business out of the rut to launch a new product or service. At this point, it’ll be necessary to get your employees involved and fully committed to the cause. After all, they’ll be driving product development, customer service, and publicity and will play a vital role in the business’ success..



  • Find new leads by revamping your website


Have you tried looking for new leads for your business in recent times? This can be quite challenging but prove very rewarding for your business. Leads convert to become loyal customers and clients for any business, giving you the opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with them.. Before you go searching, do you know you can start just by revamping your website? In order to do this successfully, there are a few questions you need to consider such as: When last did you conduct an objective evaluation of your website? What steps have you taken in response? Creating a new one or correcting the countless errors there builds a fresh appeal for your business.


Successful companies review their sites annually as a way to capture the attention of potential clients. Therefore, if your business is struggling and stuck in a rut, invest in professionals to help generate pest control leads for your entity. An example of a company doing this is Contractors Webmasters. With the help of a review integration plugin, they can contribute to your lead generation.



  • Let go and trust the process


Usually, this boils down to your micro-management leadership style. Of course, supervision is a necessary tool in employee management; however, it can affect your business when the people you manage begin to feel a sense of excessive restrictions. Remember that creativity is born out of liberty, and the more you stifle it, the more your business gets stuck in a rut. By holding your team under an iron hand, you don’t allow alternative (and beneficial) ways of doing things.


For optimum results, business owners must learn to give that needed space. For example, a freelance scripting company should learn to appreciate the diverse writing styles of its employees. Failure to do so could impact the chances of recognising young talents whose diversity could build your brand. Moreover, you may not get an exact outcome but what you’d have done is create a conducive platform for workers to grow in tandem with your brand.


The key to getting out of a rut is evaluating what you do currently (which isn’t working anyway) and strategizing to do them differently. In many cases, entrepreneurs get results by adopting these and more to breathe new life into their companies.