4 Advantages of Using Backconnect Residential Proxies


For people who don’t have much experience with proxies, the word backconnect residential proxies might create some confusion. As you browse through the internet for different proxies, you might have found some references to something called backconnect residential proxies. Where other proxies are for regular use, a backconnect proxy is an advanced type and provides users with some really useful features. Before we dive into the world of backconnect proxy and its advantages, let’s look at what it means.


What is a Backconnect Proxy?

In essence, a backconnect proxy fundamentally works the same way as any other proxy. It redirects the traffic from one server to another. However, the type of servers that are used to drive these kinds of proxies is different from regular ones as they use IPs with unique properties. These properties enhance the overall performance of these proxies. Moreover, as a backconnect proxy uses a pool of residential proxies, they switch between them regularly, which offers better security and more anonymity.


Advantages of a Backconnect Proxy

After that brief explanation of what a backconnect proxy really is and how it works, now look at some of the best reasons you should opt for it if you are running a business.

●       Make more request per minute

To top everything off, with its help, you can generate more information requests per minute which simply translates into how much information you can store in a period of time. If you go for Residential Proxy by Storm Proxies or other reputable firms, you will have access to a different IP address through which you can generate user requests and gather valuable data. So, if you accomplish every task sooner, it means a better ROI, which means a more profitable business structure.

●       It is even more anonymous

The security protocols are getting advanced day by day as they are becoming more strict and stronger. It calls for a practice that cautions safety at every step so that you don’t expose your business to any threat. Considering that an important part of using a proxy is to ensure anonymity, a backconnect proxy takes it to the next level when compared to a normal proxy server. Thanks to several IPs that are appointed to it, which keep shifting from time to time, it becomes virtually impossible to track the location of the source IP.

●       Better Speed

A common problem related to most proxy servers is that where they provide security, they also tend to soak up a lot of bandwidth and make your internet slower. However, backconnect residential proxies can easily cope up with the speed requirements of users. An IP address has a certain data limit when working with big sites such as Google and Facebook. As soon as this limit is crossed, the sit blocks the IP instantly, which hinders the speed. With multiple IPs in place, a backconnect proxy shares data amongst different IPs so that the data limit is maintained and the IP remains intact. This way, it leverages its multiple proxies to help users do more work in less time.