3 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Customer Service


Have you ever had a bad experience of buying a product online, and you received a tampered package? The product was also in bad shape, and you didn’t know what to do? You immediately went on social media to complain about the brand highlighting their business page, but no one responded to the complaints. This can be frustrating for a customer because you expect a prompt reply from the company. Imagine if you are on the selling side and a customer complains about your products openly on social media. What will you do? How will you appease an angry customer through your customer service on social media? Here are some of the techniques you can follow:


1) Prompt reply


Since social media websites are online 24 x 7, customers have an “always-on” expectation from the companies for social media customer support. Contacting a company via telephone or email can take time, but with the advent of customer support on social media, resolving issues have become faster than before. Almost 42% of the customers expect a prompt reply from the brand’s business page within 60 minutes. And, you should reply quickly if you want to send a message to the customers that you care for them. Even if the issue is not resolved instantly, you can say that the team is looking into the problem and will come up with a solution soon. This pacifies the customer because they know that the company is taking charge of the situation here.


2) Know which issues to solve privately or in public


Being popular on social media is not difficult any more thanks to the websites that provide dedicated followers and likes on your posts. Famoid, for one, is a company that you can trust for reliable followers. But when your followers complain about your products, you should identify which problem to solve publicly and which one to solve privately. For example, if a customer complains that he/she is not able to find a particular product on your website, you can post the link to that product publicly. But if he/she complains that they are experiencing delivery issues every time they order from your website, you can ask for the order IDs and email address of the user, and ask them to send the details via text message on the social media site.


3) Respond to both positive and negative feedback on social media


Customer service on social media is not limited to responding to complaints only. Many customers express their happiness and share their experience of using a product or service on social media websites. Make sure you reply to the positive comments as well. A simple “We are glad that you liked our product, and we hope you will buy from us again” message is more than enough to satisfy the customers. Customers want attention; so, give it to them.


Taking ownership of the problem by responding quickly to the customer complaints on social media can work in your company’s favor. This is an open medium for customer service where customers can express their satisfaction or grief about a brand, and they expect the company to respond to their comments. Fulfill their expectations, and you may retain the customers even if they have had a negative experience.