4 Common Security Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make


Risks in businesses can arise in many forms; it can be a fire breakout or a workplace injury, or it can be a cyber-attack where all your company’s treasured data gets lost. Just an error in your security system can lead an intruder right to your doorstep. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t have a strategy in place to protect themselves from such risks. They might even end up making accidental mistakes that can make their businesses more susceptible.

Security Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Failing to identify workplace hazards

There can be many hazards prowling in your workplace, from slippery floors, malfunctioning machines to naked electrical wires. Slips, trips, and falls usually account for a larger percentage of workplace injuries. This is the reason why workplace safety should be a priority. Ensure that you identify all the hazards to guarantee the workers’ safety and minimize the risks of injuries. Ensure that all your employees have access to protection gear; the emergency exits should be available and make sure that the stairs are well-lit.

Not establishing a security policy

Small businesses usually make this mistake because they are dealing with a smaller number of people. However, you must have a security policy that is well-defined for your business. You might be tempted to think that something simple like a lost phone or computer isn’t a big issue. However, that can lead to a major breach of your valuable data, putting all your clients’ files at major risk. You must have a security policy in place that clearly defines the dos and don’ts of the firm’s IT infrastructure.

Not hiring the right security firm

What is your strategy for choosing a security firm? Do you hire them unsystematically, or do you have a strategy? Many businesses hire security firms even before checking their backgrounds to see if they are licensed. The right security team should know exactly what to do in case of an emergency. Unguarded access to your business is a problem that can arise due to hiring the wrong security firm. Do you even know who has access to your data and who doesn’t? Many situations can come up when you deliberately give access to your system to an outsider or leave it unguarded with a worker.

You will need a security firm that should be able to give you a flexible access control system to primarily keep track of who enters or leaves the premises while also protecting you against unwanted visitors.

Not carrying out updates

Updates are usually overlooked as they are regarded as irrelevant or inconvenient. However, they are a significant part of your business’s data security. You can put your business at a greater data risk by ignoring updates because you are afraid of losing functionality. Failure to update your systems gives intruders the chance to execute a breach due to the vulnerability in the software. Apart from updating software and trying to fix spot holes where necessary, you need to ensure that your security policy is up to date based on current cyber-attacks.

The Bottom Line

Protecting your business from all threats is an excellent way of protecting your data, workers, assets, and finances. Add extra security to avoid these common security mistakes. Make sure that all your workers are trained about the risks and how to deal with them. Additionally, you must establish a strong security policy and protocol for physical and digital security as well as an emergency response.