3 Tips For Crafting Better Copy For Your Landing Pages


If you have an ecommerce business, your landing pages are where you should be focusing a lot of your effort toward converting people to your product or service. As a big part of this, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve crafted the best possible copy to convince and persuade your visitors to complete the sale that is being offered on that page.

To help ensure that this happens for you, here are three tips for crafting better copy for your landing pages. 

Focus On The Benefits

Many times, businesses spend too much time trying to see the features of their product or service rather than focusing their copy on what your visitors really want to know: how what you’re selling is going to improve their lives.

With this in mind, Matt Brennan, a contributor to Business2Community.com, shares that you should really be writing your copy about the benefits that someone will find when they use your product or service as opposed to spelling out every feature that your product or service has. Not only will this make your copy more compelling, but it will also serve to better entice your visitors to buy whatever it is you’re selling because they’ll be seeing just how things in their life could improve if they do. 

Opt For Simplicity

To make a sale, many businesses will unknowingly try too hard by laying out every possible good thing they could say about their product or service right there on their landing page. And while you should say some of these great things on the landing page, you should also try to balance simple copy and design with saying or showing enough

To do this, Carmine Mastropierro, a contributor to Search Engine Watch, recommends that you use more casual and simple language with your copy so that it’s more like you’re speaking with a friend than someone that you’re trying to make a sale with. This type of copy will make your company easier for people to connect to and may make you sound more trustworthy and reliable as well. 

Know Which Phrases Work

To really push your copy over the top on your landing pages, you should try to use some words or phrases that are known for making visitors act or feel a certain way. Usually, these actions or feelings lend themselves well to encourage someone to take the right next step that you’re intending.

According to Christina Perricone, a contributor to HubSpot.com, some of the best phrases to employ include things like “money-back guarantee”, “privacy policy”, and “price cut”. Really, anything that’s going to make you seem more trustworthy or like you’re giving your visitors a great deal should do the trick. 

If you’re wanting to include better copy on your landing pages, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you achieve this.