4 Most Common Website Mistakes


If you hope for your business brand to grow, it’s important that you have a strong strategy. One of the most important strategies is to ensure that you have a quality website that drives customers to your page. Having a professional website is critical in order to look credible. 

However, a lot of companies miss the mark.  The best way to make sure that your website is on track is by taking note of what other companies do wrong. Take a look at some of the most common issues that other websites have and what you can learn from their mistakes. 

Poor Design 

A lot of businesses try to save money where they can and, as a result, try to design A website on the fly. However, it’s important that your website is professionally designed by an SEO consultant in Detroit in order to ensure that it’s as functional as possible. 

A lot more goes into a website than just making it visually appealing. Your customers should be able to navigate easily without getting confused about where to go. Make sure that your website provides a quality customer experience by ensuring that it’s designed by a qualified professional. 

No Call To Action 

Failing to post a call to action on your website is a missed opportunity. Anytime that someone lands on your page, they should immediately be met with the proposal to take steps forward. For example, calls to action can be anything from requesting a consultation to signing up for a newsletter. 

The idea is to clearly propose a way for your customers to get involved with your brand. Keep your call to action as simple as possible, and use language that invites your potential customers to want to get to know you more. 

No Analytics 

It’s critical that you are looking at your numbers constantly. You will need to track your website’s performance in order to know where you can make improvements and where you’re falling behind. There are all sorts of tools out there that will help you gain valuable insight as to how well your website is performing. Setting goals is a critical part of ensuring that your website is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. 

Lack Of Branding 

Many businesses make the mistake of creating a generic website with little to no identity behind it.  Your website should be screaming your brand from left to right. Customers should know by the looks of your page immediately where they’ve landed and who you are. 

It’s critical that you connect with your customers by giving them your brand when they land on your page. Communicate who you are, what you stand for, and what you hope to achieve. The idea is to invoke an emotional response that keeps them wanting more.