4 Reasons to Use Google Shopping Ads in Your Digital Marketing



Anyone who has ever bought products online will have noticed the existence of Google Shopping Ads. As a digital marketing tactic, they have been around since 2010, yet companies are only just starting to realize the benefits. They are gradually becoming more popular than PPC Google search ads, and more than three-quarters of retail ad spending is now directed to Google Shopping Ads.


But what is a Google Shopping Ad, and how can it benefit your business?


When an internet user searches for a product in their Google search engine, these ads will appear at the top of the search listings. They are not text-based ads like traditional PPC adverts, and instead are much more visual and eye-catching. They generally contain no more information than the name of a product, a picture of it, and the price. With a single click, users can go through to the product page and purchase it right away with minimal fuss.


It seems straightforward but is it worth it? If you are unconvinced about the benefits of Google Shopping Ads, here are four good reasons to incorporate them into your digital marketing strategy.

They are effective

The best and most obvious reason to use Google Shopping Ads is that they work. While many digital marketers allocate a large portion of their budget to Google Search ads, the numbers show that Shopping Ads are much more effective at promoting sales. In fact, Google Shopping Ads generate a 26% higher conversion rate and a 23% lower cost-per-click than text ads. The figures speak for themselves.

They boost awareness

If you’re a small business just starting out, a well crafted Google Shopping Ad campaign can help you put your products in the limelight and promote them to a wider audience. You can target your ads so that when people search for similar products, your ad will appear in the results. If it catches their eye, you may have instantly found a new customer.

They give you qualified leads

Your Shopping Ads provide the customer with all the information they need to make a purchase. They know what the product looks like and how much it will cost them to buy it. This means that by the time they have clicked on your ad, they land on your page with a much higher intent to purchase than with a standard text-based ad.

They’re easy to use

Google Search Ads are notoriously complicated, and to make them work, marketers have to have a detailed understanding of the relevant keywords. Google Shopping Ads, on the other hand, completely eliminate the keyword process and instead are based on the keywords that Google decides are most relevant to your product. All you need to do is ensure the information you provide on the product page is accurate, and your ads will appear to the people who are most likely to make a purchase.


There are lots of reasons to choose Google Shopping Ads for your next digital marketing campaign, and as long you plan your ads thoroughly and accurately, you will reap the many benefits.