3 Kinds of Tow Trucks and What They Do


When selecting a tow truck for your company needs or for your own personal reasons, it is important to understand that there are multiple kinds of tow trucks that fit different purposes. There are fundamental differences between kinds of tow trucks and how they operate. Understanding these differences can help you to be better equipped to select the right kind of trucks that will fit your exact needs. In the tow truck industry, there are few kinds of trucks that are frequently used. The three main vehicles that are used are integrated tow trucks, hook and chain trucks and flatbed tow trucks.

Integrated Tow Trucks

Integrated tow trucks are mostly, specifically, used in the hauling of larger vehicles. They do not deal in the smaller commercial vehicles but more of the bigger rigs like buses or other trucks. Unlike other tow trucks that may take awhile for other vehicles to load up and hook in, integrated tow trucks have a fast system that enables them to load and tow large vehicles faster. Due to this aspect of tow trucks, integrated tow trucks are the primary trucks to be used in vehicles that have been repossessed or that have been parked illegally – and now they need to be towed away. An extra axel is a bonus feature to these trucks so that they are able to haul larger vehicles. This extra axel enables the tow truck to be able to withstand the weight of larger vehicles. Another useful feature of this truck is its ability to control the wheel lift system from inside the cab. This helps them to be able to move fast by not having to step outside in order to operate the towing portion. 

Hook and Chain Trucks

When you think of a classic tow truck, the first image to pop into your mind is probably that of a large truck with a hook at the back. These kinds of trucks are called hook and chain trucks and feature the chains and hook to help tow broken down and junked cars. The hook is used to grab one end of the vehicle while the wheels remain on the ground to be towed away. Because of the way that this particular truck tows, it could cause damage to the vehicle. So this kind of towing is used more for cars going to the junk yard so it would not matter if they were to get more damaged. If you are a company looking for a tow truck to haul broken vehicles, the hook and chain trucks are the ones for you. 

Flatbed Tow Trucks

These trucks obviously have a flatbed in the back and are designed to have cars be carried on it. The bed of the tow truck is able to be set on the ground so that the vehicle in question would be able to be driven onto the bed and be lifted up for transportation. If the vehicle is broken and cannot be driven any more, chains will be used to pull it onto the bed and it will be lifted up onto the tow truck. These trucks are easier to operate and drive which makes them a popular choice among others. With this design, they are also the safest tow truck to go with as the vehicles being towed will be securely fastened onto the truck and are less likely to be damaged. During the transportation process, they aren’t dragged or exposed to outside elements. This is the safest way to get a vehicle towed – especially if you do not want any damage done to the vehicle. 

Choosing the Right Tow Truck for You

There are many factors that go into deciding a specific tow truck company you want to go with and which truck would fit your needs the best. Island Park Towing offers many options of tow trucks that could fit any kind of situation. The different styles of trucks serve different purposes, so it is important to understand those differences. Make sure to evaluate the needs you have for tow trucks to decide which style is going to work best for your situation. Any of these three different kinds of trucks will hopefully fulfill any and all of your tow truck needs!