3 Tips To Use SMS Marketing In 2020


Some people view SMS marketing as a forgotten art. It’s something that you may have neglected for some time as you don’t think it’s effective. As with most ‘ineffective’ marketing methods, the truth is that it’s the strategy that’s not working, rather than the technique itself. 


Using SMS marketing is still possible in 2020, and it can yield impressively high returns. If you’re interested in adding this to your marketing strategy, here are three tips to get started:


Use group messages for significant events

If your business has an upcoming promotion or something that affects all of your customers, group texts are very adept at getting the information out there. There are plenty of tips for group texting out there, and one of the best is to only send group messages that are relevant to everyone in that group. A new product can easily be promoted by sending a text to all of your customers. Just like that, you have the information out there in an instant. But, group texting isn’t effective if you use it all the time. Realize that some of your customers have different needs to others, which is why this only works in some situations. 


Get personal

Following on from the previous point, you should get personal with your SMS messages. Now, this won’t work when you send out your group texts. However, you should also send more individualized ones to customers. Base these messages on their buying habits and inform them of things you know they like. For example, if they’ve previously bought a specific product, send messages relating to similar products that they might be interested in. Be sure you get personal and use their name when you send messages. This makes it look like effort was put into the text, and that it isn’t just a generic message for everyone. Adding this bit of personality will strengthen the affection a customer has with your brand. They feel valued as you’ve taken the time to see what they like and provided them with new suggestions or promotions. 


Less is more

Want to know how you get people to unsubscribe from your texting list? It’s simple, you keep bombarding them with messages! Nobody likes to receive message after message every single day. It’s extremely annoying and gets on your nerves. While it’s tempting to send texts all the time, you shouldn’t do it. This is a marketing tactic that works best when used sporadically. Send a message after a purchase, or send a message when you have new things to promote. It’s also helpful to send texts to customers that have been absent for a long time and haven’t made more purchases. This can help you reclaim them! You spent a lot of time generating leads for your texting service, so don’t let them all unsubscribe due to over-eagerness.


In summary, it’s all about combining both group and individual SMS messages at sporadic intervals. Understand when a generalized group message makes sense, and when a more direct personal one is beneficial. The last tip is definitely the most important: don’t send too many SMS messages as your leads will disappear.