3 Ways to Improve Your Coupon Strategy


A great Coupon Strategy is an essential element in marketing. It allows you to hand over coupons in the form of codes and vouchers. The customers can then redeem these coupons for free items and discounts on goods during shopping. This marketing strategy allows you to increase your sales by significant margins, get rid of any product stock, and get more customers returning to your business.

The coupons are mainly beneficial to the customers who love to save on some cash while out shopping. As a business person, it is essential to employ a coupon strategy that is both efficient and effective. In this article, we’ll highlight three critical ways you can use to improve your coupon strategy for more effective results. Let’s find out how.

Give offers that are Time-bound

The main reason to give out coupons is to drive up sales through purchases. For you to have more turnovers, it is wise to give limited-time offers. This strategy will help the business transform the coupons into sales within a short time as the customers rush to redeem the coupons.

The market is full of businesses that may be offering the same goods and services that yours is offering. Due to this factor, customers have several options to source the services they need and may be undecided. Issuing such customers with coupons that are time-bound helps push them towards making a purchase decision in favor of your business.

Before making the coupon offer, you must research what other competitors have to offer. A coupon offer that stands out way above the rest with a message depicting a sense of urgency can work effectively in your coupon strategy.

Select unique customer-oriented offers

The nature of the deals that you offer to the customers in the coupons is essential. You should consider developing a coupon deal that most customers feel they need and is unique compared to other businesses. While promoting the offer, be keen on those things that matter most to the customers as this will be the selling point.

There is a range of offers and deals that you can give to the customers, including free shipping such as that provided by the bed bath and beyond coupon. Other methods include:

  • Percentage discounts off the buying price
  • Email subscription and referral offers
  • Offering of valuable gifts upon making purchases

Diversify the distribution channels

The dynamics of consumers need to be considered concerning the most efficient platform to offer coupons. While it is convenient to hand over coupons or send them via mail, many individuals may not even open them to read through. It is, therefore, essential to find alternative ways of delivering the coupons. Some of these channels include:

  • Using messaging apps to offer the coupons
  • Using social media to share discounts