3 Reasons Why Millenials Want a DBA


It is an understatement to say that a degree in Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is challenging to pursue. However, individuals holding this degree are more likely to hold an executive position in an organization. This is only one of the reasons why people, particularly millennials, strive to finish all the requirements of the courses needed to finish a DBA degree. Aside from this, below are some other reasons why millennials are keen on getting a DBA degree.


1. Competitive Advantage

With a DBA, an individual has the opportunity to learn more advanced skills and techniques for managing and leading a business or an organization. Employers are more likely to hire a person with a DBA degree for a top position in an organization over another one holding an MBA degree. This is the competitive advantage that most millennials are after because of their goals to advance further in their careers, especially those who are passionate about their profession.

Millennials are well aware that their passion can very well be compensated if they earn a degree to advance in their profession. This earns them a DBA degree ROI, which is positive because of the salary package that is often associated with the position they can land on. With a higher salary than they can get through a higher position in an organization, they will be able to earn back what they have spent in completing the DBA degree.

2. Hunger for Knowledge

Millennials have a constant hunger for learning and while others use this to pursue their passion or other aspects in their lives, there are those who use this to achieve their career goals. In terms of the latter, getting a DBA degree is the answer to continue expanding their skills and abilities. This is because DBA courses offer practical training as opposed to solely relying on theories and books.

3. Recognition

Being recognized provides millennials with a certain satisfaction in their careers. Hence, they strive to be recognized, not because they are self-centered, but because they are keen to obtain their supervisor’s approval of their work. For this reason, they strive to work smarter and continuously grow their accomplishments. Being able to complete a DBA degree is an accomplishment in itself and this is another reason why millennials make it a point to do so. They know that when their satisfaction is tied with learnings and knowledge, they are more likely to make a significant difference in their organization.


To wrap things up, millennials are not afraid to share their ideas and opinions, even if these don’t conform to those of their superiors. For this reason, they find it necessary to have a degree that will put them into the position of asserting their skills and knowledge. Millennials are also highly motivated by a hunger for knowledge, which is why they are consistently seeking avenues where they can hone their abilities. Millennials also crave for recognition for their hard work and accomplishments, which they can achieve by completing a degree in DBA.