3 Mistakes That Cause Customers To Lose Trust In Your Business


Earning the trust of your customers is very important in business. Unless a consumer trusts you, they’re not going to spend their money with you and they certainly won’t become a repeat customer. Building that trust can take a long time, but losing the trust of a customer is far easier. A simple mistake can completely change a customer’s perception of your business, so you have to be careful. These are some of the easiest ways to lose a customer’s trust. 

Bad Customer Service 

Customers have a certain expectation when they deal with a business and if they are treated well, you can start to build a positive relationship with them. But a bad customer service experience won’t be forgotten and it will cause that customer to distrust your business. Bad customer service implies that you don’t really care about your customers and you only see them as a revenue stream and nothing else, so they’re not likely to trust you. As long as you respond to customer queries quickly and efficiently and you hire well trained customer service staff to communicate with them over the phone, you shouldn’t have a problem here. 

Counterfeit Goods 

Business owners don’t always realize that counterfeit goods can cause them issues with trust because they’re the one that is selling the real thing. The problem is, if a customer sees counterfeit handbags being sold online, for example, they are going to distrust all similar products. Even if that customer is dealing with a legitimate company, they may still have concerns about counterfeits and that means that they will not fully trust you. It’s important that you are on the lookout for counterfeit versions of your products and you launch legal challenges against the businesses that are manufacturing and selling them. 

Bad SEO 

When people first come across a new business and they aren’t sure about it, the first thing that they are likely to do is do a search for that business online. If you appear at the top of the search results, that automatically makes people trust you and gives the impression that you are a legitimate business. But if your business is nowhere to be found, that is a cause for concern for the customer. It doesn’t matter that you’re a perfectly legitimate business, the customer will believe otherwise if you don’t rank highly on search engines. That’s why SEO is absolutely vital if you’re going to gain the trust of your customers and increase sales. 

Outdated Websites 

All businesses rely heavily on their website for sourcing new customers and if yours isn’t up to scratch, you could be losing the trust of your customers. If your website looks like it hasn’t been updated in the last decade, that doesn’t bode well for you and customers will assume that you’re not a very professional company and you aren’t very successful. Updating your website and giving it a more modern design is a simple way to build trust with your customers. 

If you’re making any of these simple mistakes, you can lose the trust of your customers overnight and it’s very difficult to earn it back again.