4 Reasons To Work With Dealdash



Have you ever participated in an online auction? How was the experience for you? Maybe good? Or bad? Well, there’s one great online auction that’s been in operation since the year 2009 called Dealdash. This auction site is exceptional, to say the least. It’s easy to join and the bidding process is both fun and fulfilling.


To get started, simply buy bids. Each bid costs 12 cents and once this is done, you’re all set to participate in the auction. Still skeptical about it? Here are 4 reasons to work with Dealdash:


  1.    Dealdash Has A Buy It Now Option

In many auctions, when you bid and lose, that’s it, it’s a done deal, you’ve lost your chance of getting whichever item you were bidding for and the bids you placed as well. The feeling of losing is always so heartbreaking and discouraging. Not so with Dealdash.


They have an option called Buy It Now where you as a bidder who has lost on the auction can buy the item you were bidding for at its normal retail price from them and the beauty of it is that you get all your bids credited back to your account. You can reuse these restored bids again in a different auction. Not to mention, shipping is free. How cool is that?


  1.    Dealdash Has Many Items On Auction To Bid On At Any Time Of The Day

Dealdash understands that people are in need of different items and as such they have a wide assortment of items that they place on auction ranging from jewelry, clothing, fitness products, furniture, the list goes on. Anybody can find something he or she is interested in on auction at Dealdash.


Many online auction sites have their operations limited only to a defined time period and if you’re not available to participate at these predefined times, you end up missing out on the auctions. With Dealdash, auctions run day and night making it easy for you to bid at the time that’s most convenient for you.


  1.    You Can Save A lot On High-Value Products With Dealdash

At the start of each bid, every item’s price is $0.00. As people place their bids, the price of the item increases by $0.01. The timer is set to 10 seconds. Assuming the item on auction is a laptop that costs $400 and say, 1000 people place bids and you’re the last person to bid, the timer counts to 10 seconds and no one else bids, the deal is closed and you get to buy the laptop for $10 only. Typically, you’ve saved up to 90% on the laptop. Amazing.


  1.    You Can Choose Which Items To Bid On

Dealdash has a notification feature that you can use to get alerts on the items that you are interested in bidding on. Rather than spending your bid credits on items that don’t interest you, you can stay updated on when your favorite items are on auction and bid on them.


Search your desired item and once you find it on the site, press on the Alert Me button and you’ll get notified every time that item is on auction. This way you never miss out on anything.



Dealdash is definitely worth working with. Online auctions have never been this great. Here’s How DealDash Is Revolutionizing The Online Auction Industry.