3 AM Egos: Office Spaces + Butter & Cheese

Courtesy of Office Space Planners.com

On today’s program of the 3 AM Egos, we discussed how open office spaces aren’t really the best and how cheese and butter aren’t really bad for you as previously thought.

Our first story comes from the Huffington Post,  where the author Lindsey Holmes goes over why open office spaces that are popping up everywhere aren’t the best for productivity and other reasons. Both Kevin(host) and Sigmund( producer) agree that the open office space hurts more than just productivity but overall health, because there is no privacy and the spread of germs is more likely to occur.

I stated that while I don’t have a 9-5 office job, when I took exams in college, I had to be in a quiet area where I could focus on the exam at hand.

More often than not, I did better on the exam than in a classroom setting where my anxiety and focus were all over the place.

Our second story was a new health study released on Mashable.com stating that cheese and butter aren’t as bad for you as previously thought. Kevin(host) and Sigmund(producer) agreed that while you shouldn’t go on an all cheese and butter diet, a little here and there isn’t going to hurt you.