3 Things You Can Do To Impress Potential Clients


If you’re running a business where you have to acquire clients, you may have a hard time striking the right balance between coming on too strong and not coming on strong enough. While you want someone to want to work with you, if you try too hard, people are often more turned off to your business than you intended. 

To help you walk this fine line, here are three things you can do to impress potential clients. 

Make Yourself And Your Business Look Professional

When your business is young, it might be more challenging for you to look as professional as you may think of yourself as. So when you don’t have a private jet that you can meet your potential clients on, what can you do to prove that you’re professional and are worth their business?

According to Leslie Kramer, a contributor to Investopedia, one of the best ways to make your business look professional is to make yourself look professional. Unless your business is extremely casual, you should try to dress well when you first meet a potential client. Additionally, if you’re going to have clients meet you at your place of business, be sure that you take steps to make your office, warehouse, or wherever into an area that looks like a professional business is being run out of it. 

Don’t Present Text With Spelling Errors

In your communications with potential clients, you’re bound to write something to them at one point or another. So to help your business appear professional, Scott Huntington, a contributor to TheSelfEmployed.com, shares that you should never present any text that has spelling or grammatical errors.

Even if the potential client you’re speaking to isn’t a spelling or grammar whiz, it’s often much easier to notice these mistakes in someone else’s writing than it is in your own. And if they notice a mistake that you’ve made, it can give off the impression that you don’t have great attention to detail, which can make your business look less than professional. 

Start The Conversation Off On The Right Foot

When you first meet your potential clients, getting off on the right foot is critical. 

To help you in doing this, Dan Scalo, a contributor to Inc.com, advises that you work off of the personal introduction template. What this means is that the first things you should say to this person upon meeting them is who you are, mention something that bonds the two of you or that you have in common, give a compliment to the person or say something else positive, and then ask them a question. This will ensure that you start off positively and that you control the conversation in a direction that you want. 

If you’re wanting to ensure that you make more positive impressions on your clients so that you come off as professionally as possible, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just this.