4 Pros And 2 Cons Of Custom Canopies For Outdoor Business Events 


If you’re holding an outdoor band campaign or a promotional event away from your physical store, one of the most efficient ways is to make use of canopies. These are durable and versatile tents that you can be familiar with in outdoor events such as concerts, trade shows, and occasions. Many businesses who want to expose their brand even more should organize outdoor business events as an effective marketing strategy.  

A custom 10×10 canopy can be your best option to attract prospects and gather business leads. However, as a business owner, it’s crucial to look at both sides of the coin before implementing this marketing gimmick. After all, you want to ensure that using canopies outdoors is troublesome, effective, and worth the effort and investment.  

So, take a look at their pros and cons:  



  • Effective Marketing Medium  

Canopies or pop-up tents have been a mainstay in the pool of marketing strategies. From years before until now, many business owners have made use of these sturdy tents to participate in events, trade shows, and occasions that gather hundreds to thousands of people. Nevertheless, one can’t argue that using canopies is indeed an effective marketing medium.   

Compared to expensive marketing mediums like TV ads, radio commercials, and printed pamphlets, canopies allow you to position your brand directly and sell your products and services to your target audience. It’s one of the top trends to promote your brand.   

Regardless of your business goals, whether it’s to expose your brand, introduce it to your market, or convert more leads, canopy marketing never disappoints businesses. As long as you utilize and rent sturdy commercial outdoor tents, you’ll be able to set up your business stall in no time. It’s a cheaper and more effective marketing medium than others.   

  • Attention Grabbing  

One of the obvious advantages of portable canopies is that they are attention-grabbing. People will right away get attracted to visit your booth. Of course, with creative ideas and gimmicks to make your canopy more appealing than your competitors, the attendees and participants won’t be able to resist not visiting or checking out your tent. There are different ways to make your canopy tent stand out.   

Depending on your purpose, one effective way to grab attention is to set up music and speakers. Play your brand’s jingle or advertisement song. Other than that, there are more ideas to step up and stand out from the rest of other outdoor tents. Let your marketing team brainstorm the best ideas and gimmicks to incorporate into your canopy.   

  • Convenient And Portable  

What’s good about tents is that they’re pretty convenient and portable. They can be moved easily from one place to the next. They’re also easy and uncomplicated to set up, so there’s no need to rely on the pros during installation. Despite their stability and durability, everyone can assemble them within minutes. You can refer to a quick guide, and you’ll be done in a jiffy.  

  • Customizable And Scalable  

For those who are intrigued about the customizability of canopies, the answer is that yes, they can be customized. There are many companies out there that offer heavy-duty canopies ranging in different styles and sizes. The 10×10 alone can be customized by yourself to make it work according to how you want to use it for your brand.   

Thus, all the details related to the canopy can be personalized. For instance, you can have the canopy fabric printed with your brand logo, other graphics, and so on. Also, they are scalable. So, it means you can easily change your tent when launching a new product and hold another one the next time. Focus on brand awareness to convert more customers.  



  • Not Fit For Harsh Weather Conditions 

One of the downsides of canopies is when there is heavy rain and typhoon. There is a risk that canopy tents may not hold up well in harsh weather conditions, especially when they are set up in such conditions.    

When adverse weather conditions occur, instant canopy tents may require additional support. It’s also important to keep in mind that some materials used in instant canopy tents may not be suitable for all weather conditions. The key here is researching and being familiar with the materials before purchasing or renting the canopy.

  • Poles Can Be Tacky And Bulky  

These huge tents usually come with pre-attached poles. And although there are specific purposes for them, they can be tacky and bulky for people to deal with, especially those in charge of transporting them. It can also be dangerous and meddling to use these poles. Also, it’s worth noting that every component in the canopy is integral to making the perfect form. Therefore, losing one piece could be disastrous.   



Branding strategies can vary from business to business. But it’s no secret how effective outdoor tents are when launching products or spreading brand awareness. A 10×10 canopy is all you need and some more creative ideas to set your booth apart from the rest. Hopefully, by knowing both the good and bad points of canopies, you can better discern if it’s the right strategy for your brand.