3 Packing & Delivery Solutions For Small eCommerce


Starting an eCommerce business is an exciting career move. Indeed, an eCommerce provides a clear strategic approach. While many companies need to develop their voice and mission to reach out to an audience, an online retailer can establish their market position through the products they sell. If you decide to stock and sell other brands, you can ultimately build a business that relies on the quality of someone else’s products.

However, eCommerce companies need to provide a specific service to their customers. You agree to get their orders to them, and that’s precisely why paying close attention to your packing and delivering solutions is vital to your business survival.

What if you didn’t need to deliver?

Your delivery plan matters

There is no denying that your customers want the best for their money. The last thing they expect is their delivery to be delayed or the goods to have damaged during the delivery. Unfortunately, eCommerce companies that can’t offer a safe distribution system fail to meet their buyers’ expectations and can receive dreadful feedback online. The bottom line is that nobody is going to want to buy from an online retailer who can’t guarantee a safe and timely delivery. As far as customers are concerned, you are responsible for the distribution of all orders passed online. If your delivery plan fails to satisfy – regardless of whether the fault is with your courier partner or due to external factors – you are going to lose customers.

#1. In-house solutions

For businesses that prefer to keep a hands-on approach to their delivery services, the most effective solution is to grow the team and build an in-house warehouse and distribution structure. Be careful to consider the current eCommerce services on the market. Companies such as Amazon can offer next day deliveries and even same-day distribution for articles stored locally. If you are to match their offer, you need to have a team on site at all times. From background checks to time tracking software tools, there is a lot to implement to manage your warehouse and distribution teams. Indeed, speed is only one factor of success. You need a reliable team that works in shifts throughout the day to tackle online orders.

#2. Trust an expert in delivery and customer service

Unfortunately, building an in-house warehouse service is an expensive strategy for small online retailers. But you can give your customers the exact same delivery service they get from Amazon without having to build your own in-house solutions. The secret? Fulfilment by Amazon, FBA, is a business model that lets you use Amazon’s distribution network to your advantage. Let them do the hard work while you relax.  

Let Amazon do the hard work

#3. Finding the middle way with a shop

Why should you handle the hassle of a distribution solution when your customers can simply pick in store what they bought? A click and collect service is a cost-effective strategy for online retailers who also have a brick-and-mortar shop. You can also increase traffic footfall and create additional purchases through the process. However, other services with the Royal Mail or parcel collection solutions offer a click and collect network.

For online retailers, getting your distribution service right is essential to the success of your business. However, not all couriers are reliable partners, and online reviews have highlighted numerous issues about this. Thankfully, there are alternatives, from an in-house delivery service to relying on the proven expertise of a multinational network.