4 Ideas To Boost Employee Engagement


What Is Meant By Employee Engagement?


Employee engagement refers to the emotional commitment that a member of staff has to their role and the goals of the organization. Engaged employees care about their business, and their position within it.


Why Is Employee Engagement So Important?


Staff turnover can be costly, data from GallUp indicates that, ‘the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary.’

When your employees are engaged you’ll decrease turnover, raise productivity, and increase sales. There are lots of options to boost employee engagement.


  1. 1. Apps For Engagement


Looking for some tech solutions to boost your engagement? Try taking a look at the following apps:


  • 15Five: Using this software your business can manage performance, maximize engagement, and take advantage of the employee recognition system. The software can help to improve communication between teams and their employers. A few of the features include feedback management, weekly reports, and objective tracking.


  • Blink: The Blink app is a type of employee comms software which can help to boost engagement while improving communication. Here you can share alerts, videos and announcements. Blink also offers a real-time polling system, which can be used as an engagement or feedback survey.


2 . Be A Flexible Employer


When you offer flexible working conditions you’ll improve staff retention, productivity and boost employee satisfaction. Flexibility can help your employees to feel more valued, and consequently, further engaged in their roles. A few ideas to offer flexibility might be offering remote working options; flexi- time shifts or compressed weeks. You may also want to provide alternative workspaces; and create autonomous teams.


  1. Focus On Company Culture 


When you focus on improving your company culture you’ll end up improving engagement in the process. Company culture refers to the shared characteristics and values of a particular organization. It also encompasses the behaviors and attitudes of the employees and management staff. Company culture is apparent in the way that people interact with one another within the company as a whole. To improve your company culture you can:


  • Encourage independence: When you stop micromanaging and start encouraging independence you’ll create a more positive culture for your company.
  • Team building events: Encouraging positive relationships between your teams can help you to improve your company culture too. Booking team building events is a great way to improve team relationships. It can be useful to look into corporate bus rentals to get these events organized.


  1. Invest In Your Staff


Employees tend to feel more engaged when they feel that they have a future with the company. Provide regular one-to-ones and help your staff to create goals to progress. As well as this, invest in your staff by financing any courses that would help them to progress and perform better.


Once you’ve created a plan to boost employee engagement, you’ll begin to raise productivity levels within your office. To create a successful company it’s important to ensure that everyone is invested in the common goals.