3 Timeless Marketing Strategies To Try


The world of marketing and advertising is an exciting one because it’s always on the cutting edge of technology. Thanks to the digital age and all the constantly evolving advancements of tech, there are new and exciting ways that brands can connect with their customers. While marketing departments may have several new and exciting methods of advertising, there are certain methods that have stood the test of time and continue to be viable options.


If you have been curious about what timeless marketing strategies may benefit your business, here is everything you need to know. 

1. Electronic Mail

This marketing technique might have its identity in the digital sphere, but it’s been around for a substantial amount of time. Amidst all of the widely available and incredibly ingenuitive methods of communication, email might seem like an already prehistoric idea – but it’s still largely effective. In fact, email marketing is still one of the number one ways that the most successful brands and businesses stay in touch with existing customers and acquire new ones. 


Email marketing has been around for over 40 years and has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The fact that this method of marketing has not been replaced or made extinct is a testament to its effectiveness. Not only has email marketing stood the test of time, but it still remains one of the best methods of in-depth communication with potential and existing customers.


Email is unique in that it provides a platform that marketing teams can use for a variety of different goals. While email marketing is still a very powerful tool, it can be a very consuming method of marketing use. In fact, for any business that doesn’t have a dedicated marketing department, outsourcing email marketing is a great choice to pursue. Utilizing a klaviyo email marketing agency for eCommerce businesses can provide strong advantages. 


These agencies work hand in hand with the companies that hire them to define goals and then move toward accomplishing those goals. Using a klaviyo email marketing agency can give you the freedom to leverage your time to your skill set within your company, while the agency runs the marketing campaign. 


One of the main reasons that email marketing is so successful is that it represents an incredibly high ROI. Working with an agency of professionals who know the industry inside and out can only help to improve that ROI and make the most of your marketing campaign.


Even though the name itself might be familiar, OOH media is one of the oldest and most familiar forms of marketing still used to this day. OOH stands for Out Of Home, and OOH media are typically large signs placed strategically to garner as much attention as possible. The most well-known example of OOH media is the infamous billboard. These massive signs have meticulously designed images that are strategically placed along busy roads, highways, or parking lots and catch a lot of attention. 


The main draw to OOH media and why it is still used so prevalently today is that it represents the most cost-effective way of reaching a massive audience. One billboard can generate millions of impressions during the span of a campaign. The more foot traffic a particular placement may be exposed to, the higher the premium, but even high-end billboard placements can still represent a cost-effective exposure. 


Another reason why billboards are effective is that the most loved, trusted, and popular brands on the planet have used this method of marketing. This lends a sense of credibility to OOH media that is unique and hard to beat. 

3. SEO Content Building

Another digital method of marketing and one that’s been around for quite some time is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the number way that businesses can make their website visible in related Google search results. 


Google has become the largest internet search engine on the planet and its search results page regularly displays millions of options. For businesses trying to stay competitive, standing out from the seemingly endless amounts of results on a Google results page is important, and that’s where SEO comes into the picture. Both paid and organic SEO help brands improve their Google rank by moving them up the results page. 


Marketing is an exciting field to work in and there are incredible ways of spreading brand awareness and gaining new customers. Even though these methods have been around for decades, they continue to be effective and a huge part of this field. If you have been looking for traditional methods of marketing that are still effective, check out working with a klaviyo email marketing agency, OOH media, or building SEO for your company. You may be surprised at how much success can come from these timeless marketing strategies.