3 Medical Careers Where You Won’t Need To Pick Up A Scalpel


Perhaps you are considering a career in medicine. There are a number of reasons why you think this might be the right career path for you. For instance, you might be eager to help people in your job and working in medicine is one of the best ways to do that. You’ll be able to go into work every day knowing that what you do will be changing countless lives. It’s a refreshing, invigorating feeling and certainly favourable compared with the typical office job.


However, there might be a problem with this idea. Perhaps you want a career in medicine but can’t stand the idea of cutting someone open. You might get queasy at the first sign of blood or hate the idea that you could be directly responsible for whether someone lives or dies. Are there careers in medicine that don’t involve issues like this? Actually, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are quite a few and some of them could be the perfect option, particularly if you want to make money.


Health Administrator


Welcome to the office side of hospitals and medical clinics. You won’t be completing medical procedures, you’ll be completing office work and ensuring that the hospital continues to run effectively. Without staff like this, a hospital simply wouldn’t function, and it would quickly fall into disarray. Patients would never get the medicine that they desperately need and in short, the place would be a complete mess. You can get an online Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration that will provide you with all the knowledge that you need to complete this job. Pay isn’t bad either, and a health administrator can earn up to eighty grand a year if they are fully qualified. That’s not too shabby, and it could certainly put you in the perfect position to grow in your role.





Perhaps you don’t want to be in charge of whether an individual lives or dies. That is completely understandable but would you like to shape whether millions live or die? If that’s the case, then you might want to consider a position in medical research. Bear in mind that for this career you will typically still need to complete a medical degree but rather than working in a hospital, you can branch off and enter research instead. That means that you’ll never have to pick up a scalpel except perhaps to perform a procedure on a cadaver which isn’t quite the same thing, we’re sure you’ll agree. Salaries are fantastic in this line of work, often ranging upwards of 100K.


First Responder


Alternatively, you may want to think about being a first responder. The main section of your job here is going to be driving, but you will also need to complete first aid. However, your actions will typically not impact whether someone lives or dies and you definitely won’t have to cut someone open. All you need to do is keep the individual stable so that they can be treated when they get to the hospital. Typically, this has the lowest salary level but you can still expect to earn upwards of 40,000.


As you can see then if you’re desperate to enter medicine, there are a variety of careers outside that of a surgeon or a doctor.